Joe the Plumber: Capitalism is an American Right Under the Constitution

Joe the Plumber spoke yesterday at a tea party in Wisconsin where he called himself a dumb plumber who understands the Constitution. He demonstrated his understanding by saying, “Capitalism is evil, at least that’s what they’d have us believe. It’s not evil. It’s our right as Americans.”Capitalism is an economic system, not a right.

The non-plumber said, “Capitalism is evil — at least that’s what they’d have us believe. It’s not evil. It’s our right as Americans. They want to shove health care down our throats right now. That’s just not the right way to go, people. Talk about the kind of money they want to spend on health care, which hasn’t worked in any other country that has socialized health care. American people are going to have to stand up and say no.”

Voter registration numbers be damned because Joe the Plumber claims that Republicans are the majority in this country, “We’re the majority, but we’re so disenchanted with politics as usual that we don’t get out and vote.” No, the problem is that the GOP is the minority, and they have alienated the Independent voters that they need support from in order to win elections.

For good measure, Sam/Joe also said that he has no problem with torturing someone to save American lives. In fact, “I’ll do it myself. I will make no apologies.” I don’t understand the logic behind calling a healthcare plan socialism, when it leaves the existing market in place, and only wishes to encourage competition. In my view, this is not socialism.

People will not have to give up their doctors, or change anything if they like their current healthcare situation. The fact is the health insurance industry is trying to discourage competition by spreading fear about a public option. Only in the minds of Republicans can a bill that encourages competition be labeled socialism.

One last point, Joe the Plumber seems to be confusing capitalism with democracy. Capitalism is not constitutionally protected, democracy is. It can be argued that capitalistic system flourish best in democracies, but China’s economic success, makes this a debatable point too. As a general rule though, democratic freedoms help a capitalistic economy. The point is that democracy is a system of government and capitalism is an economic system. They aren’t the same thing.

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2 Replies to “Joe the Plumber: Capitalism is an American Right Under the Constitution”

  1. If they don’t understand the subject any better than dumb Joe the ersatz plumber, he can link together any number of unrelated things he wants, and they will go along with it because it sounds like what they think they want to hear. Accuracy be damned. Real numbers be damned. Factual details about the failures of our health system compared to thoe of other industrialized countries be damned.

    Anyone else notice a pattern here? Or, should I say…. ‘hear’?

  2. First of all Joe-Bob, Socialized healthcare HAS worked in other countries. Secondly, “capitalism” works only at the initial “predatory” stages of a developing society. If you want PURE capitalism, you’ll have to revert to a feudal society. In those days, when Europe was still a collection of warring tribes, the man with the “capital” had all the power. Those would be the feudal lords and kings. It was the ultimate “free enterprise” system. You could do whatever your little heart desired, as long as you could rape, pillage, destroy, or burn down the other guys castle. If not, you were free to work for the feudal lord…for scraps.

    Mature, developed societies establish infrastructures with laws, codes an rules to protect it’s citizenry from each other. In some form or another, all advanced social structures (developed nations) employ varying degrees of socialism to protect themselves.

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