Patriarchal Barbie, aka, Gov Sarah Palin, Strikes Again

Patriarchal Barbie, aka, Gov Sarah Palin, strikes again. Palin is backing a ballot measure to bypass the Legislature and make it illegal for teenagers to get an abortion without telling their parents.

“The initiative sponsors, including former Lt. Gov. Loren Leman, applied last week to start gathering signatures. The measure would generally forbid a girl under 18 from getting an abortion unless the doctor informed at least one of her parents beforehand….

The abortion rights group Planned Parenthood will oppose the initiative. Many teens come from unhealthy families and could take dangerous steps to avoid the consequences that would come from facing their parents, said Clover Simon, the Alaska vice president of Planned Parenthood.

“I’m afraid that young women in that situation are going to see this and they’re just not going to get any help at all and they are going to take things into their own hand. … If you Google abortion or self-induced abortion you can get all kinds of bad advice,” she said.

The initiative is the result of a bill stalling in the state Senate that would have required girls under 17 to tell their parents they’re about to have an abortion.

Palin, a Republican, blamed “inflexibility by some senators” for the bill not passing. She said a young girl should have the counsel of her parents in such a major decision.”

“The counsel of her parents”? Just how clueless is Gov Palin? Does she not read her own state’s dismal statistics, indicating her state to be one of the most dangerous places in the country for women and children? In a state with alarmingly high rates of domestic violence and rape, this is an astonishing initiative.

“Alaska leads the nation in reported forcible rapes per capita, according to the FBI, with a rate two and a half times the national average – a ranking it has held for many years. Children are no safer: Public safety experts believe that the prevalence of rape and sexual assault of minors in Alaska makes the state’s record one of the worst in the U.S. And while solid statistics on domestic violence are hard to come by, most – including Gov. Palin – agree it is an “epidemic.”

Despite the governor’s pro-family image, public safety experts and advocates for women and children struggled when asked to explain how Palin’s leadership has helped address the crisis. And current and former officials from Palin’s administration confirmed that an ambitious plan to tackle the crisis has apparently sunk into doldrums after arriving at the governor’s office.”

Gov Palin hasn’t done one thing to protect women and children in her state, but instead is burying her head in her dominionist bible and placing all of the burden for an unwanted pregnancy on a teenage girl, and then cutting off the young girl’s access to private help.

For the girl who was raped by her father, she will now be forced to have that baby. And Gov Palin reduced money to the halfway houses for unwed mothers, so where will this girl go and who will help her and her child? For the girl who didn’t know any better (abstinence only doesn’t work, according to Bristol Palin) and whose family is not supportive, she’ll be branded “trash” by her church and family and left to fend for herself and her baby.

Thanks, but no thanks, Governor Palin.

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  2. Sarah is my hero. This is a question of life of the unborn and making sure parents know what is medically happening to their child. A child can’t take an advil at school without parental consent, but can have a unborn child ripped out of their womb, limb by limb? Something is wrong with this country if that is acceptable to anyone!

  3. The republican solution to getting pregnant too young is marrying too young. If she has a baby in the womb that makes her an adult. If her father is the parent of her child then what? Is everyone with an unwed teenage daughter your hero or just Sarah

  4. Good…

    Parents should have the right to know when Planned Parenthood is about to physically and psychologically rape their growing teens.

    Abortion could quite possibly destroy a girl’s ability to ever [naturally] have another baby. Things could go wrong during an abortion, so … whose stupid idea was it to hide such procedures from parents?

    Not everybody is raped, so if you think you’re going to protect girls by shoving them all under the same umbrella, you’re out of your mind and quite possibly worse than a rapist for thinking everyone has been raped — you’re probably mentally ill and a serial murderer.

  5. China is a human rights nightmare – don’t blame the U.N. anything. Abortion makes sense to the Chinese because it’s so much less severe than what they do to people who say “I’m not absolutely certain that a one-party system is the best answer.” When you, as a nation, think anally raping people with cattle-prods is OK, abortion is bound to seem innocuous…..

  6. The ‘gotta notify the parents” plan is based on the idea that the parents will prevent the girl from having the abortion and force her to bear the child, when the opposite is as likely. The girl’s parents may well force her to have an abortion.

    Palin belongs to an extremist Christian sect that believes in overpopulation as a tool for advancing their goals, one of which is world domination.

    What’s with the catpcha on this site? The audio assist only works with unavailable plugins? Why bother even having it if you’re going to disenfranchise a large part of your readership?

  7. Sorry about your catpcha issues, this is the first time it has been mentioned. I’ll take a look and fix whatever is wrong.

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