Right Wing Talk Radio Blows a Gasket over Al Franken’s Win

Right wing talk radio led by Rush Limbaugh has spent the day freaking out over Al Franken’s victory in the Minnesota U.S. Senate Race. Limbaugh called Franken, “a genuine lunatic.” Fox News Radio’s Brian and the Judge referred to Franken as,”hateful, maniacal, angry, and evil.” While Jim Quinn claimed that ACORN stole the election for Franken.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Limbaugh said, “Republicans are not reaching period. The Republicans can’t stop anything, and now that the Democrats have a 60th vote in the name of a genuine lunatic in the Senate, there’s nothing that can be done to stop them if they stay unified.”

Here is the audio from Brian and the Judge:

Brian Kilmeade said, “Explain to me people of Minnesota, how you could do something that is such an embarrassment to America. To put this hateful character into the U.S. Senate who is a clown of a person, who is maniacal by nature, and ran as a comedian. You don’t like Norm Coleman that’s one thing, but for you to sit there and vote for Al Franken, I don’t get it.”

Here is Jim Quinn on The War Room with Quinn and Rose:

Quinn said, “Al Franken is going to be the new face of the Democratic Party. Congratulations guys, you’re stuck with him, but let us not forget the role that ACORN played in this, because what’s happened here is that this election’s been stolen. We told you it from Day one. Norm Coleman was over 700 votes ahead…They swarm the whole system. I told you they were going to do this, and they did it. They kept counting until they found the votes, and of course, the Supreme Court of Minnesota is so liberal, they’re not going to look into it.”

Do you think that the right wing is a little bitter about this loss? If Al Franken is a lunatic or a hateful maniac, what does that make Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN)? The right wing has hated Franken for years, and with good reason. He was just as loud and obnoxious as they are. The difference is that Franken has reinvented himself since he became a candidate.

I used to find the style of comedian/commentator Al Franken very annoying, but candidate Al Franken was very good. Franken’s election to the U.S. Senate is literally driving the right wing media insane with rage. As long as Barack Obama is running the show Franken will never be the face of the Democratic Party. Since talk radio can’t damage Obama, expect them to go hard after Franken.

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  1. Hey republic party goon…you’re our b|tch now!!

    C’mere…I’ve got a house that needs paintin’!!

    Now SQUEAL!!!

    (Sorry, just had to get that junk off my chest….I’ll be nicer next time……………………………….NOT!)

  2. the republicans sure should know something about stealing electrions right?

    Anywho, god these guys have really lost it havene’t they? What is it, they can’t take a democratic run american so bad that they have to make their voices heard 24/7 even while scandal after scandel happens in their party?

    Rush is the worst, this guy is so far gone…god i can’t stand him.

  3. The whole right-wing radio claque are paid lobbyists for the rich. Their employers have lost ground politically as their victims (the rest of us) wake up and begin to vote in OUR interest instead of in theirs, but the rich still pay their shills to continue to lie to America.
    Nothing Rush is saying today is any more insane than what he was saying ten years ago; it’s just that people are starting, finally, to notice the insanity.

  4. Let’s see how you like it when unemployment goes to 15%, maybe 20%, because of your hero’s policies. Let’s see if Obama does something for you. So far he has only helped big corporations and his political buddies.

  5. This story is intentional distraction to prevent you from knowing that the Global Elitists are about to perpetrate the biggest crime agaisnt humanity very soon. – Journalist Jane Burgermeister files Charges against W.H.O. and the U.N. for Bio-Terrorism and for the intent to commit mass Murder,…. watch Video: — http//revealedtruth.wordpress.com/2009/06/28/obama-charges-filed-against-whoworld-health

  6. You moron, just another republinut whinning and crying like a baby, why don’t you go march in one of the July 4th tea parties, your about that ignorant anyway!!!

  7. As long as Limbaugh and the rest of these zany idiots keep pointing out how the Democrats have learned to play the Republican’s game, I’ll keep voting for the Democrats. What these idiots fail to realize is that they are preaching to the lunatic choir here. The Republicans have stolen elections for years and have, pretty much, gotten their way. Now, they can’t even buy votes. Of course, they tanked the economy just before Bush left office and their big business buddies can’t afford to pony up as much money as they could before. I’m just sitting back and watching the show. ALL of these Republicans are going to have to stop whining and show the American people a “feasible” economic plan before they will EVER be taken seriously again. The first thing they need to realize is that until they are running the show again they need to get Rush and the “Boys” to sit down and shut up.

  8. I know that neither Franken nor ACORN wil sue but all these quotes are slander. They are not statements of opinion, especially the statements about ACORN.

  9. The unemployment rate would be 20% or 25% if Republicans had been in charge and had let GM and Chrysler fail. To this point Obama’s policies have helped keep people employed. What, specifically, would a better plan be? What would Republicans have done instead of what Obama is doing that would fix things to your saisfaction? I have yet to receive an answer on this from all of my Republican friends who are just HORRIFIED with Obama. It leads me to believe that you folks just like to complian when you’re out of power.

  10. Congrats to Senator Franken.
    Even though he is just another entertainer, I really dislike Rush Limbaugh. If he wants to be a republican role model, shoudn’t he lose some weight and look a little more presentable?
    Never heard of the other peeps.

  11. Rush Limbaugh and all his right wing, republican cronies need to shut their hypocritical, judgemental and hatefilled mouths. It would help the GOP to try to work with President Obama. It would help their image if they were to actually appear to care about what suffering Americans really need. Obama has some excellent plans and they need to help or get out of his way.

  12. Rush Limbaugh and all his right wing, republican cronies need to shut their hypocritical, judgemental and hatefilled mouths. It would help the GOP to try to work with President Obama. It would help their image if they were to actually appear to care about what suffering Americans really need. Obama has some excellent plans and they need to help or get out of his way.

  13. “Limbaugh called Franken, “a genuine lunatic.” ”
    Now there’s the ‘pot calling the kettle black’ Limpbrain should know lunacy, his brain’s been on the moon for decades.

  14. the media doesn’t report the democratic scandels….and if you were really informed and you would actually READ the legislation (hr 2454)that our guys in congress pass, even you would be really scared…when you find out what they have really done in congress, you’ll be the first to complain about your loss of rights…

  15. Rush could win an election in Al, Miss, Georgia or Texas. Those in-bred, toothless, bigots love the crap he puts out.

  16. From the success of Al Franken’s book and AIr America talk show scrutinzing old Limbo, Rush should consider himself responsible for Al’s winning in Minnesota.

  17. When your side loses, it’s SUPPOSED to taste like a $hit taco!

    It sure did for all of us in FL when the 2000 election was stolen from us and the idiot Bush Jr won. In fact it tasted a lot like that for the next 8 years.

    Get over it!

  18. One thing a lot of people don’t know (and the wingnuts don’t want to admit) is that Al Franken, who graduated cum laude from Harvard with a degree in political science, is better qualified to be a senator than the Shrub was to be president. And when it comes to electing entertainers, well, how about Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sonny Bono, Fred Grandy, Jack Kemp and Ronald Reagan?

    It takes a sharp mind with a keen perception of human nature and human foibles to be a comic. Franken may have been a comedian, but when I look at Republican senators past and present (Inhofe, Santorum, Craig, e.g.) all I see are clowns – bad, sad, sorry clowns.

  19. I am amazed at the response of the GOP to our recent elections. They have new tactics. They are now using old and tired scare tactics as well as moral arguments to make their points. Talking points are now said LOUDLY by “in your face hypocrites”…those being Senators Craig, Ensign…and now Gov Sanford, et al…and let’s not forget drug addict Rush. Are these people smart or what? Stewart

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