First Ensign, Now Sanford: Where are the GOP’s Family Values?

The other shoe finally dropped in the story of South Carolina Republican Gov. Mark Sanford. At his press conference today, Sanford admitted that he has been unfaithful to his wife by having an affair with a friend from Argentina. Stanford also resigned as the chairman of the Republican Governors Association. Whatever happened to the GOP’s family values?

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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Sanford apologized to everyone including his family, his staff, and the people of South Carolina. Was this really surprise after it became public knowledge that his family, and his staff had no idea where he was. Then when it came out that he wasn’t hiking on the Appalachian Trail. There was something up, and it was only a matter of time before the other shoe dropped.

Sanford called his behavior selfish, which it was, but it was also irresponsible and reckless for a governor to abandon the people of his state to go see his mistress. It is one thing for a politician to have personal failings, but it is another matter when those personal problems impact his professional duties. Sanford doesn’t deserve the public’s trust.

Sen. John Ensign (R-AZ), who admitted his own affair last week, was a rising GOP star, as was Sanford who was talked about as a potential 2012 candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. This type of personal behavior devastates families and destroys Republican political careers. This is the kind of scandal that damages the Republican Party as well.

The Republican Party used to moralize and be the party of family values. The GOP used to know who they were, but these scandals lead me to question whether the Republican Party is not only going through an ideological, but also an identity crisis. These high profile affairs make the GOP seem hypocritical on moral issues, especially when contrasted with the image of the Obama family in the White House.

Mark Sanford has gone from being characterized as bit flaky, to problem of perception for the Republican Party. Sanford may politically survive in South Carolina, but he is finished as a national figure. Ensign’s affair with a married staffer was bad enough, but to blow off Father’s Day with his four kids, to cheat on his family is a special degree of low. It is a shattering day for his family because their problems have become public,and a black eye for the GOP that this man was the head of the Republican Governor’s Association.

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  1. Anonymous,
    you are missing the point. Your happy little senator and governor didn’t just have affairs. They did it AFTER publicly castigating other politicians for the same offences . . . And just a quick note, President Clinton was in office over 8 YEARS ago! Its time for you to find a new whipping boy . . . . Oh never mind, your boys are never guilty and the others always are. There is a reason while fanatics of whatever flavor are called nut-jobs and YOU qualify!

  2. Look, the guy, though a conservative and republican and, oh, a christian is, after all, a human being. Despite his come-back-to-haunt him habit of sounding off on the nations lack of morals, he can always say that the devil made him do it. Or he can cop to the truth, like a good christian, and admit that he’s in love with Maria and not with his wife. Or, since he’s on the slippery slope any way, that he wants to have his cake and eat it, too. Look what Prince Charles had to go through in public for Camilla! He had to say in front on the Church of England that he admitted to being an adulterer! Reconciliation now, eh, is it governor? Ok, Sanford’s in the middle of a mid-life crisis. I can empathize. But he dug a hole when he attributed his leave of absence to “I just needed to get out of the bubble.” He can call Gingrich to give him the 411 on getting out this mess. Gingrich who was having an affair while impeaching Clinton is now married to that femme d’affaire . A good catholic ( !?), she convinced Newt to convert to her faith. I’d love to eavesdrop on the convo!

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