Glenn Beck Loses His Mind on a Caller Who Argues for Healthcare

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck completely blew up at a caller, who dared to suggest that America needs healthcare reform. When the caller asked Beck what he would do about healthcare, and then mentioned the bailouts, Beck completely lost his mind. Check out the audio.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

After a female caller argued that Beck was wrong on healthcare because people are suffering without it, Beck yelled back, “We are the only country in the world where leaders come from every other country to get healthcare when they can’t get the right kind of healthcare in their own country. We have presidents, we have prime ministers, we have speakers of the parliament in Australia that can’t get the prostate treatments and have to come to this country to get it.”

He continued, “So you’re right, we should adapt all of things, and Canada has a great healthcare, that’s why people are suing. That’s why in Canada they have a lottery. They have a lottery system, who gets to go see a doctor this month in Canada.” Beck then railed about the healthcare system in France that allows non-citizens to get healthcare.

When the caller asked Beck what he would do about healthcare, but she brought up the bailouts and he really blew up, “Kathy, get off my phone. Get off my phone you little pin head. I don’t care you people don’t care about the trillions, get off my phone.”

You know Beck’s rant reminded me of someone else who he regularly brings up on his programs:

The caller said that Beck had no logic, and she said he supported the bailouts, which seemed to be what caused him to go all code red meltdown. Notice Beck could not make a rational argument for healthcare, all he could argue against is socialized medicine, but this isn’t what Obama is proposing. Apparently Kathy had never seen or listened to Glenn Beck, or else she wouldn’t have wasted her time trying to reason with him.

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  1. Isn’t it Glenn Beck’s whole ‘thing’ to lose control of his melodramatic emotions at the drop of a hat, pretty much every episode?

    The question is never if, just what this time, and to what excess.

    He’s not a one-trick pony, he’s a one trick phoney.

  2. While you nit pick the congress is set on putting us in so much debt our children will be servants. When are you folks going to wake up?

  3. Glenn Beck does tend to be a bit dramatic but the caller was totally off the mark with the suggestion that Beck doesn’t care about the stimulus spending. He spends a lot of time on his show complaining about the stimulus spending. The caller should have had a better argument than using a “Sicko” scenario as her reasoning behind supporting Universal Healthcare.

  4. Beck’s mistake and therefore the source of his frustration was: trying to convince a moron who is operating in the subconscious (brainwashed auto-robot) and not the conscious (discerning, free thinking human) of facts. He simply can’t penetrate her liberal programming with any logic. He attempted because he wanted to help the poor lost woman. But remember the old adage: NEVER ARGUE WITH A FOOL, ONLOOKERS MAY NOT BE ABLE TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE.

  5. I must have picked a good ticket then, I wish I knew what my numbers were, maybe I could enter them in the real lottery and win millions…

    I’ve never had to wait more than an hour in an emergency room to get care… I guess there was that one time I tried to make a doctors appointment but he was on vacation so I had to wait a week… Truly horrifying.

    Or how about the time my best friend had a very rare form of leukemia, the medication for which cost about 30,000 cdn/month for the better part of two years. Amazingly enough he isn’t living in a cardboard box… Yes, our evil socialist system paid something in the neighborhood of three quarters of a million dollars to keep him alive. See him today and you’d never know that he had been sick. He never even saw a bill so he doesn’t even have the haunted look of someone who bankrupted himself and his family in exchange for his life.

  6. White, male, middle-aged, and quick to irrational anger when losing arguments. It’s as if their message is ‘Let me yell a little louder so my bankrupt political stance can be better heard circling the sewer drain of history’. Beit Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity, Rush, or whomever fills out the rest of the roster for Grumpy Old WASP Guy mouthpiece, this is the face of conservatism in America today, and it is a sad, ugly picture.

  7. Then why did Farrah Fawcett REGULARLY travel to GERMANY for cancer treatments that were not available here?

  8. Just please ask your congressmen and women and senators to read what they pass…I dont really want government run healthcare…they suck at most things they do. But I only ask that those that are sent to “represent” us actually do so by knowing what they are voting on. Call your “representative” and tell them to simply KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE VOTING ON. If they choose not to read and be knowledgable on what’s before them, then we are not being represented effectively…thats called taxation without representation…cause if they are voting in ignorance…then that is not representation as I see it.

  9. And Beck is a blowhard who knows nothing.

    I am Canadian. I have never paid a penny for emergency care, routine GP or specialist visits or even surgery. I pick my family doctor, and can can show up at a free after hours clinic if I wish to see a doctor after regular office hours. I can go to any hospital (or clinic) in the country, present my medicare card, and receive whatever medical services I may need. I pay taxes to cover this. But not significantly more than I would in the United States.

    If I wish, I can also obtain reasonably affordable private insurance, as an individual or as part of a group, to cover medication and dental costs.

    The quality of care I receive is excellent. Although there are occasional issues with waiting times for elective procedures and referrals to specialists, I would rather know that surgeons are doing heart surgery than breast reductions.

  10. Because they were treatments that were not approved by the FDA for use in the US. There were natural alternative medicines. That’s why she didn’t do it here. She prolly didn’t want the chemo.

  11. “We have presidents, we have prime ministers, we have speakers of the parliament in Australia that can’t get the prostate treatments and have to come to this country to get it.”

    good health care for foreign Presidents and Prime ministers–too bad the American middle class can’t afford it anymore.

  12. Health care in Canada is a mess, the system doesn’t work.

    In fact everything you hear about Canada is absolutely true.

    So please, please, please, save yourself some trouble and stay where you are.

    Do not come to Canada.

    It awful here.


  13. What are you talking about? I always get a doctor very fast, and so does anyone I know. Also, we do not have a lottery system. That is complete BS.

  14. AMEN! :) but of course, majority of the people here have never been outside, never seen what goes on in Europe, and therefore they don’t demend more and simply believe what they hear on tv about US being the best in this/that…while the rich enjoy and poor suffer at the feet of creditors in every way including health care. So sad!

  15. I think he is being ironic :))) hint hint! if you tell everyone how good it is more people will go over there :) not just from the states bordering canada :)

  16. I work every day at my job. when my share of the cost of employer provided care was more than I felt I could afford, I got some cheaper insurance that covers 100% of everything after ten thousand dollars, but that first bit is your responsibility. I then h ad a twenty five thousand dollar claim, and cleaned out my savings paying for my share of it. but I did, and didn’t need the Govt to bail me out. problem in America now is that a majority of the folks see nothing wrong with having care they cant afford as long as more affluent people that earned their fortunes through hard work pay for it. The time is coming when the “rich” rebel and quit spending money, shut down their business, lay off a bunch of people and leave the country. When that happens who will take care of all the entitlement folks.

  17. The problem is, we have so many on medicade, welfare, and other govt. aids, that dont need to be. Drug test everyone that apples. put them through real physical tests. Make them get off their lazy asses, get a damn job, and quit sucking the system dry. We (America) wouldnt be in this shape, if everyone would pull their own load. So many people think the govt owes them something. Most blacks think they are done so wrong, well its because they are looking to be done wrong. Everyone has the same oppertunity here, in America. I believe our last presidental election has proved that.

    Get your ass off of welfare, get a job, quit having babies, so your welfare check will be more……………………………………….

    OH nevermind…………Its too late!!! WE are screwed!!!!!!!!

  18. I bet you’d be quite an industrial superman, too bad you lost all your capital paying for health care.

  19. I heard the broadcast that this blog is written about. Glenn Beck is right. People do come here for quality health care. Our research in medical treatment and medicines is superior to other countries. That is why everything is so costly!!!! You want research and development? It cost money! You want new medicines with less side effects? It cost money! You want quality healthcare? It costs money! We have programs to help the poor and afflicted! It is called Medicaid! What we DO NOT have is an endless supply of people donating money to support the poor and afflicted.

    Our taxes pay for the programs like Medicaid and Medicare. I have a solution. Let’s look at how we spend the money we give to the Government. Let’s do a better job of auditing these agencies and see what kind of ridiculous spending we have. Let’s see who has qualified for Medicaid and why they qualified. If you can’t afford to support or provide for your child then don’t have another! If you don’t want to be a daddy or a mommy then take measures to avoid having a child! If you are irresponsible for yourself then don’t be a despicable human being and force a poor innocent child to suffer at your ignorance. I know there will be those who read these comments and shake their head. I am a Christian. I help those in need by personal donation of time and money. I feel it is the right thing to do and will do it gladly as a Christian. However, don’t rape me with taxes and tell me it is my job as a tax payer. Any of you that want to take care of the indigent, the homeless, the widows and orphans then start helping!!!!!! But, don’t let the government shove their decisions down your throat.

    You want to know how the US Government manages medical treatment? Forget how great or horrible it is in Canada or France, talk to a US Veteran. Ask them how the treatment is in a VA Hospital. Ask them about waiting for surgical procedures or doctor visits. Ask them if they would rather go to a private hospital or a government funded facility.

    We need reform not a redo! Your politicians got us into this mess. We already have governmental regulations on Healthcare companies. They are in place and enforced! The government doesn’t know hot to fix any of this they are guessing at best. Didn’t we learn anything from the Great Depression??? The actions of FDR and the politicians forced the Great Depression to last two years longer than it needed to last! Look at history, many of the other countries were on a road to recovery two years before we were. We are all being suckered by the Elected Officials. They don’t know anymore than we do but we are all sheep lead astray. We deserve everything that we will get. Good luck!

  20. The actions of FDR and the politicians forced the Great Depression to last two years longer than it needed to last!

    Did you wander over here from The corner by mistake?

    Give it a rest. People like you are the laughing stock. You had your chance, and you blew it. There’s no need to listen to what a conservative has to say for the next 50 years.

    When you start making sense, or at the bare minimum, start talking like you have a modicum of intelligence, we’ll start to pay attention to you.

    Until then, you should quit while you’re behind.

  21. He/she hit the nail on the head. Too bad people like YOU refuse to see it. I get tired of seeing these abusers in line at Wal-Mart with their wic and stamps for the food while they pay down the cash for the booze and cigarettes.

  22. Liberals attack those that are right personally because the don’t have a defense for their point of “view”. After all it is our responsibility to work long and hard hours so we can give it to those too lazy to earn their own…

    You want health care then have your leaders give up all their millions and then I’ll listen until then… pay for it yourself.

  23. …, for playing clips showing that this is the very same Glenn Beck that was crying about “the nightmare that is our healthcare system” just 18 months ago, we sure have had a miraculous turnaround under a Democratic-controlled legislature. Now it’s apparently the best system in the world, and those that suggest that there might be something we could learn from other nations that deliver better care and to everyone, for far less less money per capita, are dismissed as socialists and spendaholics that want to ration care and exterminate senior citizens. Yeah, sure, we have some great doctors and specialists… unfortunately 90% of our population has no access to them, even as (as rightly pointed out by Glenn Beck) rich folks from other natiions do..

  24. Just shows how far right we’ve come. Even Nixon was for healthcare reform, but Watergate, ironically, ruined any chance for that at the time. See

  25. What is the tax rate in Canada? Everyone paid for it. Whether they were sick or ever received a dollar worth of medical benefits or not. NOTHING IS FREE!!!!!! It just differs where the money comes from.

  26. She flew to Germany to receive a treatment that had not been approved in America. It was still concidered experimental in the U.S. The top 90 percent of medical inovation comes from the U.S. We just test it a little longer here before we unlease it on the people.

  27. I have never had a problem with getting medical health where i live. May I ask what city you live in? Because in my town everyone I know love the free health care.

    I think united states should hurry up and get out of the stone age. I can’t believe people are still protesting against it lol.


  28. Its funny the party that waves the banner you refer to wants badly to give out all our Countries oil reserves right now,as soon as possible,why are we not concerned about our grand Childrens oil reserves in the ground now?
    Also one might think perhaps if this merry band of Obstructionists would themselves have been been vigilant on paying down debt and perhaps leaving a surplus,like Clintons administration did.What did Bush leave us? $11 trillion in debt…
    ELEVEN TRILLION $$$$$. We had an economic boom like we have not seen in some time,did Bush pay down our debt? Nope,we borrowed more and more every year even though our boom was full bore.
    Let me ask you,from my point of view can you not see how the majority of Americans think your statement is absurd? You see we hear that statement almost daily,it’s not new.We started hearing that statement weeks before Obama took office,why repeat this statement over and over? IT’S CALLED PROPAGANDA.
    Next time you hear how badly Obama is doing remember Bush/Cheney did all this and more during an economic boom.
    BTW,when you hear about raising your taxes,unless you were rich enough to get a tax cut you will not see you taxes raised.
    The wealth redistribution you hear about has been under way since Bush took office,,,the middle class lost wealth,wage,savings every year Bush was in power,the wealthy gained each and every year he was in office.
    That was your wealth redistribution.
    You know we only have X amount of dollars,when the ultra wealthy have such huge gains in wealth the limited amount of dollars had to come from somewhere,
    it came from us,the middle class.My entire family now pay a much higher tax rate then the wealthiest Americans,,,Bush badly hurt the middle class!!!
    PLEASE if you feel I mislead you in any way please research what I said.
    Thank you

  29. The wealth redistribution you hear about has been under way since Bush took office,,,the middle class lost wealth,wage,savings every year Bush was in power,the wealthy gained each and every year he was in office.

  30. If you go to a hospital without health insurance, they will send you a bill for about triple or quadruple what they would get paid from an insurance company. I had cancer and was receiving radiation on a daily basis. A week after beginning treatment, I received a bill for $50,000 approximately, per day from treatments that I had already received. I was horrified as I had health insurance. I called the billing department to inquire about my account and and they mistakenly did not send my claims to my insurance company. My insurance actually paid about a quarter of the billable amount as that is what they are contracted to do. That would be something like 12,000 per day instead of 50,000. I would not have been able to receive radiation if I did not have insurance. However, is there something corrupt about billing a patient 4 times the amount BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE? It seems like the hospital billers love to send out over inflated bills and then tell you that it is due in 60 days. And that is when you are at your sickest. Are they trying to make a profit off of the people that don’t have the insurance to pay. Keep in mind that insurance companies do not like paying for you health treatments either!!!

    When my daughter was born, I received a bill $500 dollars for a circumcision. An unnecessary procedure that requires a conscent form by the parent. Keep in mind that WE DON’T CIRCUMCISE FEMALES, and optional only for males.

    It seems like the hospital billing departments are a bit trigger happy when send out the bills to us poor working class slobs, then we have to work hard to look into how much we are overcharged on our bill.

    I currently do not have health insurance and so far I have maintained my health. Looks like the hospital is not going to hit the jackpot should I have a recurrence. I do not plan on bankrupting my family and actually think more people should consider alternative health therapies, which by the way, insurance companies won’t pay for anyway. How long are the hospital going to have a field day with their billing practices? Who monitors the rationale for overbilling patients? Especially the one’s least able to pay?

    This is the wonderful healthcare system that we CURRENTLY have. Get well soon.

  31. See, look what happens when people don’t get the full audio.

    You guys just cut out what you wanted everyone to hear, but they didn’t get to listen to the entire thing.

    How about you guys who are hearing this go and listen to the full one, which can be found here:

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