GOP Racism: African Americans Think Differently from Everyone Else

In a startling bit of racism, Manuel Miranda, a former aide to Republican Sen. Bill Frist told conservative bloggers that, “We aren’t like African Americans. We think like everyone else.” This begs the question, for Mr. Miranda how do African Americans think differently from everyone else? I’d love an explanation.

At the Heritage Foundation, Miranda said, “Hispanic polls, Hispanic surveys, indicate that Hispanics think just like everyone else. We’re not like African-Americans. We think just like everybody else. When I was on the leader’s staff, someone called me once and asked me: ‘What’s Senator Frist’s Hispanic agenda?’ I said, ‘low taxes, better education, more jobs … what are you talking about?’ And that’s how Hispanics are. This is an opportunity to educate them on all of our issues and they will resonate in the way that they resonate with everyone else.”

Miranda was discussing how Republicans can argue against Sonia Sotomayor without alienating Hispanic voters, when he managed to slip in that racist jab. Do Asian-Americans think differently from everyone else too? How about Native Americans? Who is everyone else? Miranda’s entire point was lost the second he let out his inner racist.

Is this the way that some Republicans think of Barack Obama? Does the president think differently because he is half African-American? Even though, Miranda himself is Hispanic, he is ignoring reality. Hispanics will never come back to the GOP until Republicans adjust their hard line stance on immigration.

When Republicans started treating Hispanic immigrants like criminals, they lost the Hispanic vote. There is a way to argue against Sotomayor without offending anyone. The GOP should drop the racial and gender attacks, and stick to discusses her record and judicial philosophy. However, Rush Limbaugh and the right wing media are going to continue to put the Republicans in an impossible position, and Sotomayor will be easily confirmed.

(H/T: Think Progress)

11 Replies to “GOP Racism: African Americans Think Differently from Everyone Else”

  1. Liberal media types love to pretend that Rush Limbaugh represents the Republican party. Wasn’t Rush Limbaugh saying he would not support John McCain when it became clear that McCain was winning the Presidential primary.? So, if he is so removed from the voters of the Republican party, how can the liberocracy pretend that he IS the Republican party?

  2. Rush says he represents the republican party and anyone who diagrees with him is not a republican. It is he and not what you call the liberal media. Nevertheless you can believe what every fantasy get you through the day.

  3. ‘m not surprised about what he said. There is a lot of racism coming from Latin America that is directed towards people of African decent. I’m the type of person if you feel about me a certain way then I return the favor. I live in Playa Del Rey, CA. There’s a low level race war being waged in the less affluent area between “Blacks” and “Browns”. One kid, Jamel Shaw was shot be an illegal alien gang member because he was “Black” and a 14 year old “Black” girl was shot in Harbor City last year. I don’t want to say that I hate Latin people, I know that there are probably good ones and I know that there are bad ones, but I don’t have any in my circle of friends and I am not going out of my way to add any.

    On another note, what is that jerq-off saying? Hell, I like less government, good education, freedom, liberty and the right to be left the hell alone to. Granted I am of partial African-American heritage. Go figure

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  5. I do agree with you on this article, although I read from another blog something different from what you are saying.

    Anyway thank you for your review.

    All the best!

  6. you want to be treated equal? hmm but then you say you “think” differently than in fact you are different and need to be treated differently right? the african american people are the most racist group in the world right now they need to shut their mouths and act EQUAL just like they want to be..but oh wait i forgot their better because 70% of white people voted obama in office, how many times have i heard “we finally got a brother in office” from an african american, you dumb asses hes in office because of all the votes together mostly white you didnt get him in office we got him in office.

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