Bill O’Reilly: NBC is the Mouth Piece for Barack Obama


Bill O’Reilly has taken his General Electric/ Anti-NBC to whole new level by alleging that G.E. is conspiring with the Obama administration to make NBC the mouth piece of Obama. With a straight face O’Reilly decried what he claimed was a powerful corporation injecting itself into electoral politics, and attacking average Americans.

Here is the video:


O’Reilly compares the coverage of G.E.’s first quarter in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, without pointing out that the Wall Street Journal is owned by News Corp, who also owns, you guessed it, Fox News. They also believe that NBC’s Green Week was put into place to advance Obama’s energy policy, but Green Week started in 2007, before Obama was president, so this has nothing to do with Obama.

Fox Business analyst Tobin Smith also tried to redefine the Tea Parties. The Tea Parties were founded by CNBC’s Rick Santelli, and were about bailouts, not taxes. Smith’s most hysterical statement came when he asked, “Why should they (NBC) be allowed to own a network, when they are so clearly in bed with the government?” Apparently Rupert Murdoch shouldn’t own a news organization either because Fox News was clearly in bed with the Bush administration. The hypocrisy at FNC is unbelievable.

MSNBC tilts to the left for the same reason that Fox News tilts to the right. That is where the audience is. I love how people on both sides try to attach ideology to this. It is about money, people. MSNBC moved to the left and had its best year ever. It and NBC News are two of the few network properties that are making money, but does anyone really believe that Fox News would exist, if it wasn’t extremely profitable?

Why is O’Reilly so worried about NBC, when he is dominate in the ratings? Could it be that he is a tiny bit worried about the growth of the competition? It was also funny how he and his panel refused to mention Keith Olbermann by name, instead referring to him as that anchor. Simply put, this is nothing but nonsense designed to play into the conservative paranoia about media bias. O’Reilly is on top because he knows how to push the buttons of his audience, which is exactly what he was doing here.

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4 Replies to “Bill O’Reilly: NBC is the Mouth Piece for Barack Obama”

  1. I don’t agree that just because Fox does something wrong it means that MSNBC should do it as well. What happened to reporters wanting to know the whole picture instead of blatantly taking sides. Fox is wrong when they do it and guess what, NBC and MSNBC are wrong as well. I just want the truth, not to be told that everyone who doesn’t agree with me is evil

  2. Now,I know why do Mr. Falafeel himself attacking NBC.Because Olbermannexposed his hypocrisy. Here in the Philippines,only the right-wing Fix News(thanks to Mr.Olbermann)is being carried in cable,in which it features O’Reilly’s attack on Daily Kos,GE and NBC.
    Anyway, O’Reilly will be neutered when ANDREA MACKRIS will be in the menu.

    Lolo Jose,Makati City,PH

  3. Faux was the mouthpiece for the bush disaster, but NBC can’t do the same for Obama? The old double standard, eh O’Reilly?

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