CNN’s Rick Sanchez Rips FNC’s Bill O’Reilly A New One


Recently on The Factor Bill O’Reilly made the false claim that only Anderson Cooper of CNN covered the story of the murder of Army recruiter William Long. Today, on CNN Rick Sanchez absolutely blasted O’Reilly by showing clips of all the reports CNN did of the story. Sanchez ripped O’Reilly a new one. Check out the video.

Here is the video of O’Reilly’s claim:

Here is the video of Rick Sanchez Blasting O’Reilly on CNN:


Sanchez said, “Let’s add this up together now. We led with the story when it broke. We led with it again the next day. We analyzed the terrorism angle with experts, and called former FBI agents to take us through it, and as a network we covered the story umpteen times throughout the days, throughout all hours of the days, but Bill O’Reilly says he only saw it once, and since he only saw it once, well then, that must be the truth. It doesn’t matter what really happened. It doesn’t matter what the record shows, all that matters is what Bill thinks he saw.”

That was an ass kicking by Rick Sanchez. Unlike Olbermann, who mocks and rants against O’Reilly, Sanchez spent almost five minutes and used video evidence to prove that O’Reilly was lying. Sanchez is correct. Reality doesn’t matter to O’Reilly.

He lives in his own little world, where he invents the truth. His claim that the networks ignored the military recruiter shooting was a bogus attempt to distance himself from his rants against Dr. George Tiller. Good for Sanchez, for using facts to separate truth from reality.

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