Joe Scarborough Personally Attacks Jon Stewart


On MSNBC’s Morning Joe today, host Joe Scarborough attack Jon Stewart for claiming that MSNBC crew sold themselves out by being sponsored by Starbucks, and pimping their coffee during their show. Scarborough said that Stewart is the angriest guy that he has ever met. He compared Stewart to Bill O’Reilly. Scarborough also claimed that Stewart has a Napoleonic complex.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Scarborough said, “You know some people have said it is a Napoleonic complex. I remember the first time I met he we shook hands, and he seriously was like gaah…You know what’s so funny is I have been on a lot of these shows, you know I go on Bill Mahr, and I have done it for years, and everybody is pretty polite and great, Bill Mahr great, Colbert great all of them people who don’t agree with me.”


He continued, “Jon Stewart, and it is do crazy that this is a comedian and a funny, funny, funny guy, but Jon Stewart of the hundreds and hundreds of shows I have been on is the angriest person I have ever met, and I can never square this up with the guy I watch on tv. He’s just very angry, and it is kind of disappointing… It is kind of like Bill O’Reilly, seriously, sometimes I’d talk to Bill before, and it’s like dude you’re on top of the world, you sell a million of books. You’ve got millions of people watching. You’re the king of the cable world, relax, smile, enjoy it. It is the same thing with Jon Stewart.”

What they are upset about over at MSNBC is Stewart’s mocking of Morning Joe’s
Starbucks product placement. Here is the video:

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Stewart was right to nail MSNBC for a selling out what is supposed to be news program to product placement and corporate sponsorship. The fact that Scarborough had to turn this into something personal about Stewart is very revealing. The NBC family is still upset over the beat down Stewart put on Jim Cramer, so they decided to make this personal.

I what I would like to hear is the suits at MSNBC defend treating their morning show as a place for product placement. How long is it until The News with Brian Williams brought to you by Bud Light? This is another overt step in process of transforming news into entertainment. I know NBC is hurting, but did they really need to sell out MSNBC’s morning show?

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