Clear Channel Says No Thanks to a Sarah Palin Radio Show

According to Broadcast and Cable media giant Clear Channel has already passed on the chance to give former Alaska governor Sarah Palin her own radio show. Clear Channel turned her down because they weren’t sure that she could handle talking for 15 live hours a week. Palin might not find as many takers for her services as she thought.

According to Paige Albiniak, Clear Channel’s major concern was that, The main objection to Palin as radio talk-show host is that she would have to hold forth for three hours a day. While some of her recent remarks may indicate a talent for improvisation, anyone who’s listened to Rush Limbaugh or Thom Hartmann or Don Imus or Howard Stern or even Ryan Seacrest knows it’s the rare personality who can blab extemporaneously for 15 hours a week. And relying on callers to get you through won’t help, because as we’ve all experienced, callers-in are usually more embarrassing than compelling.”

Clear Channel thinks that Palin might not be able to cut it in the world of talk radio. They may be correct. She does have no experience, and nothing in her speeches or public appearances would lead someone to think that she has the ability to be entertaining and compelling on live radio every weekday. Palin tends to repeat herself and stick to the same basic talking points. This isn’t the trait of a great radio host.

Palin is probably a much better fit for television. I could see her doing one hour of television on the weekend, on Fox News, like her fellow Republican Mike Huckabee. Palin is the Paris Hilton of the political world. She is famous because of who she is. She is political pop culture. Palin is still going to make a boat load of money, but her cash may have to come from her book and the speaking circuit.

For the sake for Palin’s political ambitions, having a radio or television show would keep her in the public eye and in the mix for 2012. Without some sort of media platform, Palin is going to struggle to get publicity. One also can’t overlook the irony that Palin constantly bashes the media, yet she is willing to sell herself out to the media for a buck and to keep herself in the spotlight. Once again, Palin is revealing the hypocrisy of her own words.

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