Keith Olbermann Blows a Gasket over Michelle Bachmann

On his MSNBC show Countdown, host Keith Olbermann almost blew a gasket during his worst persons segment as Michelle Bachmann used some completely seriously bungled history to try to blame FDR for prolonging the Great Depression.

Here is the video:

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Hoot-Smalley, that still cracks me up. Olbermann is right. How is the woman allowed to vote on legislation? She thinks that FDR signed a bill that was written by Republicans and passed 3 years before he assumed office. What makes this even worse is that she said this on the floor of the House. Bachmann can’t even get the GOP revisionist history about the Great Depression right.

The more I think about it, the more I start to believe that Michelle Bachmann would be the perfect running mate for Sarah Palin, should the Alaska governor with the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. Those two on the campaign trail would be appointment viewing. Can you imagine Michelle Bachmann at the vice presidential debate? Palin debating Obama would be funny enough, but Michelle Bachmann playing the role of attack dog would be priceless.

Of course, this ticket would probably be the first ever to lose all 50 states. What am I thinking? They would win Alaska, and still carry the Deep South. I think we need to start a draft Bachmann movement for 2012. The Republican Party is so fractured right now that Palin and Bachmann would have a chance at being the ticket. The Republicans need to do something about Bachmann before she drags down the last little bit of a party that they have left.

5 Replies to “Keith Olbermann Blows a Gasket over Michelle Bachmann”

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  2. I cant believe none of the congressmen stood up and blasted Backmann right off the dias. How freaking stupid can she be?

  3. Its hard to beleive that a person as stupid as those two ladies can get elected. Do they both work for BP?

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