Limbaugh Tells Old People they will Be Euthanized under Obama Healthcare

Today on his radio show Rush Limbaugh, went into full let’s scare some old people about healthcare mode, as he told his elderly listeners that their medical costs were too high. “Limbaugh said people at a certain age with certain diseases will be deemed not worth the investment…” He laid out his vision of stopping healthcare by mobilizing the elderly against it.

Here is Rush discussing what he thinks the GOP strategy should be:

Here is the fear mongering:

Limbaugh said, “People at a certain age with certain diseases will be deemed not worth the investment, and they will just as Obama said, they’d give them some pain pills, and let them loop out till they die and they don’t even know what’s happened. It will be rationed. You’re not going to be able to choose your doctor. Probably after a while, will not be able to hold on to your private insurance or your current insurance, which is all by design, but they are going to be able to regulate call you a risk based on do you smoke, do you not smoke. How far do you drive to work? Do wear polyester, it’s more flammable. They could get ridiculous, but that’s who these people are, and that’s the kind of control they want.”

I hope people realize that all of the above statements that Limbaugh made about healthcare reform aren’t true. It isn’t going to kill the elderly. You will still be able to keep your insurance and choose your own doctor. Healthcare isn’t going to be rationed. You know, Limbaugh’s rant reminded me that Soylent Green was TCM last Saturday, and I think he must have watched it.

In the healthcare version of the sci-fi classic Limbaugh is Charlton Heston’s Thorn character defending Soylent Green as good for you. Rush would be screaming soylent green isn’t people, just as he is saying our healthcare system isn’t broken. Limbaugh, like most Republicans describes a system where there is nothing standing between the patient and the doctor.

However, I can tell you from firsthand experience that my insurance company comes between me and my doctor constantly. On numerous occasions my doctor has prescribed medication for me only to have my insurance company deem the medicine to be too expensive, so they refuse to pay. They problem with the current system is that medical decisions are being made by the insurance companies on the basis of cost. The insurance company, not my doctor, often determines the type and quality of my care.

Rush is living in a fantasy land if he thinks that Republicans can win by saying no to healthcare. If healthcare goes down to defeat, Republicans will take the blame, and they will be hammered at the polls in 2010 and 2012. The vast majority of Americans want healthcare reform, and I think that the Republicans are going to go home in August and get an earful from their constituents.

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  2. only the very privileged, who by the way are sitting pretty with the best health care and money to buy what their insurance may not cover, could even suggest that there is something we need to be fearful of with public health insurance. Yes, it’s true Dorothy, you might not get your own hospital room with 1200 thread count linen if EVERYONE has health care! Oh, shudder me silly! The horror!

    Rationing? So, do they ration the soldier’s health care? Only take care of those least likely to die, or do they somehow manage to care for all of the elected officials and veterans, but the Republicans are sure that if the REST of us get put on the system, things will really get gummed up? So, public health care is good enough for our vets (who fight every day so Sarah Palin can say and do whatever she wants), but not good enough for the rest of us? What ever happened to the Republican’s love for the “real Americans”???? The people???? Oh, gee. I’m shocked, I tell ya’. Shocked.

    Pssst Republicans:


    Please call your representatives to tell them you want them to pass a public option. You can tell them you aren’t worried about thread counts of sheets in your hospital bed….You just want the same health insurance they have.

  3. care plan but it says very plainly that when you are dropped by your insurance company you will not be allowed to get another private carrier. Ultimately all private insurance companies will disappear as they will have no more clients.
    Someone please show me in the bill of rights were it says we have a right to health care? It says you have the right to be protected by your government but that is an incredible stretch and obviously health care is not intended. Health care is not an inalienable right. Philanthropy is a right not an obligation. Not a dime of my money is going to pay for someones health care unless I approve.
    It is amazing when two people presented with the same information can derive such radically different conclusions. Left and right wing wackos need do the research themselves instead of regurgitating what they heard on the radio. I suspect thinking for yourself is indirectly proportional to the amount of television you watch!

  4. I don’t think either side does themselves any favors by fudging these things. Since we don’t have an infinite number of doctors, nurses & hospital beds, healthcare must be apportioned

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