Glenn Beck Proclaims that Obama is Leading the U.S. to Fascism

Cable News’s newest superstar Glenn Beck has upped the ante on the scale of fear. Beck now claims that Obama is not leading the world to socialism, but instead the president is marching the nation towards a happy faced fascism. Of course he provides no evidence for his claim, but he puts on a heck of a show while saying it.

Here is the video courtesy of Think Progress:

Beck used the G-20 riots, which really weren’t much of a riot, and the tea parties to say that people are rioting against Obama. Beck went full on paranoid by claiming that we are heading towards 1984, and a non-violent form of fascism. He said that both Bush and Obama are the symbols of fascism, and who pray tell does Beck blame for putting America on the road to fascism? Why the devious Woodrow Wilson of course. (No seriously, he really blames Woodrow Wilson). I am assuming that Beck blames Wilson for failing to keep his campaign promise of continued American neutrality in World War I.

One of the interesting things about Glenn Beck’s shtick can be seen in this video. There is the dramatic presentation, the alarm sounding dialogue, but what are missing are details. Exactly where is the evidence that Obama is moving the nation towards fascism? If he really was moving the nation towards fascism, then how is a critic like Glenn Beck still on the air? Why do we still have democratic institutions? Americans are so upset with Obama that they sent him a ringing rebuke by only giving him a 66% approval rating.

Beck is should never be taken seriously. He is entertainment. In a recent NY Times profile he compared himself to a rodeo clown and said that no one should take his word as gospel. The problem is that lots of people do take this nonsense seriously. If Rush Limbaugh is Republican comfort food, then Glenn Beck is GOP science fiction. If he wasn’t on a news network, then his show would treated like the fluff that it is. Unfortunately, many people will take Beck and his futuristic tale of Obama fascism seriously.

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  1. I used to ridicule Beck for his seeming to be a neocon sycophant during the Bush years; now I’m not so sure. He seems to be waking up. As for the snot-nosed sounding article here, even i was never this derogatory towards the guy. “Provides no EVIDENCE” of the march toward Fascism??? Really?? Does the ass-clown author of this piece even know the definition of Fascism? Exactly what need is there for Beck to reiterate “details” that already appear in each day’s headlines? Now we have Obama firing the CEO of GM and working deals with the IRS to push CAR SALES, for Christ’s sake! The government is well on its way to a majority ownership stake in the ENTIRE financial industry, and nationalization of the nation’s banks is right around the corner. And you want freakin’ EVIDENCE??? Go get a dictionary, and give me a break, you ignorant twunt.

  2. Snarky you’re about the biggest moron alive, the evidences is in you don’t know what fascism is. If Obama was a fascist then “Fascist governments permanently forbid and suppress all criticism and opposition to the government and the fascist movement”. We would not be hearing from Glen Beck or Hannity or Bill’o the Clown’o. Fuck News would be off the air, but since it’s not I guess Obama in not a fascist after all. And as for your dumbass ramblings you better site sources , articles (real articles not made up lies or opinions) anything to back up your points, jackass otherwise your are nothing than a GOP op who trying to make a hay out of air we don’t cotton to that around here.

  3. First of all, I’m a Libertarian, you ignorant sack of bile. I despise the GOP. I despise the Democrats. They are both mere sub-chapters of the same Liars Club. They are both ANTI LIBERTY, and subvert the Constitution with equal vigor and glee. As for Fascist governments “suppressing” criticism, that’s Old-School fascism; the smart breed of fascist we have today doesn’t worry about exposure by its critics because, with the Constitution itself completely eviscerated by EITHER party, the means are now in place for Fascism to flourish no matter who says what. That’s why Olberman, for one example, was left happily to his devices throughout the fascist Bush/Cheney reign. Now we will have the flip side, with the Becks and Hannitys running their mouths while the Fascist powers that be, safely hidden under a democrat-flavored topping, all smile and wink and nod and slip each other their secret handshakes. And it’s dumb-as-fuck sock-puppets like you that keep it all going. You’re just the demo/neo-liberal counterpart to the repub/neo-con jerkwads who supported Bush for 8 years. Cite SOURCES, you say?? What, you missed the latest news cycle about the banks, the bailouts, the firing of GM’s CEO by a goddamn fucking POLITICIAN????? You miss anything else?

    And if you want to call someone else a dumbass, at least learn to write and spell a little better. We don’t cotton to bad spellers, here on the internet.

  4. 1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy
    The Recession

    2. Create a gulag
    Why create a gulag when one exists?

    3. Develop a thug caste
    Average Democratic party voters

    4. Set up an internal surveillance system
    Still using the old one, and found new reasons to keep it.

    5. Harass citizens’ groups
    At least one private citizen’s been stopped by police because of anti-Obama sign in his car. Missouri claims that 3rd party voters are terrorists. The new DOJ is just ramping up, but already Holder has said that Americans are cowards. Holder and Obama both have pasts that include further infringing on the 2nd Amendment, which bring up concerns for personal firearm owners.

    6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release
    Three men arrested for the thread to Obama at the DNC were released. The cop that pulled the guy over for having the anti-Obama placard. UK students arrested for effigy of Obama.

    7. Target key individuals
    Two words – Rush Limbaugh

    8. Control the press
    Obama stifled the press before he was elected and continues to do so now. His Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, admits as much, and the press conferences he holds are hot air and no substance. There has been no need to attack the media since they are wholly complicit in everything he’s done to this point. However, during the campaign he did kick off reporters from the plane whose coverage the campaign didn’t like. That was clearly a shot across the bow.

    9. Dissent equals treason
    In the press push to show positive support from 9/11 families, Obama did not invite the most direct living relatives of one of the victims of 9/11 to meet with him, brothers of the fallen, but instead an aunt. Why? The brothers have been openly critical of Obama’s stated plan and the aunt openly lauditory. While Obama won’t use the term “treason”, he will marginalize and then let his flying monkies do the rest.

    10. Suspend the rule of law
    Obama’s order to investigate the closing of GITMO included a suspension of the writ of habeus corpus for all those held in GITMO.

    10 for 10

    Obama is a fascist of the old school order.

  5. You people are really, really off your rockers.

    I suggest seeking professional help, as there are effective medications used to treat the chronically paranoid.

  6. And there are effective medications to support those of you enraptured by Obama. When all the evidence is right there for you to see, your delusions that refuse to allow you to see the man for what he really is is a mental illness far worse than any non-professional assessment you may have of someone else’s paranoia.

  7. Who said I was enraptured by Obama?

    Fortunately, there is a spectrum between batpoop insane and batpoop insane.

    But, if you have any proof of the ridiculous accusations made here, I’d be delighted to read them.

  8. I am not calling those who disagree with Obama paranoid, though. I am calling those who cry “Obama is a fascist” and point out specious examples of such paranoid.

  9. Were those who pointed out the problems of the popularly elected Mussolini paranoid? Were those who pointed out the folly of the popularly elected Hitler paranoid? Where those who opposed the Bolshevik Revolution paranoid?

    It’s easy to call someone that disagrees with you paranoid when they see connections you don’t.

  10. So was Reagan popularly elected. Certainly didn’t make him a fascist.

    Also, all of your examples were carbon-based.

    So, the “connections” are pretty lame.

  11. You’ve provided no refutation of anything other than a glib response. All of what I posted as evidence of Obama’s fascism tendencies according to Naomi Wolf’s declaration are from the news sources and anybody can verify.

    In effect, you’ve given anybody that has read this nothing other than your narcissism. Thanks for contributing.

  12. Refute what? False claims? One cannot prove a negative.

    And if your ridiculous assertions are so easily proved, put up or shut up.

    Betcha you can’t.

  13. You seriously have never heard of the man pulled over in Oklahoma for having an “Impeach Obama” placard in the back window of his vehicle?

    Or the fact that Obama is dreaming up new uses of warrantless wiretaps.

    Those are freebies. Unfortunately, Democracy isn’t free. Be a tad more skeptical of your Chosen One and go for the rest of the stuff yourself.

  14. Many people will hate and fear the government no matter who is in charge. They think 9/11 was an inside job, and there is nothing that will sway their conspiracy beliefs. Everyone needs a belief system to make sense of the world, and some people choose to government conspiracies.

    As long as these people aren’t running around committing acts of violence, I think that they are free to believe whatever they want. If Bush wasn’t able to bring fascism despite his obvious efforts to do so, I doubt Obama would be able to, even if he was so inclined, and no talking about a bad economy is not fascist.

    At least Bush could exploit the post 9/11 psychology of victimization. I personally don’t think Obama has any designs on creating a fascist regime, but some people will always hate and mistrust the government no matter what.

  15. “We don’t cotton to bad spellers, here on the internet.”

    …but apparently we do cotton to run-on sentences peppered with the occasional comma.

  16. Beck is just trying to get enough publicity to put him near Limbaugh’s $400 million salary. You know, the ridiculous amount of money paid to Limbaugh by Big Business to keep fools believing that all their troubles are being caused by liberals instead of BB’s greed.

    Sadly, America’s enemies are probably laughing at us as we verbally tear each other apart while Big Business and the wealthiest laugh all the way to the bank. Never mind that American workers are more productive but making less now than they did in the ’70’s (in adjusted dollars) and have had their benefits (health care, pensions, etc) greatly reduced or lost entirely. Our BB masters have sent our production equipment overseas with our jobs so we can’t work our way out of this mess.

    Meanwhile, we keep falling for the diversion and arguing over trivia while our America becomes a shadow of her former greatness and our enemies watch us self-destruct. . . and, when it gets too bad here, our wealthy masters will simply move their families and fortunes to the Swiss Alps or millionaires’ heaven in the new Dubai and leave us to our pathetic selves.

    Think about it.

  17. First of all, this is not a Left vs Right issue. Freedom exists on a continuum, with Individual Freedom on one end and Totalitarianism on the other. Obama’s form of “friendly fascism” is closer to Totalitarianism than at any time in American history since Teddy Roosevelt, or more recently, JFK, who’s own maniacal arrogance and spawned the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    Technically, creeping totalitarianism is a thread that runs through our history, starting with Andrew Jackson (The Cherokee Nation holocaust) to Lincoln (who suspended habeaus corpus and jailed his political rival and critics) and from TR and the Progressives who were big fans of Fascism and Mussolini and influenced the policies of ever Democrat since FDR – who so hated the constitution, tried to pack the Supreme court to coerse his New Deal (a Lenin-inspired phrase, btw) into existence. And let’s not forget FDR’s rounding up of the Japanese and sending them to his Concentration Camps.

    We are living in a time and a political climate not unlike the period between the two World Wars when the Left and Right endlessly bickered, denounced and made wild idealistic promises to their constituentsas they dehumanizing each other in the process. And hey got the leaders they deserved: Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, FDR and so on.

    Are we doomed to repeat this history, as the saying goes? It’s time to wake up before it’s too late.

    Obama is a classic fascist, albeit an American-style fascist, with clear precedents.

    The naysayers are in denial. These are the sheep who allow atrocities to occur for no other reason than they “didn’t want to believe it”, “our leader would never do such a thing”, and other evasions of this type.

  18. Beck’s march to fascism image that he used will backfire to GOP criminals Bush and Cheney! The free market policy (openly supported by Mitt Romney’s fellow Mormon) is the most visible sign of fascism,in which the oligarchs held the lives not only Americans, but to every country who promote this policy.

  19. Funny there is no mention of the way Corporations fear unions. Gee, I wonder why?

    Re: Second A. rights: The only gun grab I know of happened after Katrina by Blackwater on President Bush’s watch.
    Many have, over the past eight years, changed their opinions on gun ownership and now own guns. It would be nice if they first learned how to properly use and store them.
    Here is something interesting IMHO to ponder. . . . when was the last time one heard of a mass murderer (like McVey or the nuts over the past months) being a so-called liberal? From what I have seen, they are rightwing nuts and often religious rightwing nuts!

    Now we have the “Tea Party” crowd. They should have come out when Walmart started eating up our little local “mom-and-pop” businesses. . . like the original Boston Tea Party.

    These parties are being financed by the wealthiest to make sure WE poor fools fight to keep THEIR taxes low. (See my comment of 4/11.) Are we really this foolish?
    Take a “Let’s raise taxes on the wealthiest to pre-Reagan rates” to a tea party and see what happens! Maybe then these wealthy sponsors would see we ALL are not as dumb as we look and will no longer continue to vote against our own best interests.

    People get the government they deserve – – and we’ve had that since the “Reagan Revolution.” God willing, this president will help bring us back to a better time when Americans cared about each other and their country (There’s a reason they were called “The Greatest Generation.”)- – – and if I have to pay a little bit more in taxes to reinvest in our 21st Century America, I will.

  20. I’ve heard a Libertarian = A Conservative who wants to smoke dope and get laid. ;=) (couldn’t resist)

    The natural progression of pure unbridled Capitalism is to devour everything in its path — you know, “greed is good” — until it has gobbled up eveything. Sorry, but unregulated Capitalism is as bad as Communism which stifles greed to the point of killing incentive. Neither extreme is good.

    History shows we did our best when we found a healthy balance between the two extremes. I hope I live long enough to see something akin to that again.

  21. […] mentored as a youngster by Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the CPUSA. Some media arms of both the right and left are now describing Obama’s authoritarian corporatist proclivities as […]

  22. […] mentored as a youngster by Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the CPUSA. Some media arms of both the right and left are now describing Obama’s authoritarian corporatist proclivities as […]

  23. So this was posted in April. Then along comes October, and dear Pres. BHO makes a move to get Fox News thrown off the air. He wants the FCC to revoke their license because they attained it as a news network, and he claims they’re (paraprhasing) not news, but the mouthpiece of the right. If that’s the case, I guess Air America is the megaphone of the uber-left… Don’t hear the Dems bitching about that extremism.

  24. I guess by your logic if obama is not a facist then Hitler was never a threat either. He also sold the people on the idea of ice cream before he disarmed them and killed millions of them.

  25. Wow…! A lot of hate here.. We do not need fascist in the White House it seem we have plenty to go around on this site… We should rename fascism here as WE Destroy ourselves one line and one opinion at a time, You know what they say about opinions.. They are just like Assholes everyone has one.

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