Torture Memos Could Lead to Perjury Charges for the Bush Administration


NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell mentioned on The Chris Matthews Show that Democrats may look to go a different route on the torture investigation issue. Some Congressional Democrats are considering the possibility of charging Bush administration officials who lied to Congress with perjury.

Here is the video courtesy of Think Progress:


O’Donnell said, “A different approach to the concern about accountability with those interrogation memos. Senior Democrats have told me that they might look at the possibility of were there false statements made to Congress, was there any perjury, when some of the people involved in policy and legal parts of all of that appeared before Congress a few years ago. Now things have been declassified, compare them and see, is there anything there. A different way to go at accountability of the so-called torture memos.”

Let’s be honest here, Democrats are looking for a way to investigate the Bush administration without turning this into something that Republicans can run on in next year’s midterm elections. If Congress can find documents which prove that members of the Bush administration knowingly lied to Congress, then they should go for it. The Republican Party will have a more difficult time making their witch hunt argument if Democrats limit their investigation to the members of the Bush administration who lied to Congress.

President Obama has made it clear that he wants no part of this, so Congressional Democrats are flying solo on this one. My hunch is that the point isn’t to throw people in jail. The purpose of this investigation would be to gather information in order to figure out what happened. The upside of using perjury is that the investigating committee can use their subpoena power to compel witnesses to testify. It is almost a certainty that will be some sort of Congressional investigation. The only remain question is how it will be carried out.

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  1. typical of democrats and liberals…when someone does’nt see things your way they always go on these “witch hunts”. oh well we did’nt find any evidence in this area so lets go look over here..and if we dont find anything there we’ll go over here. liars and thieves. democrats. whats buncha snakes in the grass they always prove themselves to be.

  2. You got a lotta nerve ,pal! Look at the 8 yrs. Clinton spent in the office,dodging bullets from you clowns left and right! How many yrs. did Ken Starr waste on Whitewater? Paula Jones was a total liar,put up by the right wing.One of those state troopers who claimed to take Clinton to the hotel…he’s in jail on bribery charges! You guys were out to get him from day ONE! Hypocrite!

  3. I agree. Time to expose the cheating, lying GOP for what they are before they ruin what’s left of out country. Payback’s a b!thch!

  4. The people in this country think they know what they want until they get it.
    The democrats( if that’s what you still prefer to be called) are no exception.
    Even if these folks are charged, will it really matter?
    People that want to attack America, and innocent people deserve whatever they get.
    See how you feel when some sicko terrorist kills your family.

  5. ….. that Bush still has defenders when his (and his cronies’) lies resulted in

    1. the deaths of over 4,000 American troops

    2. the deaths tens of thousands of other innocent people, and

    3. Bin Laden still on the loose.

    If torture and perjury are the best we can get them on, so be it. By rights they should be in jail for murder.

  6. at some point congressional democrats are going to have to explain the addition of 3 trillion dollars in debt in the first 90 days of the obama administration. bush left office with 10.4 trillion in u.s. debt, 4.9 of which his administration added during 8 years in office. mr. obama admits that he will add another 9 trillion over the next 8 years, assuming he stays in office. you can do the math on that (if you have a calculator that will place that many digits) and figure out how much each of the 120 million or so taxpayers in this country will owe if this becomes reality. attention has to be drawn away from the financial crisis that is being created by the current administration. what better way to do it than this?

    “how wonderful for governments that the people they administer do not think” ~adolph hitler

  7. While the numbers that you cite are relatively accurate, you have to remember that not all taxpayers actually pay taxes. Many get refunds larger than what they paid in due to the fact that their income qualifies for tax credits, etc.

    Also, I read an article a week ago where the GAO stated that although Obama admits that he will add approximately 9 trillion to the debt over the next 8 years, it will probably be closer to 13 trillion in all reality.

    Your Hitler quote is most appropriate in this situation!

    Just sayin’ :)

  8. So, you are saying that Clinton was not a womanizing, lying ( he did lie when questioned under oath) social misfit ? That he did nothing to bring disgrace to the office of the president, and that everyone who testified to anything he was charged with is a liar…?
    I have met Clinton. He is charismatic and people want to like him. But that doesn’t excuse his behavior. He takes advantage of his ability to charm and con. Lots of people do- but that doesn’t make him a poor, tragic, maligned victim when he gets caught.
    As we have seen with OJ, Robert Blake and other high profile killers, “not guilty” is not the same as innocent.

  9. Yes, we know what we want until we get it. We voted in Bush and look what a mistake that was. Will it matter if lawbreakers are brought to justice? Good question. Hmmmm, should we charge a murderer, it’s not going to bring the dead person back is it?

    The odds are more that your family members will be killed by an American than by a terrorist.

  10. Presidents, and those in their administration need to be held accountable for their actions. Sweet, this argument is put to bed.

  11. Duh! Read the article then read the comments. There are no war crimes. There is a financial crisis. The financial crisis being created and perpetuated by the current administration is bigger and more dangerous than anything that the United States has ever faced before. The people will soon realize that the money being borrowed today will someday, somehow have to be paid back. This will require the highest tax rates in the history of the U.S. Just paying the interest on the upcoming debt will cripple the economy. We’re playing politics here and that is comparing apples to oranges. It always has been and always will be. No one in Amerika really knows whats going on, but half the population is believing everything they are being told, without question. The other half believes nothing that they are being told. The talk of bringing former Bush administration officials up on perjury charges is nothing more than smoke and mirrors to draw attention away from the insane spending that is going on now and will continue until the people realize that they are being screwed and put a stop to it, if they can do it before it’s too late. These people are spending your money like there was an infinite supply of it and like there will be no consequences for their actions. A normally intelligent person with a normal sense of logic can figure out where this is going with some degree of accuracy. The Clinton and Bush administrations brought this country as close to revolt as it ever has been. I think Mr. Obama is smart enough to realize that revolution is more threatening to his plans than civil war within the United States. This country is more divided than it ever has been and the “blame” for that can be layed directly at the feet of politicians from both parties. They don’t care about you. They care about getting re-elected. It’s the power they crave, not “public service”. Read your history. Study Germany in the 1930’s. Do it with an open mind and don’t let the emotional discourse that you have been spoon fed by your government infect your thinking.

  12. If I wanted to hear an insane propaganda filled rant I would watch fox news. The financial crisis is by no means an excuse for not pursuing criminal charges.

    There is nothing in this article about the financial crisis, its about perjury. So heed your own advice, and read the article. If you want a debate about finance, find an article about the stimulus package and post there.

  13. The Bush supporters can direct attention away from the crimes they committed by pointing out the financial woes that happened on their watch.

  14. All right now, that was ridiculous. Bush did more harm to our national interests than anyone in recent history and it still isn’t truly being fixed. The plan is to draw down forces in Iraq to a level of 50,000 “trainers.” After approving 17,000 more troops for Afghanistan, we will have just over 50,000 troops there. Does this make any sense to anyone? Bush not only piled on huge defecits, erasing the surplus from the Clinton years, kept his war spending off the books, and allowed the country to go into a recession, but also completely bungled the MILITARY RESPONSE to 9-11. (Yeah, the one thing that we generally trust Republicans to get right) Thanks to Bush, we abandoned Afghanistan to chase imaginary WMDs in Iraq, over-stretch our military, and remove Iran’s natural predator, allowing them to emerge as a rising power in the Middle East. Bush pushed the Taliban into Pakistan and then tried to forget about the whole thing. Now, Pakistan is being over-run by the Taliban, Afghanistan is being over-run by the Taliban, and Al Qaeda has been greatly strengthened by the experience and techniques gained from fighting the U.S. in Iraq and the financial and personnel windfall that they received as a result of Arab angst over the Iraq occupation. Great job, huh? Oh, and Bin Laden? Still not found.

  15. You ought to read what people said about Lincoln during his lifetime. Looking back in history, we consider him one of the greatest if not the greatest president. I did not agree with Bush on everything, but I believe that he acted according to definite principles.

  16. You really are amazing. Political games happen all the time but with Clinton, it was not like they had to look hard. Countless people who were involved with Clinton over the course of his whole political life were used, abused, indicted/imprisoned for corruption, died in very unusual circumstances and just in general, were affected in a bad way by him.

  17. Can someone make a decent argument as to why we should just move on? I have yet to hear any.

    I have heard “talking points” up the wazoo, but nothing rational. This issue is like playing a game of tic tac toe with an infant.

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