MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski Defends Palin as Representing Real Americans

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe today, co-host Mika Brzezinski rushed to the defense of Sarah Palin while criticizing the “mainstream media” for not understanding that Palin represents the views of real Americans and not the liberal elite who live in cities. So I guess the real Americans are 30%-40% who approve of Palin, and the millions who voted for Obama aren’t?

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Brzezinski said, “People were coming to those rallies because they agree with her. Look at the polls out there. Look where people stand on life. Look where real Americans think, and you will find that in the, oh God I hate to say it, but in the cities where there are a little bit more liberal elite populations, you are not going to find what’s representative of America. There was a lot more to her than fascination.”

Later she tried to clarify what she meant, “I think her views actually do. As much as people in the mainstream media might not agree with her views on some key issues, I think a lot of Americans do, and I remember travelling the country as a CBS News correspondent and meeting these Americans, many of them agree with her.” She tried to clarify that by real Americans she meant people who live outside of New York or Washington.

Mika could not be any more wrong if she tried. Her black and white view of the ideological makeup of the nation assumes that the people in the cities are liberal, and those who live in rural America are conservative. Nothing could be farther from the truth. As someone who lives in rural small town America, I can tell you first hand, that aren’t as clear cut as Mika believes.

Sarah Palin is very polarizing all over America. People either love her or hate her. There is no middle ground in either small towns or big cities when it comes to Palin. There is also no such thing as a real or fake American. Whether a person is liberal, conservative, independent, or non-political, we are all Americans.

Perhaps the most insulting element of Brzezinski’s adoption of Palin’s talking points is the idea that the millions of people who voted for President Obama don’t represent the “real America.” If Palin is so representative of all Americans, then why is her approval rating so low? Why was she on the losing ticket last year?

The funny thing about this is that when Mika went into her defense of Palin, Republican Joe Scarborough said, “I don’t know about that.” The mainstream media doesn’t hate Palin. They love her. She is a story that writes itself. If the media hated Palin, she would not get any coverage, at all, but I don’t think that anyone should be surprised that an insulated talking head, like Brzezinski mistakes talking points for facts.

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  1. For those who are unable to remember all the way back to the Democratic primaries, Obama won those on a totally different platform than that which ostensibly put him in the White House. It was Hillary Clinton’s agenda, highjacked by the Obabma campaign, that was the supposed “winning platform”. In reality, though? Neither Obama’s nor Clinton’s issues ruled the day on 4 Nov. It was the fact that a black was finally running for president. That and that alone won the White House for Barak Obama. Just as Geraldine Ferraro said, any white man trying to get elected on Obama’s primary campaign platform would have been knocked out in the first round and never again remembered.

  2. Palin was on a losing ticket because the old RINO heading it did’nt-could’nt-would’nt run a REAL campaign.
    He thought B.O. was a truthful, honorable man and when he finally realized what a lying piece of socialist crap Obama really is-it was too late.
    While I don’t agree with what Palin has done-I do know that if one had to pick who loves this country most- who wants what’s best for this country- and who would not DELIBERATELY destroy this country- it’s Palin hands down
    All the airheads that voted for this Communist now in office- congratulations, idiots.

  3. See what I did there Hoss?
    I just used your own little name to call you and your ilk fascists, isn’t that cool? I’m sorry, I just wanted to make sure the point carried for you so I explained it.
    I think it’s pretty funny to listen to some of the invective being thrown out by those out of power (i.e. “socialism”, “communist”, and your little gem “fascist”) when the people using these terms always fail to note the parallels between the actions of the current administration and the concepts the accusers are lobbing at them.
    I’m curious how you think Obama is a) “a lying piece of socialist crap” – what, because he bailed out the financial system? Good call there Keynes, why don’t you give us your alternative – wait, wait, it’s cutting taxes, right? and how he is b) trying to DELIBERATELY destroy this country.
    Ok, seriously… how’zat again???
    Why don’t you try sprinkling a couple facts and some evidence in the next belligerent screed you feel like unleashing on anyone with a computer who can read, huh?
    Go ahead, while you’re in the midst of your next cute little senseless diatribe, just spice that $#it casserole with a couple morsels of reason and try to back up what you claim.
    Because otherwise it just reads like a couple of talking points that were dreamed up at party headquarters somewhere and fed to the sheep who would senselessly repeat it without digesting it, assessing its merits, or even looking up some of its terms in a dictionary before eagerly passing it along (yes, that’s you).

    Oh and the “Real” American thing? Can’t believe people actually use that. This is the only time I EVER say this: Dick Cheney said it best on the Senate floor – three words and the last one is “yourself”.

    Most sincerely,

    Red in a Blue state.

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