Ratings Growth for MSNBC’s The Ed Show

After a strong debut, MSNBC’s The Ed Show struggled in the ratings, but something interesting began to happen last week. Ed Schultz has been picking up viewers. His show has been tweaked, and he still isn’t even close to Fox News, but The Ed Show is starting to grow.

On Friday April 17, The Ed Show only had 95,000 views age 25-54, which was last behind Headline News. In total viewers Schultz was next to last with 365,000 total viewers. The show had been slipping and struggling to find an audience, but things started to pick up on the following Monday, as Schultz had 173,000 25-54 viewers, and 555,000 total. His lowest number of total viewers last week was 472,000. His best number came yesterday, with 581,000 total viewers.

Schultz’s low point with viewers age 25-54 was 125,000 viewers over the past week. Schultz is now starting to hold and occasionally exceed the number of 25-54 viewers of its lead in Hardball. The changes that have been made to The Ed Show appear to be working. One of the criticisms of the early shows was that listening to Ed Schultz rant and rave like the liberal Lou Dobbs was really boring, so the show added panels and more guests.

The focus of the program’s

content has also shifted. Schultz still covers his pro-union issues, but the majority of the show is given over to the news of the day. The psycho talk segment is a big hit, and in general the show seems to have more rhythm. I think what the people behind this show are figuring out is that a show about Ed Schultz isn’t very appealing. Schultz is more Matthews than Olbermann, and I can see some similarities between The Ed Show and Hardball.

The Ed Show can’t be qualified as a success yet, but it represents an improvement if it can draw the high end of the former show 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. numbers on a nightly basis. There has also been an improvement in the quality of guests on the show, but the game show set still needs to go. Schultz seems to be getting more comfortable in front of the camera, but this show has a long way to go.

The program had one evening since it debuted where it drew less than 100,000 total viewers. If the numbers would have stayed that low, the axe would have certainly fallen. Ed Schultz still isn’t the most comfortable host to watch, but neither is Chris Matthews.

MSNBC would probably be happy if The Ed Show kept and expanded on Hardball’s viewers, and if it could finish second behind Fox News at 6 PM. Schultz is accomplishing the first goal, and little by little he is inching up on CNN. Schultz isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but at least his show is making progress.

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  1. I HAVE BEEN LISTENING TO HIM(ED) FOR AS LONG A SHE HAS BEEN ON THE RADIO.It is time that the public has a choice about what is said.I will continue to listen and suggest others to do the same. Maybe they will learn something new…and believe it.

  2. Finally a show that speaks to almost EVERYONE, even though some don’t know it yet!! MSNBC might not know it yet, but this show needs time to grow.
    It addresses the realities of ordinary, middle and working class people who are the very backbone of our society. It has to have time to become known better. Remember that the people who will like it most are just getting home from work———if they’re lucky enough to have jobs!

  3. This show has been focusing in on the progressive topics that me and the people I know are interested in:

    Health Care
    Business Reform
    and others

    I have to admit I didn’t think much of him the first two nights I watched, but I thought I’d give him a chance. Ed is not yet smooth, but his authentic passion reads very clearly to me and he is now the only show I make sure to watch in the MSNBC lineup each night.

  4. I gave MSNBC a shot….but the same old, same old. The show’s host feeding leading questions to a panel usually from the New York Times and Washington Post…with a tort trial lawyer thrown in now and then to weigh in. How new and refreshing..NOT!. FOX is not much better, I think FOX and MSNBC are more entertainment than news or political debate.

  5. I think Ed is a man for the common people. He is a voice for the forgotten and overlooked masses. I think if more people watched him at least once, I think they, too, would try to never miss a program. And I think they would record it if they cannot see it live. Only very good programs are recorded on a daily basis on my DVR. I think Ed is the best among the talking heads!

  6. I think Ed is a man for the common people. He is a voice for the forgotten and overlooked masses. I think if more people watched him at least once, I think they, too, would try to never miss a program. And I think they would record it if they cannot see it live. Only very good programs are recorded on a daily basis on my DVR. I think Ed is the best among the talking heads!

  7. God I tried watching the show for a week and I could not make it past the 3rd day. He is a Democratic Talking point. If you don’t agree with what he is saying them your wrong or you don’t know what your talking about….Basically it’s Ed is right and if you don’t agree you must be a republican.

    I love that fact that he keeps spouting “The polls show that a majority of Americans want6 health care reform” but neglects the fat that in the same polls most Americans does not want Obamacare or the democratic public option.

  8. He is all about ED!!! I have known him for over 30 years and he is very arrogant, name dropper, no nothing, non-vet, that thinks he has all the answers. He used to be a NDSU supporter than switched to UND. He used to be Repelican than switched to Demograt!! His nose follows the $$$$ if you know what I mean

  9. He act like he has a centerist barrage, but the leftys get their message right on in. Just look at who he interviews and do a little research. It’s smarter to see who funds what and what is pushed on network tv. It is on all networks both left and right. People I guess will learn to think for themselves one day.

  10. Seriously, you dont have CNN, NBC, ABC, or hell even the BBC. Gathering news from multipke source is a most fair way to judge.

  11. Since the Obamasiah has been coroneted I have discovered that I HATE liberals. I didn’t know that until recently… I can’t stand to even be on the same planet with them….. The great uniter has turned out to be a hell of a divider.

    I tune to Ed when Fox is in commercial just to feel the ecstasy of relief when I switch back to Fox.

    I hope the racist bastard Obama fails in ALL his plans so that a real conservative can get in office and help take back this nation from you socialists!


  12. Love it, love it, love it. Watch him everyday. You go my friend!
    Well, I would like to see him yell more!

  13. Not really a good show. A lot of name calling and not really about the issues. He spends to much time knocking the Fox network. It’s not very appealing. Take care of your business and don’t worry about someone else.

  14. I can’t believe some of the comments on here!! Reruns of Spong Bob get’s more viewers!! This guy is nothing more that a liberal commercial when he’s on tv

  15. I dont see how such a far left wacko that boldly says he would commit voter fraud in MA if he was able to do so can stay on the air.

    You may lean left, but do you really agree with the premise? If so, goodbye America.

  16. Keep preaching, Ed! Gust and I love your impassioned plea for health care reform, and you have sites and people to prove just how much we need a fresh approach to health care in this nation. How anyone can pretend we have the best care in the world is absolutely incredible. Those people should stand behind the elderly man at the drugstore who said he wants only a few pills at a time because he can’t afford a month’s supply, or listen when a young mother is told she can’t get care for her child until she has the cash in hand. On the other issues, we also applaud, and it’s past time for the Democrats to get serious about the needed changes. We know the Republicans aren’t going to help; they’ve always been for the rich (read This Land is THEIR Land, if you haven’t). This is too long, but I want to say I’m proud of you, and your mission. Thanks! Melva Moline

  17. I happened to catch a short segment of Ed while surfing the channels. This guy is an arrogant, insulting, self-righteous, pompous bag of wind! In just the 10 minutes of my life that I wasted on this show I could tell this guy was a loser. It makes me wonder…if this is the best MSNBC could find to fill an hour of airtime then, clearly, their entire network is in serious trouble. I had to get online and verify the pathetic ratings for this moron to renew my faith in the viewing public to filter out this vile trash!

  18. today is April 6, 2010. Just watched the show. Ed was touting how good Pres. Obama is doing. The dow jones is up to 10,900. Wow, how good is this. Mr. Obama is so wonderful and Geo. Bush is a dummy. but wait a minute. i checked the 2005 dow jones ( which was the last time republicans held congress ) and it was just as high. so i went back to 2001 and 02 and 03 and 04. man, what i saw scared me to death. the dow stayed in the 10,000 point range. what in the heck happened. mars must have fallen out of alignment with the earth. surely geo. bush couldn’t top obama. what does the 4 people say that watch your little show..

  19. @, Melva..i have a heart condition and gout. the medical treatment that i get is without question the best in the world. i also stand behind people and listen to them praise the health care they get. when someone knocks the health care i wonder what policy or govt. program they are on. God forbid if you ever get breast cancer or anything else i hope you remember your comments about our poor health care facilities and can get enough money to travel to another country for treatment. i also which you would watch another channel, remember on fact you will not see on your favorite channel. 85% of people love the coverage they get from their insurance company..

  20. Finally a show that sorts fiction from fact , I am so tired of the lies being promoted by sleazy FOX shows and the Republicans. It is incredible how nieve and stupid most of those people are to follow like sheep and believe it just because Fox personalities say it ! America is becoming too gullable for me. Surely people are smarter than they appear,,,why did none of this garbage bag of lies exibit their flustrations during the Bush years,,,, If you are fed a daily diet of garbage,, you become garbage,,,Lord help us.. Shame on these awful politicians and show host who continue to deny this president his rights to the office of President.. Keep up the good work Ed ! P.S. why only satelite radio,, why not put him on nationwide FM ?

  21. @

    most ppl did want the public option, the only program that would have controlled cost. The only other plan would’ve been the repubs plan….nothing,

  22. love ed and chris. i also watch faux news. like to see how many lies i can tally up for billo. gretta’s kinda boring like rachel m. can’t stand to watch bozos beck and hannity. caught them in a lot of lies and also they both like to splice tapes 2 of the 8 blondes are intelligent.

  23. I love the guy and his passion for the working class. Anyone who sees how people who work on the lower half of the corporate hierarchy in this country and see how hour wage workers are treated by corporate bosses and the abuses and labor violations they routinely get away with with complete impunity realize immediately how so many people have no voice in the decisions that affect their lives. Someone needs to confront the Mccarthyite bullshitters on the right! If the people infected with conservatisms would have their way we would be a third-world sweat shop!

    We do not need anymore corporate bureaucrats running the ‘We the People’ Government. Trust me i deal with people from the corporate hierarchy that runs our country regularly and you do not want these robber baron clowns running anything…People who sit in corporate offices if not corporate boardrooms micromanage our economy still apply Frederick Taylor’s X theory style management everywhere…

    You still believe that small business is the engine of the economy creating all the jobs…All of this claptrap is nothing more than Wal-Mart, MickeyD’s GE and others hiding behind Mom & Pop’s and sole proprietors to get themselves completely detaxed and deregulated! When workers work harder producing more and better goods and services all of the added wealth from the extra productivity goes to the shareholders and wall street crooks not the workers who worked harder for better pay that they are not getting!

    There have always been a CCCP in this country! The Corporate Coddling Conservative People!…i would love to ask these people Joe Mccarthy’s ? or a version of it; Are you or have you ever been a member of the Corporate Coddling Conservative People?…Every single issue economic or otherwise Conservatives have ALWAYS taken the side of Big Business! Always a 100% out of a possible 100%

    I remember a couple of years back I got into a heated argument with a district manager of where I work. He was admonishing me for defending a coworker over what i believed to be a draconian punishment. What a typical corporate conservative thug the only way he knew how to deal with workers was punishment or threat of punishment. Every Employer who has ever mistreated or underpaid workers I have ever known in my entire life has been a conservative with no human moral conscience! I told Mr. Stewart that the Concerted Protected Activities Clause of The National Labor Relations Act gave me the Right to speak on behalf of coworkers and him and all the right wing ilk he runs with should go to some third world sweat-shop where workers have no freedoms!

    Conservatism has never been about fiscal frugality and small government and has only ever been about defending the status quo and preserving the interests of the corporate elite who treat hour wage workers like shit!

    Conservatives and the corporate hucksters who control and operate on most of our public infrastructure and dictate to the masses (We are a plutocracy; our republic has lost its capacity for the practice of democracy) can kiss my working class ass!

    Thanx Ed for standing up for the working class against the corporate greedy conservative scum!


  24. Mr. Ed, hope you have nice home because is our capitalis country if turn to social you will have in your extra room somebody you don’t even know, because when you start talk in your show, you look like Fidel Castro was offer to Cuba people before he take over in 1958, “health, education and free food” are you ever visit Cuba in Castro’s Time till now, 3 or 4 Families live in the same roof, that will happen w the Obama hope you have time to see how this Country die becouse guy like you

  25. Hey Ed,
    I think your tops!
    You said it right on Thursday about the GOP letting down on their people. These so called people are the ones who voted for & pay your the GOP’s salary. Sorry to say some are republicans who sit in their seat and are against Obama all the way. Is he BLACK or is there another reason? I am a white gal who think he is much better then the GOP jerks.
    Lynn Kools

    PS> ED have you an E-mail
    I have NO twix or twitter

  26. I totally agree. I used to watch fox before i knew better. Now i don’t even watch cnn as much anymore b/c i wanted the facts w/o the spin. I can’t believe that those four aren’t THE dominating force during the evening news cycle. Go msnbc!

  27. Rachel is very informative used to think she was boring too but in reality that B…. goes really, really hard. You should have seen the c st. segment she did. Republicans are scared to death of her, hell, rand paul won’t even go back on her show and she didn’t even get to the core issues she wanted to discuss.

  28. chris, keith rachel, these are real journalist (ed too) not that propaganda machine fox claims to be.

  29. i don’t know the centrist chris rachel ‘lansbury’ maddow and cuthroat keith are all very entertaining and informative as well. kinda hard to single them out as to which is my favorite.

  30. ED, we watch your show every night, keep up the good work.
    I talked to some friends from AK, a few nights ago and Sara P. name came up and they were saying that her husband has free medical and her whole family is on his plan, so why is she down in the lower 48 trying to stir up a lot of moose dung,? is there
    any way you can check this out. Also she helped with the investigation in Ted Stevens
    removal from his office. but the main thing is her husband beign a native ak.(cio)

  31. Ed Schultz Sucks! He lies to his audience every single night and you libs eat it up. I’m from Fargo(where his radio show originated)– he used to be a conservative who found it more in his favor to change gears. He calls Cheney “Shooter” when he has shot his own dog while hunting. hmmm? He’s simply part of the problem with the media. He talks about getting to the truth and then doesnt do it at all. He called Beck a racist for a week before his huge restoring America gathering. It was anything but racist. I’m sure he’s spending the weekend coming up with some way to save face. Ed said Glenn was going to spew hate. Did he? Once again Ed is a liar.

  32. Does anyone know where a person could purchase toilet paper with Ed Shultz’s face on it. I’m looking to accessorize my toilet brush!!!

  33. I don’t know what Ed’s parents did to him when he was a boy,it must have been so horrible it created a monster,I thought Keith and Rachel were the most radical men till I saw Ed! A good communicator doesn’t have to RANT,SMERCK,YELL or worst trying to be FUNNY to drive a point,I know it’s hard to defend the policies of Comrad Obama and his Politburo without insulting FOX,but really..MSNBC is fighting over crumbs with CNN for 2nd place,your on life support as it is and if you continue this path of alienating the other 2/3 of America,you better pray you hold on to your job because over 11% unemployment nationwide,the only work you can find now is a Community Organizer trainee for SEIU and Chancelor Obama will be your boss soon!

  34. In fact, Glenn Beck was caught inarguably lying twice during his rally, and Ed Schultz did a pretty good job pointing that out. Please don’t let your preconceived opinions make you blind to what’s actually happening.

  35. he lied twice u say, tweet the truth maybe, me way far right but always watch my pal ED after beck. have a 6ft obama in my front smoking the constitution that he lit with the bill of rights, so me far right. beck talks about god and honor for a few hrs and no one on msnbc or your buddy ED couldn’t at least have a pos comment at least about he was right we need some honorable people in government. would luv 2 debate your socailist idol ed any time on his show with a beer and a chess clock.

  36. i just don’t get how anyone could be against what Beck did on 8-28. He wants honor in our selves and in our government. Ed is a fool but i’m glad he’s saying all that he’s saying cuz he’s gonna look like a damn fool on oct 2 and in november. I can’t wait! he said that beck’s ordeal won’t amount to anything—-we will see won’t we. lol

  37. I am truly thank full for Msnbc.I wonder how many people are really looking at what the haters like beck, palin,the drugster are really doing to our country? wake up America these haters are for real.Republicas in congress are to blame as well. Never thought i would see the day when this country’s politics would promote racism towards the president of the united states sham on the republicans. thanks Ed and msnbc for showing the truth.

  38. Lynn Kool, Yes you have got it all down right,plus the republicans is just like satan they always was a lair and still a lair and always will be a lair, Jess

  39. Anonymouse, check your mail, your could be receiving your fare to go to Pluto any day now. If FOX is all that then why do most people, at least in my neck of the woods, have cancelled the channel from theit cable/satellite programming?

  40. Expressions from Melva/others saved me from becoming a teabagger & a had a dream.. Iwas just starting a speech on how bad our government was and this nation is a Christian nation. I mean ready to fire off, when in stormed Attucks, Washington, Lee, Grant, Stonewall Jackson, etc. They immediately grabbed me by the neck, arms. legs, all over and they made it clear that they fought/struggled to hard. They wouldn’t hang me this time. I hate tea!!!!!!

  41. UK, open up your mind. I never miss watching Schultz, Olbermann, or Maddow. My grandkids even watch Keith on Friday nighs to hear him read from some of Thurber’s works. I heard that instead of blocking, GE in one of the leaders in innovative advanced technologies of the future. That latest MSNBC commercial, Lean Forward, be very “bad”. YEAH!

  42. joebobbie, accessorize your bathroom, stay in your tiolet, flush it and hopefully you’ll end up in your sewage.

  43. johnnie-come-lately,you’ll never be able to convince me othewise. I just know that the #1 channel one I watch, MSNBC.

  44. I love me some truth, too. like congressiona republicons not voting for the “Obama ” Stimulus, saying it wasn’t going to create any jobs the turn around, in the “dark” and ask for some that “stimulus money ” for jobs in their districts/states. Then ran around in their states. smiling for the camera, handing out checks as if the money was from them. The Stimulus woorked in the state of Ark. Every school district, some fire/police, loggers. etc. got some funds. Also I believe our post-secondary schools received funds. So, keep it up y’all there at MSNBC. That’s news I can use.

  45. that’s true. There are various other sources I go to if I want to know about Iraq. I don’t listen to a single news source here in the United States when it comes to what is happening in Iraq. That’s a waste of time.

    The BBC also has some pretty good in-depth articles about American politics that led out much more than Wolf Blitzer or Sean Hannity ever would.

  46. I agree. 54% of the American people said they would not vote for a candidate who did not vote for healthcare. The majority of the people in the United States did want the public option because of the fact that would’ve vastly lower the deficit. The GOP and certain Democrats are the only reason we don’t have it. there are those who are determined to keep us in the fifth century forever

  47. Yes Awaken, Ed, Keith, Rachel are too nice to say it but I’m not. Here goes. WARNING: These shows may be hazardous to your brain if you are not used to thinking for yourself. If you’re not in the habit of thinking for yourself, you can always tune in to FOX.

  48. Watched the show today for the first time. Ed is an angry man. He went on and on about no compromise with those Republicans Mr. President. Ed you need to relax a little or your going to give yourself a heart attack you already gave me a bad case of the runs. I’ll stick with my Fox news.

  49. He use to be a Republican? Thank goodness he left the party because after what I heard from him we don’t need him. I always hear about how Republicans are hate mongers but this guy takes the cake and eats it to.

  50. ED SHOW

  51. I was just channel surfing and ended on MSNBC “The Ed Show” – what a joke he comports himself as a real buffoon as did his guest Alan Grayson – someone should have their head examined for giving this guy air time – no wonder MSNBC is lagging so far behind FOX in the ratings – wake up.

  52. Griffin,

    Let’s say for the moment that MSNBC is “lagging behind” FOX but lately O’Reilly, Hannity, Beck, Palin have found a need to criticize Schultz, Olbermann, Maddow.

    Could it be that FOX feels MSNBC easing up on them? I say “yep”.

  53. …. Ed you need to take a chill pill…I didn’t like g w ….. but you should never disrespect the president …

  54. Thank goodness somebody telling it like it is the truth about the GOP and how they are destroying this country yes wake up america and lets take our country back and god bless Ed for going to wisconsin and standing up with those people,.

  55. Watching this show is a lot more entertaining than seeing the fear mongers on fox u fox followers are really bringing in the cash for the drugster and tea party

  56. You… Suck…
    Ed… Tells it like it is…
    We all love him, (MY-Family, Friends, & I).
    The American-People love him.

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