Rep. Barney Frank: Calls for Conservative Democrats to be Kicked Out of the Party

After 12 Senate Democrats voted to block an amendment that would have rewritten the bankruptcy laws to allow judges to renegotiate mortgages with banks, Rep. Barney Frank went off, and called for those who side with the moneyed interests to be kicked out of the party.

Here is Barney Frank on Bill Mahr:

Host Bill Mahr stated that Wall St. calls the shots in the Democratic Party, “Let’s be honest, the Democratic party, starting in the 90’s, also became the party of business and Wall Street. So what we really need is another party that’s the progressive party.”

Frank responded, “We who don’t feel that Wall Street should call the shots are in the majority of the Democratic Party. Yes, I agree with you that I wish there were more Democrats on one side. But what you’re saying on the Democratic side, who are on the side you want, should leave to become the second party. No, I’m the first party. Let the minority, who doesn’t agree with us, let them become the second party.”

By the way, all of the Democrats who voted against the amendment came from red states, with the exception of Democrat come lately Arlen Specter. Frank’s comments illustrate one of the biggest problems that the Democrats have in their majority. The more conservative Democrats often aren’t in agreement with the rest of the party. I disagree with Frank’s idea that the party should be made smaller, by kicking out those who disagree.

The fastest way for the Democrats to lose their majority would be for them to adopt the Republican strategy of forcing its members to toe the party line, or get out. Frank is suggesting that the Democrats move more to the left, which is the worst thing that the Democratic Party could do right now. The party has grown by becoming the party of inclusion. It would be a major mistake to start kicking party members out who are more conservative.

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  1. I agree with Barney Frank – Let’s judge the Dems on the results of their actions during the next two years of power. If they do the same thing the Republicans did and completely fail to accomplish anything, even working against their own policies, then we can start demanding accountability. The fact is, I think that this situation will be here for at least the next five years. The Republicans are hurt by their support of big business – the American public is overwhelmingly anti-fat cat right now. I thought it funny that, within a week of reading a very well-informed op-ed piece about Obama completely underestimating the populist rage regarding the AIG bonuses, the Republicans released their preview alternate budget proposing massive tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% and continued to tout the virtue of deregulation. The American people are demanding change and the Dems would be stupid to ignore them. I think that as long as fixing the problem continues to be in the interest of self-preservation for politicians, we don’t need to worry because politicians are great at doing what’s in their best interest. That’s the theory behind a republic.

  2. So, actually, this wouldn’t be so bad.
    It totally shows them up as being hypocrites on issues like inclusion and bipartisanship, which is good.
    But more importantly, where would those Democrats go?

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