Glenn Beck Throws ACORN Spokesperson Out of His Studio

Yesterday on his Fox News Show Glenn Beck got into a fiery confrontation with one of his guests ACORN spokesperson Scott Levinson. During the commercial break Beck told Levinson that his organization is bad for America. Levinson replied that Beck is afraid of black people. This caused Beck to kick him out of the studio.

Here is the interview:

Here is part 2:

ACORN used the bad apple defense, which I am not sure is complete accurate, but these kinds of situations happen all of the time when it comes to voter registration. There have been scandals involving both Republican and Democratic efforts.

Beck was obviously out to get ACORN and further the Republican paranoia about the organization. The excuse that Republicans want to make is that ACORN stole the election for Obama. Levinson correctly asked where all of these fraudulent votes that FNC is always talking about are.
Beck said that ACORN is so afraid of the Republican Party that they are inventing voters.

This is all part of the Republican crying and excuse makers. I don’t know why ACORN would ever send somebody on Beck’s show. Beck was trying to further a conspiracy theory. ACORN is the reason why McCain lost, not the fact that he was a bad candidate. The whole voter registration thing is way overblown. We have local voter registration offices that check all of the forms.

In order for the ACORN conspiracy to be true, tens of thousands of forms would have had to have been not properly verified, and every single illegal voter would have had to have voted. The odds of something like this happening are extremely slim.

Levinson shouldn’t have said that Beck is afraid of black people. If that is what he said, it was unnecessary, but Beck was on a witch hunt yesterday, as his mind was already made up before the interview began. Beck is afraid of everything, so it is possible that he is afraid of black people too, but that really has nothing to do with ACORN. This is was yellow journalism at its finest compliments of Glenn Beck and Fox News.

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  1. Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, O’Reilly, Caulter and other were hatched at the same time. From what rock did these gasbags crawl out from? Do any do actual work, like drafting a policy, making something useful?Serving in the military– no no no . They are all the same — loosed mouth truculent misanthropes that live the high life because of the stupidity of others — people that support their wretched ways

  2. It is time to take back the country from these socialist hacks. If only these jacks would read the constitution. People need to realize they are not progressive but regressive.
    Ain’t NO politician intreseted in taking care of U. (Unless you are related to them!) Go ahead keep rooting for them, soon you will totaly rely on them. What R u going to say when your surgey does not benefit the government so U do not get it. What about when they say sorry, you only need x dollars per year to live on. Or better yet – the gov’t paid for your education, pay it back by civil or military service. Don’t believe me – look around. California is not allowed to control it’s own labor rates, Bank CEOs are fired by the government, as are auto makers. The best part is if we are invaded by Muslum extremists, U will be the first ones killed since they are against gays, blacks, women and progressive ideas.
    Progressives are REALLY STUPID!!!!!

  3. Why is it when many progessives fail to have an answer that makes sense the decry the race card. I f we don’t agee with them they say we hate blacks or we fear homosexuals. Well gentlemen I don’t agree with them but I still love my Son in Law who is black and proud to be an American and refuses to be called “African American”.
    I am not afaid of my niece who is a lesbian. I don’t agree with her lifestyle, but I love her.

  4. I am tired of people tip-toeing around and trying to clarify that ACORN only committed voter registration fraud, not actual voter fraud. In Ohio, 14 students from out of state, came to Ohio, registered and voted early by provisional balllot. These 14 were caught, and their ballots cast out, but there it is; ACORN facilitate VOTER FRAUD!!! And these were just the ones that were caught. You “progressives” want to whine and cry about the 2000 and 2004 elections being “stolen”? If you don’t like who the system works ie questionable balloting being decided in the courts, you work in the system to change it. But no, your idea of change is to completely corrupt the system.

  5. Beck and Limbaugh are two of the scummiest, most . repulsive people that have ever set foot on this planet. They are getting rich by working for big business and rich corporations. . More smoke screens…they have nothing productive to add to the mix….just more propaganda and lies. They want the country to fail not just the Obama administration. I would agree Beck seems to be afraid of everything. He is one rude a…hole.


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