Dick Cheney: I Never Personally Attacked Obama

Former Vice President Dick Cheney was on Fox News Channel’s Hannity last night, where he claimed that he has never attacked personally attack President Obama , but in the very same interview Cheney said he was disturbed by Obama’s, “apologizing for America, and his cozying up to dictators.”

Here is the video courtesy of Think Progress:

Cheney said, “I think there is — it’s important not to personally attack the new president. I’ve never done that.” However in the same interview on FNC, Cheney accused Obama of cozying up to dictators, “You have millions of people all across South America who are watching how we respond. And if they see an American president sort of cozying up to somebody like Daniel Ortega or Chavez, I think it’s not helpful. I think it sort of sets the wrong standard.”

The former VP also charged that Obama was going around the world apologizing for America, “But what I find disturbing is the extent to which he has gone to Europe, for example, and seemed to apologize profusely in Europe, and then to Mexico, and apologize there, and so forth.” Cheney knows that the above statements aren’t policy criticism. They are political attacks intended to change the impression that the American people have of Barack Obama.

The GOP tactic has been to attach personal characteristics to Obama that they hope voters disagree with. Obama is weak and apologetic. He hates his country. He cozies up with dictators. Once again, these aren’t policy statements. Cheney has never made policy statements. This is a vice president whose whole philosophy was to tell the American people only what they need to know. How many times did he appear on television as vice president, and essentially say trust us, we know what we are doing?

Since he caught a ton of backlash for criticizing Obama from all sides, Cheney is now trying to cloak his criticism, but if he really wants to help the GOP, he should keep his mouth shut and go away. On the other hand, this is great for President Obama and the Democrats, because Cheney has proven to be the perfect punching bag, and the more Obama gets to talk about Cheney the more popular he gets.

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  1. Darth Cheney needs to realize that he has no power anymore Obama skywalker has defeated the Empire. Darth Cheney needs to do what all good Sith need to do whan thay ar defeated go lay down and die.

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