Glenn Beck Nonsensically Tries to Connect Obama, ACORN, and GM


On his Fox News show Glenn Beck claimed that the bailouts are nothing more than ACORN on a governmental scale. What this means, only Beck knows for sure, but he thinks that we should have known better because Obama was a community organizer. In essence, Beck tried to connect Obama, ACORN, and GM.

Here is the video from Media Matters:


While talking about GM with a panel Beck said, “We should have known when President Obama was a community organizer. This is ACORN on a governmental scale. Here is this shifting the money, and playing a shell game with the money.”

I have no idea what Beck is trying to say here. Is he suggesting that Obama is committing fraud by bailing out GM? Is he suggesting that Obama is using GM to register voters like ACORN does? The comparison doesn’t work. The funny thing is that one of Beck’s guests Charles Payne from the Fox Business Network tries to blame Obama for AIG in the same segment.

Obama didn’t approve the government role in AIG, Citi, or any of the other financial institutions that was President Bush. However, in order for Beck’s theory that Obama is marching America towards fascism to work, the facts must be changed, and George W. Bush must be forgotten. Beck assumes that a). ACORN is corrupt, which means that, b). All community organizers are corrupt, therefore, c). Barack Obama was a community organizer, so he is also corrupt, thus d). The bailout of GM is corrupt.

Even when I try to walk through the logic that Glenn Beck is using, it still doesn’t make sense. His bridge connecting the intellectual dots is full of bias and assumptions. The other thing that Beck and guests forgot is that the financing wing of GM is separate from the auto business and was included in the original Bush TARP, not the current plan, so it turns out that Beck is blaming Obama for a Bush policy.

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