Of Liberals, Obama, and the Pope

President Obama is in Rome for an historic meeting with Pope Benedict XVI. Oh, noes! Cue the freak outs; He’s going to give validity to all of the far right religious extremists and he should never, ever talk to the Talibangelists! He’s a baby-killing sinner who should not be welcomed to the Vatican!!! In case you aren’t aware, it seems the very act of speaking to someone you don’t agree with could be the end!!

The end of what?

Oh, right. The end of W style self-confidence, marked by a faux cowboy swagger and slow drawlin’ scorn that your side is God’s side. The kind of governing which brings about Palin Holy Wars. You know, the sort of people who never doubt themselves. Ever. Gee, thanks but no thanks. How many times do we have to say that? NO THANKS FOR THAT BRIDGE TO NOWHERE.

The President is doing what any sane, rational leader should do. He is open to hearing those he disagrees with. He is not running a theocracy. He knows what he stands for, but is willing to find a common thread of agreement. I dig.

This is, after all, what I voted for. America was built on the founding ideal of separation of church and state — precisely to protect us from the many pitfalls of religious extremism.

Obama’s genius, which we saw in Russia, is that he truly does respect those he disagrees with. Respect goes a long way. I know what I believe and I’m confident that POTUS isn’t going to cave to the religious extremists and start mixing religion and law, so I’m not bothered by his desire to sit down with those he disagrees with.

And speaking of disagreement (but not respect), Chris Korzen –Co-founder and Executive Director, Catholics United, explains how we liberals went wrong and what we were thinking and are thinking and all other kinds of stuff (hey, being a religious leader apparently means you are also a psychic…which is kinda a nice hybrid of religion and witchcraft, so I really feel like we ARE getting somewhere!).

I mean, I was all “gee, isn’t it great that Obama is having this meeting, listening to all”….. until I came across Chris’ interpretation of events:

“Proponents of the “small tent” strategy are livid now that the common ground values which put Democrats back in the White House in the first place are playing a vital role in the Obama government. Many feel that those who harbor moral concerns about abortion don’t deserve a role in helping to craft social policy. More extreme voices write off the values of large swaths of the American public categorically, calling people of faith backward-thinking, dismissing even moderate pro-lifers as woman-haters or terrorists.

That these moderate voters also disdain the divisive tactics of the religious right and are swayable on health care and clean energy is, to the small-tenters, irrelevant. Because they don’t subscribe to the far left’s “do what feels right” dogma, many average Americans aren’t even allowed in the campground.”


Don’cha love the screech of moral superiority, disdain and scorn?

It seems to me like the Catholic church is kinda desperate here; not really in the position to be dictating judgment on the evil liberals who only want to feel good. I mean, the numbers of the Catholic church membership are not exactly growing….

Wondering if that “not throwing stones” bit was is in the Catholic bible? I coulda sworn I read that story whilst attending the tomb-like Catholic school I suffered through until my teacher/nun went nuts and ended up where all morally superior beings belong — in the mental ward — But I could be wrong. I probably got the liberal elite version.

And I confess that I couldn’t possibly have anything of value to offer a discussion of morals, since I instinctively clutch the reigns to my uterus like a desperate drunk holding on to their car keys. All I know is I should never, ever give up control of my uterus. I could forget everything else, but this I know.

Nightmare images of a Handmaid’s Tale and vague references to caged women playing mommy with their Barbie homes keeps me clutching.

Still, I’m reasonable. I’ll listen. I just wish the screeching and the scorning wasn’t involved….Yikes, but it sets my nerves on edge. Still, I’ll find common ground on lots of stuff.

But, not the uterus.

Speaking of how the far left only wants to do what feels good (where did that come from? I wish someone would have told me a long time ago…I thought I was giving up material things to do spiritual things like fighting for justice and freedom! Boy, I was gypped and I’m pissed), what would really feel good right now is just to say….


I do not accept your moral superiority. I do not accept your scorn. I don’t even accept your right to feel disdainful of my position, since you have never listened to it with respect.

I’m still at the table, but I’m not buying the crap.

This is another reason I voted for Obama. He’s a better person than I. Go be good, Obama! You’re doing the right thing so I don’t have to!

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