Keith Olbermann Takes up Sean Hannity’s Waterboarding Challenge

On MSNBC’s Countdown last night, host Keith Olbermann took up Fox News personality Sean Hannity’s waterboard charity challenge. Olbermann offered to give $1,000 to charity for every second Hannity lasted while being waterboarded. Needless to say, Hannity has not responded.

Here is the video:

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As I wrote yesterday, Sean Hannity in the midst of an argument with Charles Grodin, agreed to waterboarded for charity. Olbermann said, “For every second you last, $1,000,” said Olbermann. “Live or on tape, provided other networks’ cameras are there, $1,000 a second, Sean, because this is no game. This is serious stuff. Put your money where your mouth is, and your nose. Oh, and I’ll double it, when you admit you feared for your life.”

Of course, Hannity doesn’t have the guts to do be waterboarded, and Fox News would never allow a third party to film the waterboarding. Olbermann should have added an additional stipulation stating that the waterboarding must be carried out by an independent third party. I would be stunned if Hannity lasted 15 seconds while being tortured. It is all pointless anyone because Olbermann’s is the name that dare not be spoken at Fox News. His on air mentioning of Hannity’s tough talk all but makes it a certainty that Hannity will never utter another on air word about it again.

Conservatives love to talk tough because they are afraid of everything. They are afraid of big government, afraid of terrorists, afraid of progress. Fear is the gasoline that powers the conservative movement. Republicans know this, so they are always peddling a new scare tactic. People like Hannity offset their fears by talking tough. The dirty little secret is that they never intend to back up their talk. For people like Hannity looking tough, is more important than being tough, and Olbermann called him out on it.

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21 Replies to “Keith Olbermann Takes up Sean Hannity’s Waterboarding Challenge”

  1. Thomas Paine had a term for people like Sean Hannity – Sunshine Patriot.

    He knows that waterboarding is torture but he doesn’t have the guts to simply admit that he endorses torture so he manufactures a phony debate.

    Now he has let his loose lips go just a little too far, saying that he would be willing to be waterboarded for charity. The pledges are pouring in and Sean is trying to find a way out without being exposed for the coward and sunshine patriot that he is.

    He won’t do it. He shouldn’t – it’s torture. But he’ll have to do do the liars shuffle for the next few months to avoid admitting to either his cowardice or his lies.

    The only question is whether Fox will pay a price for the innanity of Hannity.

  2. Whose life was saved? What tragedy was averted? What terrorists have been arrested because of waterboarding?

  3. Personally, I was infuriated by Hannity’s comments. I honestly couldn’t believe it when I heard what he said, but then I thought… gee – what a perfect opportunity to raise money for the troops. So Hannity and I have that in common.

    Now let’s see if he puts his money where his mouth is.

    I’ve setup to collect pledge donations for military and military family charities.

    You can come on the site, view the videos (of course), and also make a pledge of a penny or more for every second that Hannity endures his swim.

    That is, if he has the guts to back up his words with actions.

    We’re hoping to earn $100,000 per second for military and military family charities. Please come contribute or pass the link along.

    (blog coming soon!)

  4. Saunnut Hannity would serve himself if he shuts up. This fool knows nothing about military matters because he ducked serving. He sits and runs the mouth and takes in a large salary without doing any real productive work. This is one lazy bastard and a big mouthed jackass at that. Saunnut should stick to the soft stuff– complain about everything and every one that has any degree of difference then this truculent misanthropic idiot

  5. ANd your evidence for the “saved American lives” claim is what, idiot child? Everyone wtth any expertise agrees that the evidence obtained through torture is highly unreliable. But, I guess you are a non reader. By the way “American” should be capitalized..

  6. I am willing to donate a $1000 to the charity pot to see Hannity face the music . . . though I know he can’t, and more than likely won’t , “dance” . . . . . time has come to call his bluff and put this gutless talking head ,who knows not of what he speaks, out on display for what he really is!

    E T Buyar

  7. Lets keep this simple. Hannity said he would do something for charity. Olbermann said he would donate. I would like to donate to.

  8. And all this business spouted by liberals about global warming. . . . That’s not fear mongering?

    Its not just conservatives, baby. Its everyone.

  9. So let me get this straight – waterboarding terrorists who would love nothing more than seeing this nation and EVERYONE in it wiped off the face of the earth is bad, but waterboarding a fellow American talk show host would be okay as long as it raises some money. I think this pretty much sums up the liberalese mindset. I don’t usually resort to name calling but since Olberman chooses to do it on an almost minute-by-minute basis I will return the favor. Olberman is an absolute moron!

  10. Saunnut is not a fool– he is an idiot. This sleakbag is so stupid one should wonder how dumb is this idiots boss to pay this nut. And the fools that listen are just as stupid. listen to the words that spill from this gasbag, listen and any rational person will conclude that this moron is a complete incompentant jackass

  11. If you think anyone actually prevented attacks due to this bottom feeding terrorist act (RE:Waterboarding) I say you sir are a moron. If I twisted your arm hard enough you would tell me where Jimmy Hoffa is.

  12. Liberals hate America. Please move to Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia or North Korea where you will be amongst fellow “progressives” who think the same way you do. Morons.

  13. In fact, Olbermann took to calling on Sean Hannity to get on with his charitable waterboarding, taunting him. Other conservative commentators had taken up the chant, though, and at least one was willing to give it a try. Lets see how it goes. digitales Kabelfernsehen

  14. ANd your evidence for the “saved American lives” claim is what, idiot child? Everyone wtth any expertise agrees that the evidence obtained through torture is highly unreliable. But, I guess you are a non reader. By the way “American” should be capitalized..

  15. I just came across this while doing some research re: waterboarding for a paper I’m writing. Man, I can’t believe the sea of hateful comments! Now, I’m no fan of Hannity’s (quite the contrary) but this is truly disgusting & pathetic! Some of you claim to be against this method as a form of torture on one hand, but on the other, you treat the subject with all the seriousness of a fart bag. WTF? Of course, you find this acceptable, because it’s directed at someone you hate. Besides, it’s just a joke, right? Wow. How convenient for you. No danger in practicing that kind of hypocrisy. Well, I think this is deplorable and vile as hell. I realize this is over a year old & my comments will likely go unread. I couldn’t care less. I’m so repulsed, I couldn’t resist. Guess I’m looking for a cathartic effect. God knows I could use one, after reading some of these lovely views. Scary.

  16. Sorry to be so crass, but anyone who views MSNBC – much less Olbermann – truly has shit for brains. By the looks of these remarks, the majority of you are fans of both! Put the Kool-Aid down and go find some ‘legit’ news sources.

    Funny how some of you are so quick to accuse others of cowardice, yet you don’t even have the cahones to post your names!

    Ah, the Internet. Such a dangerous tool in the hands of some.

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