Audra Shay’s Fray; Another Allegedly Innocent GOP Racist Attacked by Political Operatives

So Audra Shay, favored to become Leader of Young Republicans, has been accused (by evil political attackers) of condoning racism on her Facebook page. Without even hearing the story, I’m enraged. These political operatives have got to stop picking on Republicans! Plus, their power to make Republicans do things just isn’t right. I feel the need to find a cross to nail myself to, cuz I just know I been done wrong, ya know?

Anyhoo, Shay, who at 38 is actually not “young” — but hey, the Republican party is kinda desperate for that Gen Y vote, so give ’em a break (do you know they have a “Hip Hop Republicans” Group?! Fun!!) — found herself in the middle of a publicized fray last week, caused by her FB page. This was the beginning of the now infamous “Coons” Controversy. Just in case you were wading knee high in Palin-a-polooza or MJ 24/7, here’s a recap, as reported by The Daily Beast:

When a friend wrote on Shay’s FB page,

““Obama Bin Lauden [sic] is the new terrorist… Muslim is on there side [sic]… need to take this country back from all of these mad coons… and illegals,” Shay responded eight minutes later with: “You tell em Eric! lol.”.

Sadly for Shay, someone gently called her out on how the word “coon” might not being cool. But Shay is no fool; she knows a baseless, frivolous attack when she sees one! Denials were made. Friends were defriended. Shay even did the back-pedaling, pouty petulance dance. All to no avail!

The Daily Beast got a hold of the story last week and provided the screen shots. Yikes, you’re thinking! Poor Audra Shay, so close to her political aspirations, foiled by the screen shot of a few misunderstandings. It can happen to anyone, though it seems to mostly happen to Republicans.

But wait! This is the Republican party we’re talking about! There’s still hope for the Young Racist! They’re a big tent, after all! The election for chairman of the Young Republicans is this weekend at their national conference in Indianapolis. We’re all on the edge of our seats. After more denials and vague references to “freedome of speech” (sic), Shay is still in the running for Leader of the Young Republicans tomorrow. There is hope, America!

See, it’s not her fault that she condoned racism.

“Following those revelations, several Young Republican colleagues urged Shay to remove herself from tomorrow’s election at the group’s convention in Indianapolis—a request Shay, the favorite going in to the vote, has pointedly refused. Instead, she said that she was responding to an earlier post from her friend, and labeled criticism against her “political attacks” which “proves that my opponents will stoop to the lowest levels to steal this election from the jaws of victory.””

Yes….political attacks again! Operatives….Aka, thinking people who asked her to not use language like “coon” on her FB account. Sigh. Those mean political attackers, will they stop at nothing? I can only ask, do you suppose these are the same “operatives” who are attacking Palin, Sanford, Ensign, et al? Are are there thousands of them? Oh, boy. Between these operatives and the evil Acorn mafia, I gotta tell ya’, I’m just plain scared all the time.

In what must be starting to seem like a recurring nightmare for the GOP, reality reared its ugly head again in the form of The Daily Beast; the blogger who first reported the story, John Avlon, (damn those bloggers) found even more evidence of Shay condoning racism. And scrubbing it. Which kinda says you know you were wrong. Ouch.

But not to fear. While some fans, such as Bobby Jindal, are keeping their distance now (Bobby being one of the more intellectually astute of the GOP, despite his uncanny likeness to NBC’s Kenneth the Page, first observed in his “As I enter my plantation foyer….wow, are those cameras?” moment in response to Obama’s Congressional address ), I don’t see this as a loss for Audra’s political ambition.

I would suggest to Audra that she spin this around, so that people understand how she is patriotically fulfilling her duty as a Republican and that in fact, being caught condoning racism should be viewed much like an ethics censure or at least an FBI investigation. You don’t have GOP cred until you’re investigated by the Fed! Oh, it’ll fit on a bumper sticker, it must be good! Hey, if quittin’ aint quittin’, well, then…

After all, you can’t be a leader in a party of white supremacists masquerading as Christians if you don’t make email-able jokes about the watermelons growing on the WH lawn or Obama Waffles! C’mon, it’s funny! Well, if you don’t get it, it’s because you don’t get irony. And also, too, to quote Sarah Palin, “Screw political correctness!”

Unless of course you’re David Letterman, in which case, the GOP demands that you demonstrably not screw political correctness, but adhere to all manner of political correctness, as you are leader of political party and….errr…..well, you better not make jokes that make people laugh!

That’s their job. As a party. Sheesh.

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  1. Good post, nah, excellent post! Even though this woman’s racist views have been exposed, she’ll probably be elected head of the Young Republicans tomorrow. They tend to not let a little thing like racism stand in the way of doing what is right.

  2. Beautifully beautifully written. It is uplifting and a relief to have logical clarity at the same time as a very good out-loud laugh. Only this type of literate irony can fully express the absolute inanity of the right and tight republicans. Please keep writing.
    You are helping many of us to stay sane.

  3. I don’t think that it is a question of racism, political correctness, or PMS.

    I think that on the face of this fray, it appears to be yet another Right Wing off-balanced mis-step in the ageless art of political yoga – missing the position and ending up with a foot in the mouth, but the issue here is much greater. Yes, it evokes outrage at her, either stupidity, for her quick response to gain favor with a potential voter, or ignorance to the fact that coon is a derogatory term for a small furry creature in the woods. Either way, bad girl. She should be punished – perhaps with a whip –

    Wait Wait Wait – did I just do the same thing, and reference something dark and seedy that I would like to do to her? …. or was I just referencing a slavery thing… who knows…. I’m both cryptic and hungover…

    But, the bigger issue here is not to be taken on face value –
    It needs to be taken from the value of Facebook.

    How many times does some idiot have to step back and watch their personal world eviscerated by their own personal pictures, comments, or worse, their friend’s pictures and comments.

    Note to all Facebookers…. this shit does not go away.

    Ladies, remember back in the old days – circa 3 years ago, when you could go out, drink Happy Hour Double Margaritas at TGIF with the other medium starched cubicle dwellers… then maybe have one sip too many, and drift into your first pseudo bisexual experience with that hot chick from Human Resources… how she looked into your eyes, and for some reason that freak switch went off and bam! the two of you are doing your best imitation of Raven and Summer (perfunctory stripper names) in that back booth – where “no one” can see you.

    Yeah, you know that creepy guy from IT.
    He saw.
    And, he shot a pic with his kick-ass new phone – and it is now immortalized in all its grainy glory on his Facebook page.

    And guys, remember when you went to your Frat Brother’s bachelor party in Cabo… and all of you forgot that youre now 30, and can’t hang like you could a decade ago – shots, beers, sun etc…. and then you decided it was a great idea to score an 8 Ball and order in some Mexican Hookers “for your boy.” And the next morning, you awoke without a real memory of what took place, but you just can’t seem to shake that pungent odor of , is it chocolate, or maybe sour milk? And then you all have breakfast and just laugh and laugh, ’cause No One Parties Like Alphas and no one can remember… ? Guess what… yes … good guess… Facebook.

    So, to be honest, I couldn’t give a shit about this Audra Shay and her career. If anything, it will be dismissed by the moderates as a mistake, and embraced by the far Right as another reason she is a great future leader of the Party.

    But, the bigger issue here is – no matter what Party you belong to – THERE WILL BE A DUDE WITH A CAMERA THERE!!!!!!

  4. Republicans shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near social media or networking. They just don’t get it. Their desperate need to be liked and to be cool always gets in the way, because they only way they can be cool is to make fun of other people.

    Like the jocks in high school. It never ends, only now it’s not cool anymore.

  5. Geeze, just a little heavy-handed with the sarcasm and snark. It was hard to wade through the entire piece because it was all so damn overdone. Try making your points like an adult, a funny adult, instead of like a teenager who is desperately trying to be hip. That was really lame.

  6. It’s concerning to me that people who are elected officials, who should know better, decided to continue to support Audra, even after she made these racist statements.

    People that not only supported her but continued to run on Audra Shay’s Ticket such as:
    Audra Shay’s Treasurer Candidate – Kelly Arnold, County Clerk – Sedgwick County, Kansas
    Audra Shay’s Auditor Candidate – Dennis Cook, President, Consolidated District 230 Board of Education – Illinois (who is thinking of running for Statewide Office in Illinois)

    I think it is unacceptable to have these elected officials continue to get elected after their support of such behavior from Mrs. Shay. They should resign along with Mrs. Shay.

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