Beck Repeats and Stands by His Claim that President Obama is a Racist

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck stood by his claim that President Barack Obama is a racist, who has problems with white people. Beck said, “I deem him a racist based on really his own standard of racism.” So a man that is half white has racial issues with white people. This makes absolutely no sense.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Beck said, “I said yesterday on Fox and Friends that I think the president is a racist. I don’t know if he hates white people, but there is something going on with the president. Well, I stand by that, and I deem him a racist really based on his own standard of racism, the standard of the left. Now, I don’t know what, I am not sure how I am supposed to judge people, how I am supposed to be able to say I have these things that just don’t fit, so what do I do with them, so I have to use the community standard.”

In case you are wondering what in the hell Beck is talking about when mentions things that don’t fit, he is talking about Rev. Wright. Beck’s whole argument is based on the fact that Obama said that the police acted stupidly in the Cambridge case, and Rev. Wright. This is enough evidence for Beck to conclude that Obama is a racist.

Perhaps the NAACP put it best when in a statement they asked how a president who is half white and half African-American could be a racist. Bill Shine the Senior VP of Programming at FNC put out a statement that said, “During Fox & Friends this morning, Glenn Beck expressed a personal opinion which represented his own views, not those of the Fox News Channel. And as with all commentators in the cable news arena, he is given the freedom to express his opinions.”

It is no surprise that the network would stand behind their highly rated cash cow that is also helping to advance their political strategy of making Obama frightening to white people. Much like most of Beck’s infotainment ramblings, I treated this story as a joke yesterday, and I am surprised that he has gotten this much attention out of such an outrageous claim.

It is obvious that Beck’s goals were to get himself publicity, and to appeal to his audience’s biggest fears about Obama. Race based politics are always sleazy, but this is what the right wing media has chosen to do. Their mission is to whip the GOP’s base into a frenzy about the scary black man living in the White House. Between the birthers and Beck, it is clear that the right wing is working hard to exploit America’s racial divisions.

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  1. I would agree with Glenn Beck in the sense that there is something definately up with obama. Against whites? Probably not all of them. Only the lowly, the handicapped, the chronically ill, the old, you know, the ones that need to be euthanized to save us money. Like obama, oops I mean Ebenezer Scrooge says in ‘A Christmas Carol’, ‘Let them all die and decrease the surplus population.’ obama is also, of course, against those who voted against him. And please don’t forget those “punishments” to mankind (especially to his ‘hypothetical 16 year old’ daughters), the unwanted unborn whom he believes it’s just fine to be allowed to be dismembered, or delivered, alive and well and kicking, up to their necks that is, before a pair of scissors is ……well, that’s way too heinous and unGodly to continue on with that. Oh wait, can I still mention ‘God’ or will I be imprisoned and scourged or something?
    The white people that voted for obama were called racists. Ayup. We did not have minds of our own to think about the issues. Anope. We all were like robots, following blindly, chanting “CHANGE, WE WANT CHANGE!” Oh, no. Sorry, that was not us.
    I agree it is shameful that there are still white people who are racists. But let me ask you this, should oprah winfrey be considered a racist against whites since obama is the first presidential candidate that she openly came out and supported? Racism is a two-way street. The obama followers, the liberals can dish it out but they can’t take it when it’s flung back at them.
    obama racist, or not? Let me tell you, he scares me and alot of other people in this country and it is not because he might or might not be a racist. It is because he appears, to me anyway, to be obsessed with government ruled everything. With socialism, communism. He appears to me to be very cold-hearted. He is a scary man. I don’t think he so much is a racist as he is concerned with power, a one world government.
    obama had no problem yelling out “STUPID” like a big bullying school kid to the mistake of the white police officer…. (How old and at what level of maturity is our president?)…. But I haven’t heard him stand up in defense for this young muslim girl’s life. The 17 year old who converted to Christianity a few years ago. Americans in their own country cannot even publicly display a religious object in the workplace without someone complaining “That offends me!”, like little babies. And yet, this public display of muslim ‘honour killing’ can go on in our country?!
    Where does the president stand on the issue of saving lives, not aborting them or stopping their access to healthcare or putting them to sleep because they are old??? And how about all of his supporters who agree with and also accept these ways of thinking? Jesus came and gave us all, each and every one of us the chance for ‘LIFE’. All of us are special and important in the eyes of God. obama claimed to be Christian, but his apathetic nature towards the killing of lives (the unborn and the already living), is completely the opposite of what God teaches us.
    So no, it is not Glenn Beck who makes me fear obama. It is because of obama himself, his own immoral standards, his lack of love for human life, and his (deliberate) capability to turn a once great nation into the poorest and most unself-sufficient country in the world. If obama is a racist, he is against this country being strong and independent. Or should I say, he (and others) are against THE PEOPLE of this country being self-sufficient and independent.

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