Glenn Beck Loses His Mind on a Caller Who Argues for Healthcare

Last updated on August 10th, 2014 at 05:13 pm

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck completely blew up at a caller, who dared to suggest that America needs healthcare reform. When the caller asked Beck what he would do about healthcare, and then mentioned the bailouts, Beck completely lost his mind. Check out the audio.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

After a female caller argued that Beck was wrong on healthcare because people are suffering without it, Beck yelled back, “We are the only country in the world where leaders come from every other country to get healthcare when they can’t get the right kind of healthcare in their own country. We have presidents, we have prime ministers, we have speakers of the parliament in Australia that can’t get the prostate treatments and have to come to this country to get it.”

He continued, “So you’re right, we should adapt all of things, and Canada has a great healthcare, that’s why people are suing. That’s why in Canada they have a lottery. They have a lottery system, who gets to go see a doctor this month in Canada.” Beck then railed about the healthcare system in France that allows non-citizens to get healthcare.

When the caller asked Beck what he would do about healthcare, but she brought up the bailouts and he really blew up, “Kathy, get off my phone. Get off my phone you little pin head. I don’t care you people don’t care about the trillions, get off my phone.”

You know Beck’s rant reminded me of someone else who he regularly brings up on his programs:

The caller said that Beck had no logic, and she said he supported the bailouts, which seemed to be what caused him to go all code red meltdown. Notice Beck could not make a rational argument for healthcare, all he could argue against is socialized medicine, but this isn’t what Obama is proposing. Apparently Kathy had never seen or listened to Glenn Beck, or else she wouldn’t have wasted her time trying to reason with him.

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