Rick Santelli: Struggling Americans Need to Get Better Jobs

On CNBC, Rick Santelli went on another rant, but when told that we have to worry about ordinary Americans, Santelli said that ordinary Americans, “should get a better education and earn more money,” but at the same he blasted spending more money for education.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Rick Santelli is so out of touch. He has no idea what is really going on. He blasts Obama’s budget for increasing the deficit, but anytime Bush is mentioned he claimed that he didn’t want to talk about the past. I don’t think that Santelli can see anything but the markets. He has no idea that it isn’t easy to get an education, and earn more money.

His logic goes back to an old conservative myth that poor people are lazy. These people aren’t lazy. Many of them lost their jobs due to the collapse of the markets that Santelli so viciously defends. Notice that Rick’s main beef is that he wants more federal money for the credit crisis. Federal spending is good when it benefits him, but now isn’t the right time for education and healthcare.

Santelli has no clue. He is advocating cutting spending in a recession. After the tea bag protests were called nonsense, Santelli said, “Oh, it’s nonsense! It’s nonsense! Forty-six percent of the population is nonsense…Let’s go hug Chavez and tell tea baggers they’re criminals.” Nobody has called tea baggers criminals, unless their crime is unintentional comedy.

Rick Santelli needs to stick to talking about the markets, and leave the economic discussions to people who know something about the subject. He is so insulated that he no grasp of the reality that millions of people are facing right now. He is a cartoon character who is advocating 80 year old failed economic policies, and shouldn’t be taken seriously by anyone.

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  1. it’s classic conservative small brain thinking.

    he thinks that a system in which any individual can succeed is ideal. he ejaculates over ‘mail room’ to ‘board room’ stories. but while such a system can help an individual, it offers no solution for the aggregate population. we can’t all go to the board room at the same time.

    now you can argue that this will never happen. you can argue that in such a system, you are relegating large groups of people to failure to preserve the opportunity of the individual. but what you can’t do is say a huge chunk of the population needs to improve all at once. there’s simply no way for this to happen.

    it’s a very darwinian system, in which those at the top tell themselves that they deserve to be at the top, and those at the bottom deserve to be at the bottom. but what they don’t like to look at is the fact that most people at the top were born at the top. this is the historical reality.

  2. I’m 50 yrs old and was laid off in October ’08 after 17 years at a good telecommunications/IT company. Now what Rick? The interviews are few, and even when I get one the employers are cherry-picking from the 24 year old hungry whiz-kids pool, not the + 50 yr old guy’s pool. Gee Rick, should I go back to school for 2-4 years and spend time and money I don’t have and can’t afford? Or, maybe if looked hard enough I could find a magic fountain of youth! Yeah! That’s the answer! Right, Rick? Rick???

  3. Saying Obama is spending like a drunken sailor, is like saying you spend too much on food in a restaurant when the bill comes. Nobody was thinking about the bill when Bush was ordering dinner, but now that he has skipped out on the check, Obama has to work in the kitchen.

  4. No you should sit on your couch for the next 30 yrs. and wait for your goverment check! Oh wait, there isn’t any money left for you. How about growing a garden, maybe you’ll get a $10.00 eco. rebate. Rick is right get-up, or shut-up!

  5. While you were getting off on yourself, ppl were out improving their lives, try it loser pervert, you really need to keep your hands and scuzzy mind busy!

  6. Santelli is talking about Gov. over spending and spending without thought, remember the 1,100 page bill that was never read? Try using your own resources, instead of waiting for a hand-out! BTW what exactly is it your waiting for?

  7. Obama ran for president, did he not know of our country’s problems?To blame Bush for anything @ this point is a cop-out. We now have 10 times the spending, more than all the presidents put together. You dreamers are going to be so shocked when you realize the position you’ve put yourselves in. Santelli’s advice is simple, the only help you’ll get is from the fruits of your labor. Stop being a water drinker, and be a water carrier! Contribute something to society, instead of taking something you didn’t earn.

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