Alan Keyes: Out of Jail and Unhinged on Fox News

After being arrested for protesting President Barack Obama’s speech at Notre Dame, Alan Keyes called into Fox News and went on an unhinged rant where he called Obama the focus of evil, and said that the Notre Dame leadership had committed a sin by inviting the president. Check out the video.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Keyes called Obama the focus of evil, “Obama is not just a pro choice president. Obama has made himself the focus of evil. The focus of child killing policies in the world today, his extremism on this issue encompasses infanticide, allowing fully born babies to die if they have been the subject of a failed abortion attempt…This is an extremist of the worst kind.”

Keyes also said that Father John Jenkins, the president of Notre Dame, has committed a sin by hosting Obama, “He is sinning under cannon law…he has taken an action while using a means of public communication that is actually an example that lures other to sin by confusing their mind about the difference between right and wrong, and holding up evil as an example of good.”

Keyes said Jenkins had prostituted the reputation of the university for political aims, and that Notre Dame was trying to morally legitimize Obama. Has Alan Keyes completely lost his mind? I think that he has gotten crazier. Even by his own lofty crazed rant standards, this one was a doozy. This is what remains of the base of the GOP. These people really believe that Obama is evil, and they are driving the Republican Party off the cliff with their fringe behavior and views.

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  1. “Psycho-‘Babble'” would have been much more intelligent of a name. A serious “Ed Op” missed.

  2. Looks like Obama sent his goons after someone who disagrees with him. Wake up people…we should be allowed to express ourselves no matter what the issue is, no matter who the president is. Fight or we will be the USSA under this communist wannabe…

    Take over the auto industry…banks…free terrorists…pardon people with guns holding up elections…this sounds like Russia before it fell…

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