State Department Lists Texas as a Foreign Country

With all the talk of seccession by Texas Gov. Rick Perry, it seems that someone at the State Department was playing a bit of a practical joke today when State listed Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s foreign travelogue on their website and included Texas as a foreign country.

Here is the cached version of State’s Travels with the Secretary page:

April 1-5: Europe W/President (5,011 miles)
March 30-31: Netherlands (4,031 miles)
March 27: Texas (2,617 miles)
March 25-26: Mexico (3,945 miles)
February 28-March 8: Middle East and Europe 15,518 miles)
February 15-22: Asia (22,402 miles)

Texas was also listed as part of her foreign trips calculations. The original page listed Sec. Clinton as taking six foreign trips totaling 53,524 miles. The website has since corrected the page to reflect a total of five trips for 50,907 miles. I am sure that some parts of Texas must feel like a foreign country for various reasons, but unless we all missed something, overnight Texas is still a state. I believe that the seccession talk is a political strategy being used by Gov. Perry to look like the more patriotic Texan than his likely primary challenger Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

One never knows, but it is unlikely that Sen. Hutchison will endorse seccession from the union. In fact, there is no mention of succession on her official Senate website. The State Department could have made an honest mistake, but in politics, there are few coincidences.

Somebody over at State was having some fun at Perry’s at expense, but their boss caught them, and they had to change it back. I sincerely believe that Perry was just trying to position himself to the right of Hutchison, and get a little free media, but now he is nationally known as pro-secessionist. This may help his reelection campaign, but it did him no favors nationally.

Here is Perry’s succession talk:

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