Pat Buchanan Outs Sarah Palin on Hardball

Pat Buchanan defends Palin’s media whine with a Freudian Slip and opens Pandora’s Box. Oopsie, Pat.

Pat Buchanan figured it was just another day on “Hardball” with Chris Matthews, defending the brilliance and relevance of the apple of his eye…oops, I mean, the apple of his party, Sarah Palin. But this particular time Pat opened his mouth, Freud reared his mind over tongue theory, and now the ball is a rollin’.

Now, I don’t watch Pat Buchanan because his screeching voice sets my nerves on edge and in this world of Republican craziness, a girl just can’t afford to give them an advantage like that. So, it was with great dedication and service for my country that I pressed play on this particular clip.

Oh, I love Chris at times like this. No one gets to the nitty gritty like Chris. Remember when he went after the Republican who didn’t know WWII history during the campaign last fall? Just thinking about it makes me giddy. So, I know this is gonna be worth the pain. Here we go, Buckle up, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride:

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MATTHEWS: Pat, can you think of something that the media, the national media, has reported about her that‘s not true? She talks about how our fighting forces overseas—and we‘re all for them—how we have to do them the favor, basically, or the honor of not telling bad stories about her. What has been said that‘s not true by the media about Sarah Palin? What‘s she talking about?

BUCHANAN: Well, I don‘t know. When it started off—I don‘t know where the source was—the allegation was floating all over the place, reported by the media, that Bristol‘s child—rather, the child she was born with, with Down syndrome, was actually Bristol Palin‘s. It was a horrible, ugly thing. And I think that‘s wounded her. There‘s no doubt her…

MATTHEWS: Well, who was reporting that in the media, “The New York Times,” “The Washington Post,” the networks?

BUCHANAN: Well, I was hearing it—well, look…

MATTHEWS: I never heard anybody report that.

BUCHANAN: Mike Barnicle, quite frankly, was one of the fellows who was telling me about it when we were out there in Denver. But Chris, she can answer that thing.

So…nothin’ to see here. Just another Republican lie. Another fable gone bad when mean ole Chris Matthews asked for facts. None of the media reported on the Trig scandal. No one had brought it up until last night, Pat, when you so conveniently touted Bristol Palin’s baby being born with Down’s Syndrome as proof that the Poujadist Princess had been run outta Juneau, in spite of her best efforts to rule. He must have meant to say Sarah Palin’s baby, since his entire point was that the media was reporting that Trig was not her child, but rather Bristol’s. Ouch. However, the only time Pat heard about it was when some dude told him about it (!!!) in Denver. Ok…See, that wasn’t on the air, Pat. None of US heard about it. Until now. Capiche?

Not one to be shamed easily, Pat had no problem holding the line. Tell me another bedtime fairytale, Uncle Pat. I got a few I want to share with you, too, about some good people whose lives were threatened after an evil Snow Queen told her Kindgom that they were “pallin’ around with terrorists”, but I digress.

Yes, complete with Freudian slip and all, Pat Buchanan outed his sweetie’s lie about the MSM (and perhaps some other really ugly lies, but really, I can only handle so much sober). And now that he has, the rest of the MSM has free reign to follow up by reporting on the Wild Ride, the rumors regarding the fact that the hospital has no official announcement record of Trig’s birth, the fact that she never put a stop to the rumors by supplying a birth certificate for Trig (these questions were brought up by ADN readers and a journalist who was trying to help her by putting an end to the rumor) and the fact that this was a rumor long before she was “tapped” (love her word choices) as VP candidate. Rumors, I tell ya’, rumors! Where did I hear it? Uncle Pat. And then the googles for clarification. Thanks, Pat.

Frankly, I don’t care whether or not she gave birth to Trig. The personal lives of the Wasilla Hillbillies are just too complicated for this girl to digest. I come from the Midwest — you know, real America? So this is all too much for me. But after hearing her version of the Wild Ride, there are legitimate questions to pose a potential Presidential candidate, no?

Questions about judgment. Like, gee, you were pregnant with a special needs child, your water broke, and then you decided to fly all the way back to Alaska from Texas (involving a plane change), and then bypass one (or two?) hospitals on your drive home so that you could get to the hospital in Wasilla, where the doctor who treated you did not specialize in high risk pregnancies?

Ok. I’d like to hear the reasoning behind that one. Especially if you’re suggesting you have your hand anywhere near the Red Button, because right now, it does not say “calm, good under stress, considers all angles before making decision”. It says, “erratic, emotional and does not take others’ safety into account” at the very least. But then, I’m pesky about things like decision-making processes of my elected officials. Eight years of the Great Gutster will do that to a person. Sigh.

Pat was none too concerned with any of this, though. Even after his Freudian slip, “that Bristol‘s child—rather, the child she was born with, with Down syndrome, was actually Bristol Palin‘s,” he valiantly carried on with his lover’s task of blind adulation.

It’s so sad when your fan club turns on you like this. Bad Uncle Pat!!

Lest you think the crazy was contained to Fables of Evil Media, I’ll leave you with Pat’s strategy suggestions re Palin:

BUCHANAN: “But right now, if you‘re talking 2010, yes, she‘s on the right course. You get yourself a good rally speech and you use it like Nixon did in 1966.


BUCHANAN: He wasn‘t out there boring the country with one-hour press conferences on health care.

Oh, Pat.

Yes, those pesky one hour press conferences on stupid issues like American lives. Pffft. Who needs it! We’d rather buy a bumper sticker, Pat! Sing us a jingle! Drill, baby, drill!

Lie to me, Republicans. I promise, I’ll believe.

27 Replies to “Pat Buchanan Outs Sarah Palin on Hardball”

  1. “The personal lives of the Wasilla Hillbillies are just too complicated for this girl to digest. I come from the Midwest — you know, real America? So this is all too much for me.”
    I live on the West Coast. I can understand how you trailer trash in the Midwest can get confused easily. Don’t worry. Nobody important really pays attention to what you think.

  2. You libs keep hammering away at the true parentage of Sara Palins youngest and make yourselves look worse than the right wing “Birthers”. Hospital records prove the parentage. No one would have forged the doccuments. It is a matter of public record.

  3. Re: Trig Palin

    There are no birth announcements in any Alaska newspapers.

    No birth certificate has ever been produced.

    No hospital medical records have ever been produced.

    No medical bills, receipts or invoices have ever been produced.

    No birth day, in the hospital mother and child photos have ever been produced.

    It would take Sarah Palin just seconds to prove to the world that she gave birth to Trig Palin. She has not because she cannot.

  4. Palin has never released the birth records, birth certificate, nothing nada. We are supposed to believe everything that she says, according to her the only liars are the media.

  5. Sarah Palin is a liar and fraud.

    Sarah Palin was NOT pregnant in 2008 and she is NOT the bio mother of Trig.

    It is as simple as that.

  6. The majority of people have NOT heard about “babygate” because it is NEVER mentioned by anyone in MSM. I did not know anything about Palin’s fake pregnancy until I happened to stumble across Palin’s Deceptions sometime after the election. It was never mentioned on television news or in newspapers.

    To this day, it is rare that you can get any comment past the moderators even on Huffington Post. Furthermore, the subject is taboo among any Palinistas or Palinbots and if it is mentioned, they quickly shoot it down with Trig’s supposed birth date of 4-18-08 and Bristol “about 5 months pregnant” at the RNC. That alleged birth date had many or all of us at Palin’s Deceptions thrown off until we realized Trig was born much earlier.

    Desperate Housewives episodes of Bree’s fake pregnancy gave Sarah the inspiration to fake her pregnancy with Trig:

    Pat Buchanan opened the door by mentioning babygate on Hardball when no one else on TV or newspapers has allowed it. Thanks Uncle Pat! This is like a Grandpa Heath moment when he told the reporter about the water breaking in Texas. Shhhh!

    This is a prime opportunity for MSM to swing the door wide open.

  7. Perfect! A tip of the hat is in order for poor old Dan Quayle. Prior to Governor Palin’s nomination as vice-presidential candidate ten months ago, he was generally regarded as the very worst choice of a running mate in living memory. All that has changed. Compared to Sarah, Danny boy is starting to look like Albert Einstein.

    E=M.C. Hammer.

    I guess the time has come for all of us breathe a collective sigh of relief. But for the mysterious workings of fate, President McCain would at this minute be snoozing away in the White House and this idiotic woman would be a seventy-three-year-old heartbeat away from the Oval Office. Regardless of one’s political viewpoint or party affiliation, it must be admitted that we really dodged a bullet with the defeat of the McCain/Unable ticket last November. Had these two been inaugurated on January 20, the law of averages virtually guaranteed that at some point between the years 2009 and 2013 this country would have been stuck with President Gidget von Braun.

    In his column a couple of weeks ago in the Washington Post, Richard Cohen suggested that John McCain’s judgement should be put into question for making such an abysmal choice when he chose Governor Palin. Much as I admire Cohen as a writer, his assessment isn’t quite fair. McCain’s first two choices were former Pennsylvania governor Tom Ridge or that doofus Joe Lieberman. It was the Right Wing extremists who control the Republican party that forced Sarah Palin down his throat.

    Instead of focusing a glare of condemnation toward John McCain, the real target of our collective wrath should be aimed at the “grand old party” itself. Think about that for a minute: So far down the ideological deep end has that party fallen, the prospect of a probable Sarah Palin presidency seemed to most of them a perfectly fine and dandy idea. A new Gallup poll has just been released: Seventy-one percent of registered Republicans would be “likely” to vote for her if she runs in 2012. Medications, please.

    What, you may well ask, is her motivation for committing political suicide by abandoning the office that the people of Alaska entrusted to her care two years ago? When NBC’s Andrea Mitchell suggested to her that after ten months in the national limelight, the comparative drudgery of her duties as governor might have started to seem boring, Sarah Palin responded in words that should be etched in granite at the base of Mount Rushmore:

    “The nitty-gritty, like, you mean the fish slime and the dirt under the fingernails and stuff that’s me?”

    Brilliant. Someone hand me my chisel.

    Why did she resign? She says that as a lame duck governor she won’t be as effective as she would like to be. The fact that she expects the voters of Alaska to swallow this nonsense without a chaser shows the utter contempt she must feel toward the people she was sworn to serve.

    Does she really believe that she has a shot at the nomination three years from now? The answer (unbelievably) is yes. Tom DeFrank of the New York Daily News put it well: The woman has “delusions of adequacy”. The pundits (most of them anyway) are starting to compare her rambling “farewell press conference” to Dick Nixon’s infamous tirade when he lost the California governor’s race in 1962 (”You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore”). Some are even daring to suggest that, like Tricky Dick, she will ultimately be victorious. The only problem with that scenario is the fact that there are slightly over one-hundred things that separate Sarah Palin from Richard Milhaus Nixon: I.Q. points.

    What else were her motivations for quitting? Money. She knows damned well that there is a nice chunk of change to be made in the lower forty-eight and that getting from there to here is an expensive and time-consuming process that infringes upon her gubernatorial responsibilities. Were you aware that the distance between Fairbanks and Washington is almost as great as the distance between Washington and London? What to do? To hell with her constituents and head off to the land of the golden goose.

    When asked what her future plans were, she said that she will continue to work overtime for the people of Alaska. I’m willing to bet anyone that in the next twelve months, most – if not all of her time – will be spent in New York and Washington. Any takers?

    The next three years will find her cashing in on her status as a….uhh….well, whatever her status just might be. Count on her making a national speaking tour for at least one-hundred thousand dollars a pop. A radio talk show? Probably. A gig on FOX Noise? That’s almost inevitable. There is a fortune to be made here and she’s not about to let something as trivial as her oath of office prevent her from making it.

    Does she really have a shot at the nomination in three years? I sure hope so. That would be too good to be true.


    You go, girl!

    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY

  8. In case anyone gets confused, I want to defend West Coasters, as I also used to be one. The only people who think that all West Coasters think Midwesterners are
    “trailer trash” are the folks who are being brain-washed to vote against their own best interests. It’s an ironic twist on a bitter nothing.

    Furthermore, your immediate jump to “trailers” as the source of the trouble is interesting. See, I don’t have anything against trailers. They’re portable, practical and a good use of space typically. And heavens, I’ve got nothing against hillbillies, unless I’m going to write off a huge part of my extended family (I’m not).

    The term Hillbilly is often employed as short hand for someone who is out of touch, who has never been anywhere near the industry he or she seeks to enter. The Wasilla Hillbilly term was first used by a McCain aide who was saying that “the Wasilla Hillbillies” looted Neiman Marcus “from coast to coast”. Clearly, Palin didn’t see a lot of Neimans and she got excited and spent a lot of someone else’s money she wasn’t supposed to spend. The dig isn’t “hillbilly” as in a real hillbilly. It’s a reference to spatially being far away from industry type action (and good shopping, apparently, according to Palin), like one would be in say, Wasilla Alaska. See?

    The liberal elites who called Palin a Wasilla Hillbilly were actually Republican aides. The sad truth is that most of the really dirty stuff aimed at Palin comes from her own party. But what can you expect from a party which practices Rovian politics to the extent that it spread a rumor about McCain having a black baby so Bush could get the nomination? Ugly and brutal — that’s how they play. And they have a stake in Palin not running in 2012, because, of course, she can’t win. But they can’t say that out loud, because it alienates the base. It’s a heck of position. If I were a Palin fan, I’d be watching my own party the hardest.

    Just FYI from a former LA resident, who is much too liberal to judge anyone based on where they live or what they live in.

    I wrote “I come from the Midwest”, meaning I live there no longer. If I told you that I now live in the South, you’d probably faint and I don’t want that to happen.

  9. Should Sarah ever again think of running for office, the truth about Trig will certainly be an issue. Sarah has been falsely taking credit for refraining from aborting, and instead choosing to give birth to, a Down syndrome child. Whether or not the child was Bristol’s is moot. Sarah did not carry that child, the one she so blatantly exploited to get her ticked validated with the anti-abortion camp, in her own belly.

    There’s no evidence for it (besides her own say-so) and a whole lot of evidence against it. Find one newspaper birth announcement, or hospital announcement; find any medical records showing pre-natal care or amniocentesis results; how about a birth certificate? (Uh oh, Trig can’t be President one day!)

    There are dozens of pictures of a clearly not-pregnant Sarah taken between December 2007 and April 18, 2008 (Trig’s supposed birthday) and only one picture, sandwiched in between the not-pregnant ones, where she sports a belly — and this image was not in the public domain until she accepted the nomination and had to dispel the rumors one way or another. That she tried to imply she was Trig’s mother because Bristol couldn’t have been demonstrated nothing except her callous disregard for her own daughter.

    Why the ‘official’ press has not gone further with this might be explained by their squeamishness about dealing with this topic. Chances are, though, the boatload of other Sarah scandals and shortcomings gave them plenty to talk about. The investigative bloggers, however, have kept researching the birth hoax and the body of knowledge has grown significant in size. At some point the truth will out.

    “So it was great, I was only pregnant a month.” ~ Sarah Palin

  10. Sarah Palin is a proven and demonstrable liar. That is fact.

    Therefore, everything she says and all her actions must be questioned. She has not provided one shred of real proof that she gave birth to Trig Palin. None.

    Heck, even that crazy black man in the White House coughed up a birth certificate! Why is it so hard then for Sarah Palin to prove she gave birth to Trig?

    Heck, the most joyous day in history is when I gave birth to my son and would bite, scratch and claw anyone who said that I didn’t – and I would prove to them that I did give birth to him because I love my child.

    What’s Sarah’s excuse?
    Um, because she doesn’t want anyone to know the truth that she didn’t really have him.

  11. Pat buchanan is not a liberal and he is the only person who said Trig was Bristol’s.

    The issue is her judgment, though I suspect that with all of the birther nonsense, people who see a birth certificate and a birth announcement and still don’t know what to think, Palin should be prepared to at least show a birth certificate for Trig.

    Apparently that’s just par for the course now. The fact that she won’t do it is quite odd. Once again, she doesn’t deign to respond to the people. Only Sarah can ask questions.

  12. Sarah Jones is either a pathetic liar or the most ill-informed writer in the country. Jones writes: “None of the media reported on the Trig scandal.” That statement is patently and demonstrably false. In August, 2008, Andrew Sullivan of “The Atlantic” wrote extensively about whether Bristol Palin was the actual mother of Trig. On September 1, 2008, Chris Cillizza, in his regular column “The Fix” in the Washington Post, devoted a column to the issue. On September 24, 2008, Howard Kurtz addressed the rumors in his Washington Post column. In January, 2009, CNN repeatedly ran a story in which Gov. Palin herself slammed the media for perpetuating the rumors about Trig being Bristol’s son. The list goes on and on. In addition, hundreds of blog entries by liberal bloggers, including Wonkette’s blog, not only speculated on the matter, but flatly accused Palin of covering up the fact that Trig is Bristol’s son. But Sarah Jones never heard it until Pat Buchanan mentioned it to Chris Matthews. Ms. Jones, you are either a pathological liar or are so badly informed you have zero credibility as a writer. I opt for the former. You are but another liberal inflicted with Palin Derangement Syndrome for which you need serious psychological help.

    Craig Sanders
    Oklahoma City, OK

  13. Dude, it doesn’t matter what you say, the MSM has NOT covered this story – only bloggers have. There is a huge difference between bloggers and the main stream media, in case you haven’t noticed.

    Compare MSM coverage of the Obama “Birther” issue to Palin’s “pregnancy’. There is no comparison in the amount of coverage.

    Strange how the Palinistas ignore reality and base everything on faith when it comes to the Iconic Saint Sarah of Wasilla and the Holy Special Needs Baby.

    The words they use should actually be directed at themselves and Sarah Palin – she is the proven liar.

  14. Apparently, yet you felt compelled to write… it got your attention, but you’re not important, I guess.


    Go Ms. Jones – you’re doing great.

  15. Dear Craig,

    May I commend you on leaving your name on such a post? That takes a lot of something…:-) Now, you’ll be glad to know that I’m not as sensitive as some, so I’m not going to get all huffy regarding your allegations as to my intentions, truthfulness, or mental health.

    But, listen, Craig, I simply can’t agree with some of your arguments. I’ll break it down as follows:

    The usual use of the term MSM implies the corporate owners who have an agenda and own the MSM outlets; e.g., widely read newspapers and TV networks, cable TV with larger followings. There are basically four or five large media congloms. A refresher on what a MSM attack looks like would be the Blago coverage. He was considered guilty before evidence was presented and it was all over the news. You could not escape it. That is hardly the case here. MSM did not attack Sarah Palin on this issue.

    Gov Palin bringing the issue up herself on CNN is not exactly the MSM’s fault; That’s Palin’s poor judgment rearing its head again.

    “Liberal blogs” are not MSM, friend. Oh, how we wish they were! But let’s say, for the sake of argument they were; that would imply that the USA is a center-left country. I’ll take that if that’s the way you want to go.

    I don’t consider “The Atlantic” MSM, neither did Chris Matthews or Pat Buchanan, apparently, since they didn’t bring these articles up — and indeed, their own writers do not consider “The Atlantic “to be MSM, since they’ve been known to write about the horrors of MSM. To conflate an article in “The Atlantic” with MSM attacks is a real reach.

    As far as the two articles you cited from the “Washington Post”, I haven’t read them and wasn’t aware of them. Neither had Pat Buchanan, apparently. That’s really no reason to call me a liar, but say what you will. I guess you’re also calling Pat Buchanan a liar? Not a great strategy….will there be anyone left?

    Frankly, I fail to see how these few instances you cite can reasonably be construed as attacks by MSM against Palin on this issue. The fact of the matter is that the average American had not heard of these things via MSM until Pat brought it up last night. The only other time it was covered on MSM was on CNN when Palin herself brought it up, according to you (I haven’t seen that footage).

    It looks like there’s some serious problems within the Republican party, as they are the only people bringing this up in MSM. Nothing to get mad at us about.

    Gee, if President Obama were that sensitive, he wouldn’t be able to get much done. I mean, every news outlet out there is covering “issue” of the birth certificate he so kindly presented many months ago, and yet he manages to continue governing. Can you explain why Sarah could not continue governing under the less-intense scrutiny of a scant three articles?

    It’s a conundrum, for sure. I, for one, like to think the people we elect to govern can handle more than a few articles questioning them as a candidate or elected official.

    And I think it’s very legitimate to question Palin’s judgment, esp as it pertains to choosing to fly after her water broke. That can endanger other people’s lives on an airplane, not to mention the special needs baby she was carrying. To claim that is not a legitimate issue for the unborn child is quite simply indefensible. It all comes down to judgment.

    I’m afraid we’re going to have to disagree re your accusation that I suffer from PDS (just wondering, since you wrote that on a liberal blog, have you attacked me in MSM? Or do I have to attack myself in order to qualify for Official Victimhood? It gets confusing…). See, I think PDS stands for the cult her followers enter. They are easy to ID, for their bitterness, resentment, and aversion to facts and reason. This is often disguised by puerile attempts at name-calling and accusations meant to discredit the person questioning the Cult Leader.

    Sarah Palin has a very undemocratic manner of not answering questions and indeed, forbidding transparency when she has sworn to provide it. She’s not above being questioned by the people. That’s what is happening here. You’re welcome to stick around, but it isn’t going to stop.

  16. Gotta love how conservatives label all “questions” and “disagreements” with their idols (by the way, isn’t that idolatry?) derangement.

    I’m waiting for any conservative to come out (pun very much intended) and call their own party out on their Obama Derangement Syndrome.

    Come on, do it!

  17. Personally, I don’t give a flip who Trig’s mother is. What I do care about is that anyone would actually support such a whackjob, egotistical, nonsensical dingbat like Sarah Palin. Seriously? If you want to follow a Republican of some sort, fine, whatever. There are plenty from which to choose. But Sarah Palin? That’s just psychotic. *Shudder*

  18. The best site is Palingates.

    Palingates is so well organized and categorized with the many “gates” of Sarah Palin, whether it is Babygate, Religiongate, Housegate, Troopergate, etc. Regina’s articles are marvelous and her research is phenomenal!

    From Palingates you can link from the Blog List to: Palin’s Deceptions, Hypocrites and Heffalump Traps, The Immoral Minority, Theopalinism and a fairly new site Bree Palin.

    I have been following Palin’s Deceptions since January 2009, but unless you have followed along every day, it is easy to get lost and confused. Audrey and the PD team have done a great job locating pictures, videos and documents but it is difficult to go back and locate a particular picture, etc. unless you made your own notes. I have often suggested PD make a chronological numbered list of the pictures/documents to correspond with a numbered list of the facts describing the picture or document. Until that is done, people unfamiliar or questioning the fake pregnancy will still be confused by the many smokescreens and lies concocted by Sarah Palin.

    Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy of Trig. Why? What was so terrible as to make her think that faking a pregnancy was the BETTER option than to admit her 16 year old daughter got pregnant?! We may never know for sure, but if Palin had simply acknowledged Trig as her first grandson, neither she nor Bristol would have had the glaring speculations of who fathered Trig. It would simply have been “a private family matter”. I guess Sarah Palin still lived in the age of dinosaurs, thinking she was the only mother whose teen daughter got pregnant! Twice.

    The only reason to pursue the issue of Palin faking a pregnancy is to prove her bizarre judgment and that she consistently lies to cover up anything that she perceives as embarrassing or negative. Palin should not be in any position of public trust, especially at a national level. John McCain caved to the pressure of the political dominionists to put Sarah Palin on the ticket as VP. If you are as unfamiliar as I was about Sarah Palin’s political dominionists, be sure to go to: and
    Sarah Palin does not scare me, it is the frightening people who placed her into a position that would have been a heartbeat away from the Presidency of the United States of America!

  19. I have often suggested PD make a chronological numbered list of the pictures/documents to correspond with a numbered list of the facts describing the picture or document.

  20. “As far as the two articles you cited from the “Washington Post”, I haven’t read them and wasn’t aware of them. Neither had Pat Buchanan, apparently. That’s really no reason to call me a liar, but say what you will. I guess you’re also calling Pat Buchanan a liar? Not a great strategy….will there be anyone left?”

    Oh, as the original grandpa pitchfork, Uncle Pat is safe with these guys. They are HIS people, just like they are Palin’s. With his white nationalist ramblings and the fact that he’s Stormfront’s favorite mainstream conservative, it actually WOULD be a great strategy if they finally disavowed this creep…but they won’t. Stop acting like it would, you know better. Other than that, though, I agree with your post. I’m not hostile IRL to these people, you meet them a lot, but on the internet they’re so smug and rude. She is an anti-intellectual cult leader. I’m not sure I’m bought on the whole “Trig-birther” thing, but you have to wonder why she won’t release those documents. What does their precious Virgin Mary have to hide?

  21. Pat Buchanan rocks. Don’t understand why the dems don’t like him. Opposes the war. Supports the American worker by opposing off-shoring, NAFTA, and illegal immigration on a massive scale. I guess that’s the answer, today’s dems embrace unconstitutional immoral war, and like destroying the American worker. For shame.

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