Daily Archives: Wed, Apr 8th, 2009

Sarah Palin Can’t Accept Money From Unoffical Legal Defense Fund

The soap opera that is Gov. Sarah Palin’s political career took another turn late today as Palin has been forced to tell her supporters not to donate to an unofficial legal defense fund, because she is legally not allowed to accept the donations. You would have thought that her supporters might have checked the law, before they set up the website and the fund, but apparently they are as smart as she is.

Rick Warren Compares Democrats to Prostitutes

Rick Warren was on the Hugh Hewitt show today, where explained that the reason why he gave the invocation at President Obama’s Inauguration. Warren said that he wants to have Christ like ministry, and that Jesus hung out questionable people like prostitutes and tax collectors. Apparently in his mind Democrats are the prostitutes and tax collectors of America.

The Ed Show Gives MSNBC a Ratings Hike

The early ratings are in for Ed Schultz’s The Ed Show on MSNBC, and they have provided a boost to MSNBC’s 6 pm (ET) hour. It is too soon to tell if his show will be a hit or a miss, and the show definitely could use some tweaking, but Schultz is definitely off to a good start.

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