Beck Compares Al Gore’s “Lies” on Global Warming to Hitler and the Nazis

Glenn Beck took his anti-global warming rhetoric to a new high or low, depending on your perspective today by comparing former vice president Al Gore’s congressional testimony on the importance of cap and trade legislation to the lies of Adolph Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, and the Nazis.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters

Beck is referring to Al Gore’s testimony before the House Energy and Environment Subcommittee.

“Here is what Gore said, I believe we have arrived at such a moment. Our country is at risk on three fronts. The economic crisis is clear. Our national security remains at risk so long as we remain dangerously dependent on flows of foreign oil from reserves owned by sovereign states that are vulnerable to disruption. The rate of new discoveries, as you know, is falling even as demand elsewhere in the world is rising. Most importantly, of course, we are— along with the rest of humanity—facing the dire and growing threat of the climate crisis.”

Here is the statement that Beck had such a problem with, “It is at the very heart of those threats that this Committee and this Congress must direct its focus. I am here today to lend my support to one of the most important pieces of legislation ever introduced in the Congress. I believe this legislation has the moral significance equivalent to that of the civil rights legislation of the 1960’s and the Marshall Plan of the late 1940’s.”

Beck falsely claimed that Gore compared cap and trade to the Marshall Plan and the civil rights movement. What they didn’t bother to tell his listeners is that Gore said that this was the moral significance equivalent. to the Marshall Plan and civil rights This is a textbook example talk radio’s ability to distort facts. Beck claimed that fewer people believe Al Gore. Once again, this is not true. Depending on the poll 82%-85% of those surveyed believe that global warming is real. This has not changed.

In case you didn’t notice, Glenn Beck has a Nazi fetish. He compares everyone and everything that he feels threatened by to either fascists or Nazis. He uses the two terms interchangeably.

Sorry, but I don’t see Al Gore as a totalitarian figure. He may be a policy wonk, and a climate change zealot, but I don’t view him as a threatening figure. For as long as there has been a conservative movement, it has been at war with science, and almost always science wins.

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  1. So, you put Beck on the spot for supposedly distorting the facts. Then – without taking a breath, I’d imagine – you next state that “… 82-85% of those surveyed believe GW is real”.

    Without offering source material for this “survey”.

    Without digging deeper to see “who” exactly was surveyed (can’t have enough AGW acolytes in this survey, now, can we???).

    I must say, that single line of yours can best be described as a hanging chad of a statement.

    FYI, I believe GW is a fact… as is GC and all other climate variations caused by non-anthro sources. But that’s the difference between you & I, I suppose… just as it is the difference between Gore and Lord Monckton. At least in your favor, you offer this forum so one may dispute your claim… Gore always, ALWAYS refuses to debate anyone about his claims, just recently dodged yet another challege by Monckton to debate AGW. befpre this very same Congress upon whom he again flies his unsubstantiated claims.

    Gore: “Consensus”? … “The Debate is over”. Thousands of scientists who dispute this – and have solid science to back them up – say this is not so. “CO2 causes warming” – actually the other way around… and followed by lags measured in centuries.

    With Gore, as it is with current dem-controlled gubmint, it’s not about the science… it’s about power. Always has been with Statist/leftist types; always will be. And like all statist ideological ancestors that we’ve seen these past two-hundred odd years – Castro, Chavez, Mao, Stalin, Hitler, all the way back to Rousseau – we have a documented track record of what happens if the leftist isn’t stopped.

  2. what is not being stated in the discussion, is that it is a natural occurrence, caused by sun spot activity, and NOT man-made generation of CO2 or other “greenhouse gases”. The Cap and Trade legislation is nothing more than a tax scheme based on half-truths and a greedy agenda. For a detailed explanation, read the facts:

  3. For one thing, the stats are out… over 40% of the US population don’t believe in Global Warming., yesterday’s news. Another thing, there has not been held a single formal debate on the topic, when Gore took his agenda to congress to vote they BLOCKED the scientists that held the facts disputing Gores testimony from even participating. All because he is an ex-vise president.
    Global warming is the largest scam on earth, you just have to go back and read your grade 9 science book to know this. Al Gore states the correlation between CO2 and the warming trend is complicated, or shall I say (derived). Its not complicated at all, every living thing on this planet is carbon based, when it dies; burns, decays, oxidizes it gives off CO2. When oceas warm they give off copius amounts of CO2! Enyone can test this buy opening a can of coke in a warm room… CO2 wil escape until the coke is flat, if the coke stays cold, it stays bubbly. This is why all portable soda dispensers MUST run their CO2 gas through ice before charging the cola, or the soda will not even charge with the CO2. ! Simple science!
    Remember, not everyone in Germany was a Nazi, but Nazis took control and everyone along for the ride was owned to do their bidding. Now; coupled with mass hysteria about “losing all the ice caps in 5 years” this Global Warming religion is Nazi tactics, and if anyone disagrees then ask yourself this…. why are they not allowing a single formal debate on the topic; and if its about the environment why does it only result in taxes and economy meltdown for a fix?? (Economic meltdown because trade sanctions are being discussed against those that don’t follow in agreement).
    It has less to do about the climate and more to do about control!

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