Pat Robertson and Glenn Beck Give America Financial Advice

A segment on yesterday’s Glenn Beck show on Fox News was supposed to be about the Rev. Pat Robertson giving Americans financial advice, but it turned into a discussion of why the government can’t make people donate to charity, and how Obama in injecting socialism into the nation.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Beck said, “I guess my problem is our government now believes that they can force our government to be charitable, and also that they can stop all greed through regulation. Pat, I think there is only one cure for both of those. You can’t do that. Isn’t that the point of faith and religion and everything else, not government, but our faith to make us better people.”

Robertson replied, “Until a person’s heart is changed, until the inner motive is changed, we’re not going to have different conduct, and there is no government big enough to enforce that kind of conduct. It can’t do it. It was said by John Adams we don’t have a government or constitution capable of taming the animal passions of mankind. You can’t do that with government, and these socialists think you can.”

Robertson later said, “Franklin Roosevelt used the Great Depression to bring forth a dramatic change in the way we lived our lives. Obama and his crew are taking advantage of this to insert socialism and government control. He wind up taking over the automobile industry, the banking industry, and before long healthcare. It’s a massive power grab to satisfy the left.”

Think about this for a second, one man in this conversation, Robertson,
has made himself rich through charitable donations, yet he arguing against the government encouraging charity. The other man in this conversation is complaining about socialism, yet he has gotten very wealthy by broadcasting radio and television programs overly publicly owned airwaves. People often forget that the public still owns the airwaves, no matter who owns the station. This is how the FCC has maintained regulatory authority.

Only Glenn Beck and Pat Robertson could take a segment about giving financial advice, and turn it into an anti-Obama tirade. What is the heck would Pat Robertson be doing giving financial advice to anyone? What does he know? Without people giving him money, he wouldn’t have anything.

By the way, Beck and Robertson that the “this” Obama is supposed to be exploiting is the total collapse of the economy brought about by years of destructive Republican policies. Also, Obama didn’t take over the banking industry, Bush did, but this is something that has been conveniently forgotten by Republicans.

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  1. Blasted liberals! Taking advantage of these horrible economic crisis caused by the greed of the rich to make life better for millions of people!!!! How DARE they!?!?!?

    This is wrong on so many levels.

    When did the US bail out the banking and insurance industries? Who was President then?

    Beck’s comment is silly. No you can’t stop greed. That’s why you NEED regulation. If we learned anything from the crisis that should be it! People listen to these idiots?!?!!?

  2. There are the haves who like having EVERYTHING (or most everything) and ENJOY the fact that there’s a huge underclass with not much of ANYTHING, as this makes the underclass easy to exploit. They loved Bush, because he gave to THEM and they hate Obama because he’s trying to do more for the underclass.

    The well-off are like the baker who complained that a poor man was enjoying the aroma from his bakery and demanded payment and eventually sought this payment in a court of law. The baker took the poor man to court, and the judge ordered that the poor man return to court in exactly 3 weeks with 3 gold pieces. The poor man protested but the judge was insistant, and the baker was satisfied that he would finally be paid. 3 weeks later the poor man and the baker showed up in court and the judge ordered the poor man to hand the baker the 3 gold pieces. The poor man sadly did so, and the judge asked the baker if he was satisfied that the 3 pieces of gold were indeed real. The baker agreed heartily, thinking he was about to receive what was basically a windfall. The judge then ordered the baker to hand the poor man back his gold and said, “This poor man has smelled the aromas of your fresh baked goods, and now you have fondled his gold; I believe you are even.”

    The moral of this story? The wealthy bakers of the world feel they are ENTITLED and when that is threatened they lash out, after all, a poor man isn’t entitled to anything… is he???

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