Michael Steele’s 100 Days of Gaffes

Think Progress has put together a fine collection of the major gaffes of the first 100 days of Michael Steele’s leadership of the Republican National Committee. I am not aware of any other party chairman who has had so many screw ups in their first 100 days, but as Steele says all of his gaffes are part of his strategy.

Here is the video from Think Progress:

I don’t know who is worse. Michael Steele for taking a job that he obviously can’t do, or the members of the RNC who chose their leader based on the color of his skin. Remember that when he was elected, Steele wasn’t even an RNC member. The fiasco that has been Michael Steele’s first 100 days is a microcosm of the chaos that has broken loose within the GOP.

The explanation as to why the Republican Party has come apart at the seams so quickly can be found in the structure of the party itself. The GOP is actually a coalition of diverse interests who realized that they couldn’t win elections on their own, so they linked up under the Republican banner. They were unified by winning, but when the winning stopped, the party fell apart. This is the mess that Steele was brought on board to fix. The only problem is that Michael Steele has no clue how to lead the party to victory, as this video clearly demonstrates.

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