Ann Coulter Suggests that Detainees Be Given Partial Birth Abortions

Ann Coulter was on FNC’s Hannity show last night, where she expanded on her new idea that detainees be given a partial birth abortion instead of waterboarding. Coulter came up with this idea as a dodge when she was asked if she would be waterboarded. Abortion and waterboarding are not related, but this is their latest talking point to defend torture.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Hannity brought up that Joy Behar asked Coulter if she would like to be waterboarded, “I asked her if she wanted to be aborted since she supports the right to abortion, which is my new idea for our detainees at Guantanamo, that we just submit them to what liberals consider one of our precious constitutional rights, a partial birth abortion.”

In other news, it has now been over two weeks and Sean Hannity has not mentioned his offer to be waterboarded. Coulter’s attempt to change the subject on torture won’t work. Republicans have realized that supporting waterboarding is a bad idea, so people like Coulter are trying to tie it and Democrats to something unpopular like partial birth abortion.

Is Coulter now stringing words together that make no sense, but sound good? How exactly would you abort an adult that is out of the womb? It is nonsense, or a better term for her point is gibberish. The thought that keeps running through my mind is that conservatives must be truly desperate if they let Coulter out of her cage, and back on television.

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  1. In other news Ann “I am a complete moron” Coulter says sdhfasd fjhsadfjk; hsfkjshfklj; ashfasdkjfhasdlk;jfh asdojkhfasdkljfh asdf;ljkhas;dlkfh hasdjkfl h then calls every one who has no idea what she is saying, liberals.

  2. Thanks Ann!! Keep the comments going. Everyone in my city and my family supports you.

    Liberals are so stupid that they cann’t even take a joke. I too wish if the liberals will give their future children partial birth abortion … just like they want all women to get as a constitunional rights.

    Liberals are un- Americans! They vare tradors!

    Go and live somewhere else where your ideas are welcome. Stop destroying this country. Leave our country alone.

    Stop hating the country and the ones that gave you the freedon and the rights that you enjoy in this country the great USA.

    Go and live with the George Sorros of the world.

    Ann, Liz Cheney and Sarah Palin for Pesident!!!

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