Pat Robertson: The Hate Crimes Bill Protects Pedophiles

On The 700 Club today Rev. Pat Robertson wondered aloud if the recently passed hate crimes bill protected somebody who was really weird, or someone who likes to have sex with little boys, because according to the far right all homosexuals are pedophiles.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

After the report Robertson said, “Ladies and gentleman just figure this, you’ve got somebody who’s really weird, and his sexual orientation is he likes to have sex with ducks. Is he protected under hate crime? Is he protected if he likes to have sex with little boys? They haven’t made that clear. It’s sexual orientation, which is said covers about 30 different pathologies, and what are we going to do about that?”

Robertson is deceptively framing the bill as a pedophile protection act, when the truth is that the bill expands federal assistance to state and local governments who are prosecuting hate crimes. In the legislation, a hate crime is considered to be a crime that, “is motivated by prejudice based on the actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability of the victim, or is a violation of the State, local, or tribal hate crime laws.”

Robertson is all worked up over the phrase sexual orientation because he does not want to see homosexuals have any rights or protections. In essence, he is saying that it alright to murder a homosexual. Think about that for a second. This is a man who claims to be a Christian, yet he wants to discriminate against and vilify a segment of the population in the name of God.

The legislative definition of sexual orientation has doesn’t include pedophilia. It never has. Sexual orientation is defined as the attraction of an individual to members of the same, opposite, or both sexes. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with pedophilia. Pat Robertson has long been an example of the hateful and intolerant segment of the GOP. Robertson uses the Bible to spread hate, and is a disgrace to organized religion.

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  1. “Robertson is all worked up over the phrase sexual orientation because he does not want to see homosexuals have any rights or protections. In essence, he is saying that it alright to murder a homosexual.”

    Did I miss the part where the existing statutes about murder, manslaughter, and the like exclude people with certain sexual orientations?

  2. The irony of this is that the Bible used to be against pedophiles, until someone translated it to be against Homosexuals. See Latin and German 1535 versions. The Latin word is ‘masculo’ which only occurs in the bible 3 time, and the last time it is used the translators of the King James version showed that they understood it meant boy.

    Try it yourself Ctrl-F the Latin bible ( for Masculo and you will find the three passages, and compare it to the English ones. Also not only that but add an s to the word an your get Masculos which is ‘ox’. Now look up the etymology of the word ‘boy’.

    I rest my case.

  3. don’t rest your case just yet…there’s more about homosexuality in the New Testament..which was written in Koine Greek….AND the Old Testament was originally written in Hewbrew. The key is to find out the meaning of the words in Hewbrew. translations can water down a meaning.

  4. “he is saying it is alright to murder a homosexual”

    You seriously think he was saying that. You are really stupid. All Pat is saying is that you shouldn’t be punished worse for killing someone who is gay as opossed to somebody who is straight. Hate crimes places more importance to the lives of minorites, which is hateful unto itself. Just because you’re to stupid to realize this doesn’t mean that you should start spreading lies about Pat Robertson. Your pathetic, just like your article.

  5. That is not what he is saying. Hate is wrong, infact it is a form of murder with mind. That does not mean a person has to agree with same sex relationships.

  6. Nice try pal,

    Here is the connection Robertson was trying to make. Homosexuality is sin. All homosexuals are child molesters. Thus, the hate crimes bill protects child molesters. I would not have been nearly as critical if he was trying to make a legal argument, but legal arguments don’t get the base fired up. As far as my intellect is concerned, I would suggest that I am a thousand times smarter than you will ever be because I can read and think, something which you seem to be unable to do. We can debate the merits of hate crime legislation all day, but that isn’t what Robertson was talking about. He was discussing it strictly from the moral point of view that homosexuality is evil. Robertson is hate monger, who warps Christianity for the purpose of his own political views.

  7. Can anyone think of a time when a liberal or moderate has murdered a conservative just because they were a conservative? Has a conservative walked out of their church only to be shot, because they were a conservative? Do gay people see a heterosexual couple and beat them?

    I love the defense; what about guys who like to have sex with ducks?

    Whats a bigger crime, someones tire blows out and they kill a pedestrian, or someone stalks someone and with extreme foresight murders them?

    Would killing someone who would be considered “them,” because they are “them,” not a big deal? We have different degrees of murder for a reason. Why are you working so hard to make sure that this mentality goes un-noticed in a court of law?

  8. “The legislative definition of sexual orientation has doesn’t include pedophilia.”
    The problem with the legistlation is that it DOESN’T include a definition of sexual orientation and according to the APA, pedophilia is one of the many forms of sexual orientation. A republican congressman tried to clear up the issue (Steve King, Iowa) by introducing a simple amendment to the law – “The term sexual orientation as used in this act or any amendments to this act does not include pedophilia.” and ALL THE DEMOCRATS voted against the amendment. WHY??? It seems to me that this piece of legislation is not really about prevention of crimes as it is about forcing people to accept lifestyle choices that are abhorrent to them. While I don’t condone anyone harming or killing a pedophile, I certainly don’t think they deserve any more special treatment from the law than what the law already gives them as a human.

  9. There is no debate about this. The legal definition of sexual orientation does not include pedophilia. It is that simple. No all the Democrats did not vote against the amendment. If that is the case it would not have passed. This is just a sham issue that the GOP is trying to use to fire up their social conservative base. The culture wars are over.

  10. All crimes are hate crimes. To single out crimes against certain segments of the population as being more hateful than others sounds is ridiculous. Especially when the hate crimes that are on the books now are used so selectively. When was the last time you saw a black person charged with a hate crime for raping or murdering a caucasian person ? The answer is never. korean japanese clothing

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  12. I will leave it to other readers to decide if your comment is racist or not, but I want to ask: when was a crime committed by a black person against a white person proven to be a crime motivated by skin color but the court decided it’s not hate crime? Ray Ban Eyeglasses

  13. Rape is a crime for the sake of sex and subjugation and has little to do with hate crime unless the motive of the rapist was to target a victim based on race. Get it? ANZ Credit Card

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  16. I agree with you , this person is abhorrent and disgusting and inmoral, But he will be speaking up for all his Stoolpushing buddys, who are totally Blind to what Pat was saying.

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