Neal Boortz Proclaims Global Warming a Scam to Destroy Capitalism

On The Neal Boortz Show today host Neal Boortz said that global warming is a scam meant to destroy capitalism carried out by socialists and communists. Boortz also blamed the public schools, and claimed that the earth is really getting cooler as carbon dioxide emissions increase. This is the kind of nonsense that makes it clear why Republicans won’t be winning an election for a long time.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Boortz said, “Why is it so hard for so many people to understand that the whole thing behind the global warming scam, the climate change scam? It is now and it always has been an effort by the left to destroy capitalist economies. That’s what it is now that’s what it has always has been. A left wing effort to destroy free enterprise and capitalist economies around the world, why is it so hard for people to understand this?”

He went on to blame public schools, “Maybe it’s because it has been taught as the truth in government schools now for so long that we have these young people out of government schools and colleges that they have been taught since they can remember the names of their teachers about what man is doing to contribute to global warming, and nobody’s ever come along and give them the evidence.

Here is Bootz’s evidence, “First of all global warming doesn’t exist. The earth has been cooling for nine or ten years, cooling down not getting hotter. Even though carbon dioxide emissions have been going up, the earth has been cooling. It’s all a fraud, and second of all take a look at the people who push this global warming stuff. They’re anti-capitalists, they’re socialists, their communists, and they’re big government types. They’re people who don’t truly appreciate freedom, especially economic freedom that are adamantly opposed to free markets.”

The reason why people don’t understand it is because what Boortz is spewing isn’t true. Like all deniers he gets his talking points from companies like Exxon who have a great deal to lose if the United States reduces its dependence on oil. It is nice to know that the 58% of people in an NBC News poll who approved of the climate change bill that was passed by the House recently are either communists or socialists.

Boortz represents the right wing loony fringe that is being willing duped by corporate America into doing their bidding. The science is overwhelming, and whether the free market based cap and trade system passes the Senate in the form of the current bill, or another, substantial climate change legislation will be passed and enacted soon, whether Neal Boortz likes it or not.

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  1. What evidence does he have…Some book or talking point from the likes of Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity.

    These uneducated Fools will fall for any business line…where is the “Fairness Doctrine when we need it. We never had people like this when they had to source the info…Now, they can say anything! Mostly, name calling!

  2. Seems to me the easy fix for higher Co2 levels is to plant some trees, they take in the co2 and return oxygen, something we need. Walla, plant a forest and lower the co2 levels, in fact I do believe that is in the Cap and Trade thing as how business’s get carbon points to use, they plant tress.

    No matter how you look at it, its a sinch the earth is not going to melt down in the next few years, so Cap and Tax can definately wait till the economy has recovered and people are back to work , trying to do this now will further erode the economy, cause more to lose their jobs and more manufacturing to be moved overseas where they are not playing this global warming game. If this country continues on like this we will be a country that produces nothing, exports nothing and at that point we will be a third world country. Going green is fine but until you have alternative plan in place, an alternative power source an alternative ready to replace the oil and coal all this is going to do is hurt the people and make their dollar buy less.
    Personally I think its to make government bigger, give them more power and make more people dependant on them, like I said the earth is not going to melt down in the next year or 5 yrs, so pushing this now is more of an agenda, the question is what is the real purpose

  3. I can’t decide whether this is a news item or a political commentary.

    The writer should just give his own partisan bias for the consumption of similarly inclined ilks and be tolerant of other people’s beliefs. Additionally, he should thank Boortz because, in his words, “This is the kind of nonsense that makes it clear why Republicans won’t be winning an election for a long time.”

  4. Boortz, Rush, et. al. have the same problem – How do they keep an audience that is forever growing smaller, more focused and more radical? They are all caught in this vortex. Back when Boortz started he was a typical libertarian. He just wanted everyone to leave him alone so he could make as much money as he could as a lawyer. Now to continue on the quest to maximize his bank account he must cater to his listeners and, therefore, is hopelessly tied to their desires. All these guys will continue to be sucked deeper into the vortex until it stops giving them the money they desire and they fade into obscurity.

  5. People, look at the earth’s geological timetable, earth core samples, tree rings and you’ll see the earth has been much warmer, more full of CO2 in it’s millions of years history–when there were no cars or industry or even human beings. The continents at one time were all one landmass. What looks like solid surface, floats on a sea of molten lava. The earth has also been much cooler–a mini ice age that gave us the Palisades and Hudson River. Do you not understand that the events that created the Rockies, Himalayas and continents to break apart, islands to rise up out of the sea could happen again. This is why the whole argument of global warming is nonsense. Weathermen cannot predict the weather accurately for two weeks out. But they can predict global warming. No they can’t. And now they don’t call it that, they call it climate change. Soon they’ll just call it weather because that’s what weather does, it changes.

    This whole thing, for those of you who are blind, is a power and wealth grab. Goldman Sachs stands to make gazillions on Cap & Trade. Hank Paulson was supposed to go over to some global environmental foundation before he was tapped to be head of the Fed. Another GS guy went in his place. China and developing countries will be the beneficiaries of our disastrous march to socialism. Boortz has it right. And for the record, we’ve been on this march since the Roosevelt.

  6. why did they hide the findings from the epa? why won’t they let the man studying polar bears speak at their meetings? there are several scientists that back the global warming scam. just like everything else, mainstream media is fawning after the almighty and the left wing tree huggers. you never want to hear both sides before deciding. where did you get your info? the media? or did you do your own research? when we’re all so broke and waiting for the government to tell us what move to make next, we will see how you feel about your leftists

  7. What is “capitalism”? I’ll give you a hint: the guy with the biggest gun gets to keep most of the money. “Free market” means no regulation, and like the old West, where the guy with the power was the one with the biggest, fastest gun and ruthless disposition to use it, it means guys like Goldmann-Sachs.

    Are you kidding me! Do you honestly think GS would allow any global-warming policy to go forward that it wouldn’t be able to pillage and plunder at the expense of those of us (everyone) who didn’t have big guns, or if they did, were afraid to use them?

    Rest assured Boortz,predatory “capitalim” will do just fine with after global-warming policy allows them to create yet another “bubble” it can profit from.

  8. boortz may be an idiot ..but co2 has increased and temperatures is cooling over last ten years ……

  9. the loony left has found their oppertunity to change America into their form of Utopia.. Unfortunately they have to destroy the current system, capatilism, in order to institute their government of choice, socialism. Socialism is great until you run out of other peoples money and the shepole have to turn to our government for thier very lively hood. Welcome to our future, God helps us…


  11. The left has hijacked the environmental movement and turned it into a fear generator. The demagogues on the left, most notably Al Gore, are lining their pockets with billions off this scam in a most ironic capitalistic twist. The UN model for global warming has been COMPLETELY debunked, and is still being defended by the same self righteous people who accused global warming doubters of contrarianism and of being anti science. Now Obama is caught redhanded in EPA Gate, blocking new science because it threatens his power grab. Solar irradiation is the main cause of global warming, which is deliciously ironic, since Obama, et al, have been babbling about solar being the solution. Liberal idealogues never have responded to the curious coincidence of surface temp increases on other planets. Are there SUVs on Mars? Is Venus heating up because of excessive panting due to rampant lovemaking by Venutians? Ask a liberal, they know everything, and what they don’t know they make up.

  12. yes, and I am sorry, all you seem to be arguing here is that the “profit-motive” will warp the behavior of players like Goldman. Hmm, seems like the problem you are identifying lies not with the veracity of the science but with how certain institutions are poised to profit from disaster. How is this different from usual (these same institutions have weathered the housing market crash and have profited to boot).

  13. um, yes, but I think that’s the point. The rich and the powerful will remain more so as we move into a world marked by a climate very different from the one that has been conducive to human civilization.

  14. This is the kind of nonsense that makes it clear why Republicans won’t be winning an election for a long time.

    You were saying?

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