The War between Keith Olbermann and Fox News Heads to Cyberspace

The war between Fox News and Keith Olbermann has moved to a new battlefield, as FNC has edited a video of Olbermann calling Ronald Reagan a dead and lousy president, and put it on their Fox Nation website as a new low for NBC. It seems that Olbermann vs. Fox News has now moved to cyberspace.

Here is the clip via The Fox Nation

What I find most interesting is that FNC has gotten into the habit of editing video from MSNBC and CNN and labeling it as their own. There are some very odd things about this video. First, it is old. The video is from Wednesday April 22. Second, Olbermann said the exact same thing about Reagan on his show the night before.

Here is the video from Tuesday April 21 at the 1:30 mark:

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It seems that FNC couldn’t edit out Olbermann’s criticisms from the April 21 video, so they used the April 22 video instead. The question is why is Fox News running video of Olbermann that is almost three weeks old? The answer, to me at least, is that FNC is trying to take its war with Olbermann and NBC to the Internet. Conservative criticism of Olbermann on the web is fragmented around several websites.

FNC is trying to use Olbermann to organize their viewers on the web through The Fox Nation website. What better way to fire up their readers then to run a clip of Olbermann saying that their Lord Almighty Ronald Reagan is dead and was a lousy president? FNC isn’t going to win a cyber war with Olbermann. His supporters are younger and all over the Internet, but they are going to try to make Olbermann the face of NBC media bias on their website.

Fox News viewers will gobble it all up, and the one thing that is certain about Keith Olbermann is that he can’t resist a good fight with Fox. If they keep it up Olbermann will reply, and the nightly sniping between the two will come to the Internet full time.

Objectively speaking, this will probably be a win-win for both Olbermann and FNC. Each side will get their fans fired up. This is just a guess, but it sure does seem like Fox News has fired the first shot which will lead to new phase in the holy war for the partisan viewers of cable news.

(H/T: Webnewser)

3 Replies to “The War between Keith Olbermann and Fox News Heads to Cyberspace”

  1. But Olbermann is right first Reagan is dead thank GOD, if he were a live he would clawing at the inside of the coffin they stuffed him in, next he was a lousy president, has we can see now all of his policies are why we are in these mess.

  2. Who cares about the large size head of Olberman which contains all water but no brain cells. NBC and MSNBC are now undergoing bankruptcy. FOX NEWS CHANNEL have been NO. 1 for 8 years in a row and counting because of their truthful news reporting. All the combined audience of NBC,MSNBC,CNN,ABC,CBS can’t even come close near the total audience of FOX. These liberal -biased ,lying media did it to themselves by media malparctice.They are either bribed or intimidated by the Obama political machine. Obama is going to fall soon. He made his mistakes during just the first 100 days in office by spending too much with porks and tripling our debt in 10 years . How are we going to pay for it. Democrats created the crisis and scared us into unnecesary spending and debt and when the inevitable boom cycle [economic recovery cycle which always follow the bust cycle we will then have hyperinfaltion ,high taxes,lower standard of living working more hours for less pay to give the taxes to the lazy people on welfare. This can’t last forever.

  3. Yes,Ronald Reagan was a lousy American president.First,the Philippines’ greatest president,Ferdinand Marcos, was ousted during the final years of his reign.Ask Paul Wolfowitz about convincing Marcos to step down.
    Another one,deregulation policy, that emanated the Reagan’s “the government is the problem” phrase,echoed by Mike Kilburn,Warren co. OH commissioner justifying his rejection to Obama stimulus funds.

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