Jon Stewart Earns the Wrath of Rush Limbaugh

Jon Stewart has now earned the wrath of Rush Limbaugh for getting Bill Kristol to admit on The Daily Show that government run healthcare works. Limbaugh said that Stewart is a sell out for using the military as healthcare example, because liberals like Stewart hate the military. Ugh, so now Rush is going after Jon Stewart.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Limbaugh first didn’t know what The Daily Show was, and then called it that comedy show that young people think is real news. Limbaugh said, “The thing that gets me about this, I know Jon Stewart is a state run lib Democrat, and if he is having to resort to pointing to the military as something that works to sell a program, that’s a huge sellout, because these people hate the military.”

In Rush’s mind, Jon Stewart is a liberal Democrat, which I am sure is a relief to Bill Clinton after the years of nightly beatings he took from Stewart during the last couple of years of his term. Secondly, Comedy Central is state run media, really? I didn’t realize South Park was a government run media project. Rush implies that Stewart is some sort of agent of left who is selling Obama’s policies to the young.

Stewart isn’t selling anyone’s programs. He can be very critical of both political parties, which is why his show is so successful. It isn’t a liberal or a conservative program. It is a half an hour of current events comedy. Limbaugh would be wise to pay attention to Stewart, because it is his audience that supported Obama in such large numbers in 2008.

Unlike Limbaugh’s old, angry, white man listenership, Stewart’s viewers will be shaping elections for years to come, so dismissing his program as a comedy show that young people think is real news is dumb thing to do. Stewart isn’t a sellout for pointing out the holes in the Republican healthcare argument. A sellout is someone like Rush Limbaugh who goes on the air everyday and acts as a propagandist for the Republican Party. Limbaugh is the very definition of a sellout.

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  1. It’s amusing that Rush Limbaugh is himself a draft dodger, avoiding service in the military during the Vietnam War. Like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. George W. Bush was merely a combat-avoider, sitting out the war in the Texas Air National Guard. Of course, he could have volunteered for combat…

  2. Rush L accuses “Demlibs” else of “hating the military”? LOL. Tell us another lie, Rush. We’re all ears.

    Yeah, Rush, we know the boil on your behind kept you outta service…and you dropped outta college….but your opinion is worth something because , well, Drugs talk.

    He’s the Ultimate Republican Clown Show, and he’s fast on his way to utter irrelevance. Can’t happen soon enough.

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  4. jmeasley,

    Why are you lying? Why are you lying about Jon Stewart? It’s TOTALLY OBVIOUS that he is a liberal.

    The “criticism” he has for democrats is ALWAYS softball criticism, you know, why didn’t they “stand up” to the republicans, why did they “cave”, why are they playing the “same game” as the republicans, etc, etc, etc, etc.

    Whenever he criticizes republicans, he paints them as “evil”, as “corrupt”, as “liars”, and as “hypocrites”, etc, etc, etc. THAT’S real criticism.

    And Jon Stewart does hate the military. He loves the soldiers, but he hates the military. He is a sell out for using the military as an example of “what works”.

  5. He definitely criticizes the right completely different than the left. And clinton? EVERYONE was blasting clinton.

  6. Just because you don’t supporte an institution doesn’t mean you can not use it as example to demonstrate your point. It’s like this: Hitler WAS evil, but his policies DID work to curb the unemployment and revitalize the economy. Oh yeah and he is a liberal, but he does give the democrats a lot of pain too, But come on, no matter what people can or will say about the current administration, the last one was Nixonian on the evilness scale. VP shoots his friend in the face and the dude has to appologize! Come on!

  7. I have a policy:
    If there is something I would need to learn from TV news, I would rather not know it.
    However, I make an exception in the case of Jon Stewart (with apologies to Jim Lehrer.)

  8. Is there anyone out there who actually hates the military? What an ignorant statement. If you don’t agree with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan it suddenly means that you hate the military. Go pop another pill, Rush.

  9. Maybe he criticizes the right differently because the right has gone bat$h*t insane for the past 30 years! Where were the Republican voices of reason when Bush blew through our surplus? Somebody had to point it out since the GOP cared more about sticking with their guy instead of the country.

    And since everyone was bashing Clinton, why isn’t that proof that the media is not liberal? Or do you only say that when the news reports some unflattering truths about the GOP?

    It’s YOUR inconsistency. Not John Stewart’s.

  10. what’s with all the repub comments that are basically “jon Stewart is too a liberal! the end”?

    so that’s it for discourse to you? you slap a label on someone and it’s the end of the story? no discourse needed or allowed?

    it no wonder a few of my bush/Cheney loving friends have started to backpedal. your Klan like dogmatic approach to the blind acceptance of stupidity will luckily be your downfall.

  11. My point is that Stewart’s personal political views don’t matter. His show is built on satire. His targets have not only been Republicans, who seemed to have no issue with Stewart when he was skewering Bill Clinton on a nightly basis. It just so happens that most of the bat shit crazy rhetoric is currently coming from the right. Anyone who believes that Stewart is agent of the left is a moron.

  12. Who has Stewart attacked on the left? Sure he has made a few dick jokes about Clinton, but did he ever make a comedic segment casting a negative light on some program they supported or their politics? It’s pretty easy to tell that he supports this new health care program. He might put a funny drawing of Obama up on his monitor, or reprimand him for not keeping his mouth shut, with the intent to imply that it makes him the target of those mean old Republicans, but he will never be a real target.

  13. and whine about things not being fair because Stewart is picking on them, which proves he hates the military.


    No, he’s picking on Republicans because Republicans are acting like utter clowns. We aren’t sure whether to laugh or cry when Pence exaggerates the CBO budget for health care by 100% and calls it rounding up. See, that’s just irrational craziness. Then we have the birthers. That’s lock you up in a mental ward because you aren’t dealing with reality crazy.

    And then Republicans whine, “He’s a liberal!” as if that immediately discredits everything he says.

    Yes, we know, the only people who can call the game are white male southern republicans. They can call John Kerry a coward when he’s running against a draft dodger and no one should question that. We know, we know, we know.

    It’s a new world out there, and people are starting to listen to liberals and not sneer automatically, and it’s really upsetting. We get it.

    It’s not going to stop. This is the new world. Like it, deal with it, or leave it — but it’s not going to stop.

  14. What kinds of easily hypnotiseable idiots listen to this Rush guy anyway? Oh, right, the Jerry Springer crowd perhaps? I wonder how many would care if his name was say, Melvin?

  15. So, aside from whatever opinion you may have about Stewart, his motivations or political lean, or whether or not he actually has a dislike for the military –

    is the point he made with Kristol valid or not – that it is possible to run a successful, efficient, quality healthcare program through the government? (It’s not just the VA< you could also use Medicare as an example and leave any issues involving the military completely out of the discussion). Going after Stewart's political orientation without looking at the meat of the message is just a weak ad hominem attack and a distraction from the key point being made.

  16. Cristol first stated that Government couldn’t run a good healthcare program. Then later in the argument stated the military’s healthcare was one of the best out there. Stewart just caught him contradicting himself in less than 5 minutes of conversation.

  17. Yes Jon Stewart is critical of both sides. Have you heard him talk about Gov. Ron Blagojevich? The Scandal in New Jersey? Maybe to some right-wingers he sounds unfair because to be critical of the right-wing there is considerably more logical fallacies and ideologies to debunk. When it only takes 75 second for someone like Glenn Beck to contradict themselves it gives Jon Stewart alot of material. How often does Keith Olberman contradict himself? He simply points out the mental gymnastics rightwingers do to convince them and their ilk they are right. Its like he says, “reality has a liberal bias” because conservatives consistently ignore facts and reason to stick to their out-of-date ideas.

  18. If i had to describe our nation as a whole, especially most republican (also a chunk of democrats) politicians and Rush here, i’d like to put it into an equation.

    head in ass != intelligence or a right to be leading our country.

    I have no insurance, am well on my way to death and high medical bills being kicked off my health insurance at 25. I amassed over $4000 in a year living on my credit cards to be able to pay for doctors visits. I don’t live a day without pain. For anyone to say I don’t deserve fucking healthcare, I dare you to say it to my face….oh and mind the fist breaking your teeth, thats just the way we say hello down in texas.

  19. Isn’t rush like fat and addicted to pills? Ok be honest people, jon is more liberal than conservative, but who cares. I hate when people pretend they don’t know what popular things are. Who really thinks rush is clueless about the daily show, but also knows he’s a state run puppet, that’s not even possible. Also rush thinks anyone not on radio is state run, what a moron. Go to china or korea if you want to see state run. People who disagree with you does not equal state run media. Also rush is fat and addicted to pills

  20. so paying your internet provider is way more important that saving money to pay for health care. i see your priorities are in order.

  21. When Democrat politicians start apologizing to Jon Stewart for stepping out of line with Stewart’s thinking, then I will begin to question whether Jon Stewart’s show is state run.

  22. Some of you are more concerned with his political affiliation yet haven’t made even one coherent comment about whether or not Stewart was correct.

    BTW, there are very few normal people who are 100% anything. Most people have a variety of opinions and don’t completely fit into one category. Labeling someone is just a tactic to diminish the value of someone’s opinion. Again, I have yet to see someone post that Rush is correct and Stewart is wrong.

  23. When I was a contractor in Iraq, I paid $6,000.00 out of pocket for medical insurance for me and my family. Cigna wouldn’t even cover required inoculations for my children. When I was in the military, I never worried about healthcare.

  24. That it can’t even be taken seriously. First off they fragment quote the first Limbaugh quote but piecing together to different statements (the part about the Military being a bad example of healthcare). Secondly they mis-interpret Limbaugh’s obvious attempt at sarcasm by misplacing The Daily Show’s name.

    But in fact, the The Daily Show IS a fake news show that people seem to lend more credence to than everything else Jon Stewart has done. You people are just as bad as Limbaugh. We dont listen to this BS either.

  25. Ok, fine, Jon Stewart is a liberal. Does that make his comments and commentary on the state of things somehow less valid? I love how Republicans and conservatives have tried to twist “liberal” into being synonymous with amorality, anarchy, chaos, and something to be dismissed. When you have moved so far to the extreme right, even the moderate looks “liberal” from your point of view, but to the rest of the country you just appear to be off in your own little world.

    Do not forget our country was founded by “Liberals,” and they would probably be standing on their feet shouting with fists raised at some of the atrocities and affronts to the Constitution committed by “conservatives” during the previous administration. If the best criticism that they can come up with for Jon Stewart is he’s a Liberal, then that simply shows how lacking they have of any substance to stand up against him with.

  26. Anyone who believes that Rush doesn’t know anything about the Daily Show is living in the coo coo land. The way Rush dismissed Jon Stewart as ‘that state run lib Dem’ tells you how much he is afraid of Jon and doesn’t want to go to blows with him.

    Rush knows he cannot win and no matter how much Jon baits him he will NEVER go after Jon, the way he goes after others.

  27. Ah!, …. HUMOR…. that Rush’s unknown land. No wonder he’s lost. But things will get better for him and the Republicans, as they become older and smarter … :))))

  28. Its kind of hard for a guy to poke fun at the left when the right has been in control for well over the past 10 years. He’s just going with who the majority of the political moves were made by.

  29. Liberal-leaning MODERATE

    Rush= far right conservative

    it’s not one or the other, it’s a scale

  30. Rush is not real news he is less news than the daily show he is all his extreme conservative opinion. He can go fuck himself!

  31. how do you know they aren’t at a public library? or on a friend’s pc?

    it’s a bit presumptuous to just assume they are paying for an internet provider.

  32. Government health care works. Period end of story. Ask any canadian (except the couple of Dr.s who want private pay and pay big healthcare)

    Wake up people. The people who are selling you the bill of goods on this are the people who make the billions off private healthcare. They do not want the cash cow killed.

    If private healthcare was a charity it would be shut down because less than 50% of the funds go to healthcare.

  33. ok, I watch the Daily Show 4 nights a week, if I miss it I watch it online the next day. I hate rush and think he’s stupid, BUT;

    – when rush called John a State-run-lib, he wasn’t calling the show state run, he was trying to say that John believes that health care should be state run, now, cmon people, lets not be dumb liberals, thats as bad as dumb conservative

  34. quit stating Jon Stewart is a liberal. Everyone knows he’s a liberal. The argument here is that fat bastard is saying he’s a liberal DEMOCRAT. being liberal doesn’t mean you are automatically a democrat. just like being republican doesn’t mean you are an angry, fat, white, rich, drug addicted douchebag (maybe). The world will be a much better place after these fat angry bastards die of high blood pressure and lack of exercise, but can’t happen soon enough.

  35. Rush is too stupid to realize that his publicizing of Stewart’s interview with Kristol will cause it to be seen by milions who wouldn’t have caught it otherwise. And Stewart does such a good job of hanging Kristol out to dry that the latter’s position will be weakened as a result. Way to go, gasbag.

  36. Actually, Jon Stewart turned Bill Kristol’s argument against him to invalidate his position. He didn’t proclaim that the military system was the way to go. He questioned why it couldn’t be considered after Kristol claimed the military has first class health care. That’s all. He used a bit of logic to refute an argument. This is the problem with blowhards like Rush. Rush didn’t see it first hand and so he makes a lot of assumptions.

  37. Making a valid point about the realities of suffering through the injustice of the current health care system = Whining.


  38. Please name me one piece Jon Stewart has done that was critical of a liberal program, not an individual person or event? Just because he and Colbert make fun of people who are democrats for doing stupid things does not make them fair and balanced… Everyone has a bias. It’s not wrong, it’s just human nature. Don’t pretend that Jon Stewart is only more “fair and balanced” than Fox News is. That is foolish. I love the Colbert Report, and I have watched it for a few years now. I have never seen a single piece ripping apart a liberal program. For the love, just look at the people they interview on their shows. For instance, Colbert (who is a Roman Catholic by the way) had an author on his show about six months ago whose book was about whether or not a Catholic could support the Obama campaign. Of course the answer was yes, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what is going on.

    Don’t pretend any one side is “holier” than the other. This is politics. It is corrupt, manipulative nonsense. Just like you will never see Bill O’Reilly do a piece about the corruption in the current health care system related to insurance companies and other things, you will never see Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert do a piece about government corruption and corruption in government run health care. You will never see them interview a woman who has had to wait for sixth months for a vital operation in Canada. On the same note, you will never see Glenn Beck interview a woman whose insurance company will not pay her claim, because of some ridiculous loophole.

    Whether or not you think reality has a liberal bias, you need to wake up to the fact that propaganda from both sides is all around you, and you are always being force fed some agenda. Bear in mind also that not all Republicans are mindless idiots. There are a lot of solid, intelligent republicans out there who do not believe in some of the more extreme policies or ideologies. For instance, I am dead opposed to the Patriot Act, and I think George Bush was a terrible president. Not too many Republicans stand where I do on these issues. But I also think that Obama has done more to wreck our economy in six months than any other president has ever done, even in eight years in office.

    There is a logical inconsistency in spending vast quantities of money you don’t have. That is common sense. But it is how both Republicans, and your precious enlightened Democrats choose to run our country. There is a logical inconsistency in allowing the government to make personal decisions for you (such as which doctor you are to see). For who is better equipped to make that decision, you or someone in Washington? There is a logical inconsistency in gun control. Do you honestly believe that criminals (who have shown no regard for the law thus far) would willing surrender their firearms? There is a logical inconsistency in allowing the level of government influence in your personal life that many Democrats desire. People like you seem to forget that governments are made up of people, most of whom have strong ties to interest groups/ and or large corporations (Obama is no different). People simply cannot be trusted. Thinking that they can ignores all of human history and a vast amount of personal experience. Don’t pretend that only one side plays the propaganda game, and don’t pretend that all Republicans are stupid rednecks. Both sides make good points. Stop being and infant and use some logic yourself. I am so sick of this Republican bashing game. If you are Democrat be one. If you are a Republican be one, but stop this nonsense of calling the other side morons. You have to be able to see what absolute nonsense that is.

  39. The NHS has a 1 million+ persons waiting list for care. Health insurance for everyone = great, but comes at the cost of much higher waiting times for health care. Health care reform does not mean instant, amazing care for everyone always. I have a personal anecdote of sustaining a small injury in the UK but was told I would have to wait until it became serious enough to need to treat. Now that small injury has left scar tissue, $2000 in bills, and stills leaves me in discomfort.

    My advice: Work slowly on this; remember Churchill’s comment on democracy – find a better health care alternative and really think this one through.

  40. Actually, if you check you will find that Jon Stewart is not against the military. He was against the previous administrations use of the military, which is very different. Your opinion implies that Mr Steward does not understand the need and use of a national force (or forces) that protect the rights and freedoms of its people…

    Where as Jon Stewart simply thinks that the Bush Admin were a bunch of war mongering dicks. Which is actually correct in my opinion.

    Secondly, Jon Stewart did not actually express any opinion of the military in that segment, he simply put forward that the government is capable of running a first class health care system. Is he wrong, is one sixth of the militarty unable to get health insureance because it doesn’t meet the bottom line of a coprorations commitment to is investors?
    As it turns out… No, he is 100% correct on the matter… So, I beleive this is the right expression… SUCK IT!

  41. Conservatives are constantly labeled as “rednecks”, “warmongers”, “archaic”, “evil” and “stupid”. Do not pretend that the name calling happens only on one side. That is a childish point of view. George Bush has raped our constitution with the Patriot Act and other legislation, however, many conservatives as well as Democrats “raised their fists” at this legislation. In addition, Obama’s rampant, uncontrolled spending (which dwarf’s George Bush’s out of control spending, which was bad enough) would have raised the ire of the founding fathers too. The national debt, which has been with us since World War II, is a terrible affront to the well-being of our country, and it has been perpetrated by both parties. I am so sick of people like you who are unwilling to see both sides of things. Both republicans and democrats resort to childish name-calling and both are responsible for our departure from the principles on which this nation was founded. Seeing only one side at fault is willing ignorance, and betrays a severely lacking knowledge of American history.

  42. waiting times are no more than 3 months for non serious problems requiring hospital treatment, with immediate or next day treatment for serious issues, we see a doctor when needed with no fear of bankruptcy, treatment is provided by evaluation of need not pocketbook, my GP (doctor) is available at most times and if not an emergency doctor is avaliable. in the UK we do not live in constant fear of being sick, our health service provides better treatment with much lower costs than the present US insurance system, if you dont believe me go and look at the UK government’s figures online, see for yourself, think for youself. recognise the shills. good luck for the future

  43. I divorced the republican party, not because my views moved leftward, but because I realized that the Republicans were making just as many blunders of the Democrats… because Rush and Beck often seem just as crazy as Olberman and Maddow… and because I don’t want people assuming I support things like Bush’s ‘tax cut and spend’ policies just because I had an R next to my name. I find it much more productive to recognize that both R’s and D’s, conservatives and libs, make valid arguments on occasion and make terrible arguments the rest of the time :)

    Personally being opposed to a government run healthcare system, I actually found Stewart’s comments valid and worthy of consideration. Since I know nothing about the military healthcare system, I intend to do some research shortly… rather than dismissing it because it came from a liberal leaning political comedian. Either way, I don’t see how arguing about whether or not Stewart is a liberal has any relevance to improving US healthcare.

    In short, I hate the 2 party system and I like Stewart. He is witty and intelligent and actually thinks and debates. I enjoy his show largely because of his differing views on many issues, not despite them… and of course because he is hilarious at pointing out the obvious obsurdities that take place in Washington.

  44. Ugh, it’s people like these that make me so freaking sick, they’re so delusional and so willing to give tax breaks to the rich and then blame their suffering on the democrats….ughhh

  45. hahah ‘what is The Daily Show’? Come on Rush, you know what it is.

    Rush is a douchebag. Those who follow him are douchebags. End of story.

  46. A: Rush knows exactly who John Stewart is.
    B: Kristol brought up the military as a working example, not Stewart. If they disagree with military healthcare being good, call out Kristol not Stewart.

  47. This is the first time I’ve posted a comment on any thread about the US healthcare system, but to be honest I am aghast at the barbarity of the US system, and some of the tales of the insurance companies in the States. My partner was recently diagnosed with Mouth Cancer and had the operation to remove the offending article within a matter of weeks. A follow up operation to remove more quickly followed and she is now in remission. This was at the top cancer unit in the county (similar, but far smaller than a state) and the standard of care and service I couldn’t fault. This was on the NHS. This is just one anecdote from millions and I am quick to concede that the situation is far from perfect in this country, but this came from the taxes I pay. I am a higher rate tax payer and do not begrudge the 40% top band that I pay on my income, soon to go to 50%, as although I believe that money is squandered by any government (groundless war in Iraq springs to mind), but the money that is spent on health in this country, circa 7-8% is money well spent in my opinion.
    This contrasts with the States where it is approaching 17-18%, millions are uncovered by health insurance, millions are covered by inadequate health insurance, and many are facing bankcruptcy because of health insurance costs. It appears inequitable that because of an accident of birth that people should have such considerably worse health coverage, and those that rant and rave about socialised medicine sound incredibly mean and selfish.
    I also have private medical care, basically a private room with more tv channels, but am happy to pay ‘extra’ for these peripherals, however health care should be ‘free’ or ‘close to free’ at point of use.

  48. I’m an American expat in the UK, and am constantly blown away by the excellent level of care. Yes, I had to wait two months to see a dermatologist for a small mole on my back, but that is because it wasnt serious. I have been able to see a GP when I’m sick, and there has never been more than a couple of days wait, and he even holds two sessions a day where you can come in if you dont have an appointment but need urgent care!
    I’m a researcher with the Met, and in my job I go out with officers regularly. Just the other week I came a scene where a small boy had been hit by a car. He had several broken bones, internal bleeding, and a small fracture of the skull. There were a total of three medics, a nurse, and a full fledged ER doc at the scene of the accident, and in hospital he received the highest level of emergency care. A full surgeon, two ER docs, and a whole team of nurses took care of him at a specialized head trauma ER facility.
    The most amazing part was sitting with the boy’s mother as they worked on her son. She was able to focus on his health and her family, not medical bills. Not once did the idea of insurance, copays, or debt come into her very traumatized world. That right there is what health care should be about.

  49. A news program, news programme, news show, or newscast is a regularly scheduled radio or television program that reports current events. News is typically reported in a series of individual stories that are presented by one or more anchors. A news program can include live or recorded interviews by field reporters, expert opinions, opinion poll results, and occasional editorial content.

    a program devoted to current events, often using interviews and commentary; “we watch the 7 o’clock news every night”

    Hmm, it looks to me like the definition of a news show is fairly open to interpretation and yet it seems to fit the daily show format perfectly… I’m not really getting where the fake is coming from. Worth noting is that it does not say that the channel you find a news show on has to be labeled a ‘news channel’ nor does the show have to have ‘news’ in the title. The Daily Show may be a news show with a focus on political news from a comedic perspective perhaps, but its a news show nonetheless. And, it has far more relevant topics than many network run news shows, which often feature bullshit filler and gossip stories such as “Heckler has beer with candidate he booed”, “Bride awaits stranger’s bone marrow”, “Megan Fox Puts Foot in Mouth, Again”, and “Hollywood’s most influential comedy nerd”.

    The fact of the matter is, we NEED and DESERVE a better health care system in the United States of America. We need to figure out what that’s going to be. Stop wasting time and go go go!

  50. The limpblow you see on the tube is merely the polynoidal cyst as, the living part was tossed in the trash.

  51. It’s VERY possible that his $15/month for internet is available because he CAN’T GET health insurance.

    I ran into this where they kicked us off of the health insurance when it was time for renewal. Then, ALL the health insurance companies have a central database where they show that they denied coverage of a person. That puts up a red flag that keeps others from giving coverage.

    Don’t believe me? Check it out.

    Do you skydive, fly planes, scuba dive? It’s in there. Do you take anti-anxiety or anti-depressants? It’s in there. Overweight? It’s in there.

    I’ve got plenty of money. I just can’t get coverage because of that genetic clotting disorder we found out about a couple of years ago–we’re now considered high risk.

    I’m normally pretty conservative and libertarian. However, I think the free market is broken. I just hope the government doesn’t make things worse.

  52. Way to go racial and ageist in the same sentance subby:

    “Unlike Limbaugh’s old, angry, white man listenership…”

  53. We have to laud those 2 war heros Clinton & Obama. Come to think of it they were war heroes for the other side (protesting overseas (Clinton), draft dodger (Clinton), associating with terrorists (Obama).
    The left hates the military and only has any use for them whatsoever to make one of their hate-America points. Stop the BS, Stewart is a shill for the hate-America party. I’ve yet to see the Obama jokes coming from him at the same fast and furious speed as the Bush jokes. And God help us there are more Obama flubs coming from that imbecile in 7 months than in 8 years of Bush. Nah, don’t hold your breath since his hate-America audiance wouldn’t cotton to that very much.

    Gee, are Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Waxman, Frank, Rockefller, Specter, etc old white people?

  54. This post pretty much sums up the level of debate.
    “The NHS has a 1million+ persons waiting list for care.”
    What the hell does this mean?

  55. If you’re dying, how do you have the strength to put your fist through my teeth?

    Where is it written that I owe you healthcare? I don’t pay your grocery bills and yet you need both to live…

    Screw you, get a job or start a business like I did. I somehow think you are omitting a few details in how you got into this situation.

  56. When Rush said Stewart is a “state run lib democrat,” he was referring to Stewart’s beliefs. John Stewart definitely leans to the left on most issues.

  57. You really beat me to the punch (in the teeth) here. I read this guy’s story, and all I could think is who the hell does he think he is?

    Asking us the taxpayers to pay into some bullshit system that supposedly aggregates our money and allots payment to some “doctor” when some other jackass gets cancer. It’s like some sort of non-profit driven insurance system could ever work.

    Besides, I suspect that this guy was probably asking for it. We don’t know anything about him, or how he got cancer. What’s to say that he wasn’t hanging around the parts of town where people get cancer all the time? If he knew the risks of getting cancer, and he did it anyway, he was just asking for it.

    And now with all this crying about “I can’t pay the astronomical costs of cancer treatment with my inadequate insurance plan” he still seems to eat, sleep someplace and uses the internet. I guess this disease really put you on the streets. Maybe next time you won’t be so lucky.

    Ha ha, if you wanted to get cancer, then you should have thought of the consequences first. Amiright!

  58. There have been four significant military conflicts during the twentieth century. WW1 WW2, Korea and Vietnam. The POTUS in each of these conflicts was Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Harry Truman, and JFK/LBJ. A trait they all share? Democrats. The atomic bomb, the original WMD, was a program initiated by a Democratic president. Dente or containment, was a Democratic policy initiated by Truman culminating in the Korean War in an effort to stop the spread of communism. Vietnam was also such a war. Republican (conservative) ideology during ww2 was isolationism. They wanted the US to not participate in WW2 and let Europe and essentially the free world burn. Again learn the history of your rhetoric.

  59. listen, if you had a steady job and weren’t a drop out you may be able to afford health insurance. I’d glady say you don’t deserve it to your face, because you wouldn’t do anything but tear up and cry. Maybe blame your parents for being dropouts? In any case you’re just another whiner who’s angry at life. boo hoo. I’m in Texas as well, but judging by your bitching im sure you live in Dallas.

  60. I am reading all the comments first. The only part I agree with republicans about is deficit spending. Actually, during this economic crisis we need deficit spending for a short time (temporarily) until we are out of it.. just like we did during the depression and WWII. However, in the future (near future) the federal budget will have to be balanced. If you want to see what happens with governmental mismanagement of finances over the long run then read about what happened to Argentina in the 80’s. Do you really want to see massive Hyperinflation? If you think we’ve got problems now wait until inflation hits due to printing too much money and from massive government debts. We can’t do this forever.

    On the flip side of the coin though the republicans are idiots. They talk incessantly about financial responsibility yet they increase defense spending massively without regard for the future for wars of no purpose. It is true that democrats involved us in wars in the past. However, WWII was necessary. I would argue that Vietnam was not so I can’t say that I agree with JFK/LBJ on that. In any case, for the republicans to argue that they have a better spending plan is BS. Massive military spending while cutting out education and healthcare is lunacy.

    Another thing to remember is that a lot the brainwashing and propaganda that people believe about healthcare (and preventing reform) has to do with BS we hear from the insurance companies. Of course, like M$, they are going to use FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) to make it look like a public health insurance alternative and insurance regulation is a bad thing. It’s very easy to sit in a golf car all day and protect your executive compensation when a dieing person’s coverage or billing is denied. That golf cart must feel nice when a person in Toledo is dieing from cancer despite that they paid their premiums and lived a healthy lifestyle and they had the cancer due to an inherited condition they had no control over. So you right wing nutcases need to realize just how selfish that is on your part. Have a nice day.

  61. I wanted to add another thought. The republicans who posted here were whining about having to pay taxes for someone else’s healthcare. Yet, on the other hand they would be whining louder if we were to cut spending on road construction. Additionally, they would be louder than a megaphone and ready to put a bullet in someone’s head if spending cuts were massive imposed on law enforcement.

    I have a great idea on how to save money. I think we should do it. We should eliminate government spending on fire departments. Why should my F’ing money pay to put out the fire in your house. You should have had that darn electrical system fixed. You should have bought your own oxygen masks, axes, and ladders to be ready for it. I am tired of my tax money being wasted on putting out other people’s fires. You need to take care of your own fires or expect that your house will burn to the ground. All of the fire departments should be private companies and then they will only put out a fire if you have an insurance certificate posted on your house. The Fire insurance companies will deny coverage if your house has below code electrical or if you burn trash in your back yard. Additionally, the insurance will not pay if you were setting off fireworks in your backyard and it caught your house on your fire. Take care of yourselves! Stop wasting MY MONEY on your fires!

  62. When Rush does his shows from Iraq, I’ll believe he gives a damn about the military.

    Stewart is the executive producer of the Colbert Report, which just came back from Iraq last month.

    Lets see Rush put his money where his mouth is…he’s got a lot of money, and he sure does have a lot of mouth.

  63. Rush has a big mouth and people believe that just because someone can talk loudly that somehow makes them absolutely correct. Hitler had a big mouth too. So does Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck. A loud mouth is just that, a loud mouth. It means nothing to me except to be ignored and forgotten.

  64. Finally, it’s quiet on this forum. Maybe my posts worked. Maybe only those with correct information, a calm voice, and a brain should post here now.

  65. […] Aug. 2nd, 2009 at 3:40 PM Jon Stewart has now earned the wrath of Rush Limbaugh for getting Bill Kristol to admit on The Daily Show that government run healthcare works. Limbaugh said that Stewart is a sell out for using the military as healthcare example, because liberals like Stewart hate the military. Ugh, so now Rush is going after Jon Stewart.Source: […]

  66. “hanging around the parts of town where people get cancer all the time” and “I suspect that this guy was probably asking for it” – you sir bring new meaning to the word idiot. Enjoy your life of hatred for others less fortunate than yourself and don’t forget to kick ’em when they are down like a good Christian soldier should.

  67. Humm, I am assuming this post and the others are from some more “caring” Christian Fascists- am I right?

  68. Man, when you read all these comments, there is sooooo much anger and disrespect going around, it is just scary! “Can’t we just get along?” How is this country ever going to weather the crises it is facing and those that are headed toward us like tsunamis if clear-thinking, compromising people don’t get together instead of bashing each other. This is about SURVIVAL, folks! No time for ignorant, prejudiced, self-interested, narrow-minded bullshit or we will all still be arguing when the lifeboat overturns and we are all drowning in the sea. It is just a matter of which interest group has control of the purse strings, and all those who are fool enough to think that the USA is still a democracy in any real manner are the ones playing into the hands of the special interests who LOVE the adversarial arguments…they are merely distractions from the real issues at hand – and the continuing chance to steal what you own. Dem or Rep? Doesn’t mean a thing. GROW UP, AMERICA!

  69. it doesn’t really matter. dem or rep, who cares. lets not forget that we all want a successful america. it is simply unneccesary to attack an opposing political group just because they have different problem-solving strategies. it’s just we all feel so strongly about our own ideals that we attack eachother, thinking that anyone who disagrees is a moron/redneck/elitist/socialist/communist/fascist… the only thing that accomplishes is distracting us all from current issues that are shaping the future. just look at these posts. case in point. 90% of them are comprised of namecalling and opinionated assumptions stated as facts.

    anyway, i think that both sides have their geniuses, and their idiots that make the whole party look bad. (i have a theory that crazy pundits and partisan hacks like rush are really just faking. LOL maybe he’s a liberal and it’s all a brilliant scheme!!! you never know…) but seriously, i despise rush limbaugh. i just can’t understand how he sleeps at night. he says things that make me feel physically sick. i like jon stewart. he’s pretty openly liberal, but i like that he doesn’t hide that. he just seems more genuine and more intelligent, although i’m not usually with him on more than 50% of what he says.

    frankly i dislike both parties at the moment. i am so frustrated.

  70. “Do not forget our country was founded by “Liberals,””

    Child, you are confusing social Liberalism with social Conservatism.

    The founders were fiscally conservative, hence, wanted limited government. Liberals want more and bigger government.

  71. Yeah, I guess in Texas blowing strangers in an alley could be considered a business. When’d you get into that?

  72. …but I blame your parents for not listening when their mother told them to stop fooling around each other.

    Will someone please give Texas back to Mexico?

  73. Universal Healthcare will give free access to healthcare to Brown People who I Don’t Like, so I don’t WAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNTTTTTTT IIITTTTT!!! BLAHALBAHLBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLABH!

    There are NO rational arguments against nationalized healthcare. 99.9999999999999999999999999999% of it is just racism/classism.

  74. your dimwittedness is making me think their is no God. Please open your mind & stop being on auto-jerk. If the US was made of a majority of your like mindedness , nobody would live here. So please hide yourself.

  75. Dude, Rumsfeld was in the Navy, retired as Captain before getting into (non military) government. He was in naval aviation, he taught pilots how to fly. I may not like him, but he was no draft-dodger. Get your facts straight, or we’re no better than the wingnuts.

  76. You are absolutely right. Rush is THE sellout of all time. Do the GOPer’s give out awards for that? Oh, yeah, the Golden Microphone.

    As to you, the poster I am replying to, I have the same exact problems. My script alone cost me $800/mth. I have NO insurance. There is not a day goes by without pain that affects every part of my life. I am 50 yrs old, and most of the physical problems I have are work related. But since Bushie Boy changed the laws, I couldn’t even get a decent settlement. When my boss found out that I hired a lawyer, he fired me. Then he quit a month later. What a douche bag!

  77. Oh zip it. We have Perry as a governor trying to push every toll road in the world down our throats, hiring creationists for the school board and our last governor turned out to be one of the, if not the, worst president in the world. Texas is great, but those governing it absolutely suck. This is 2009 and we need, as a society, to provide health care for our citizens. Those who say otherwise are simply wanting to bleed money under other auspices. And your comment really makes Texans look like a-holes to just shut up.

  78. I’m in the US & my son, WITH INSURANCE!, had to wait 5 months for a dermatologist to see a mole that our gp thought may be skin cancer.

    I had surgery a couple of years ago & had to stay overnight in the hospital because my oxygen levels were extremely low. My insurance company initially refused to pay, saying I could have gone home & gone to the ER if there was a problem.

    Everything the Republicans are claiming about single payer & government-based health care is already being done by insurance companies.

  79. “The thing that gets me about this, I know Jon Stewart is a state run lib Democrat, and if he is having to resort to pointing to the military as something that works to sell a program, that‘s a huge sellout, because these people hate the military.”

    Yeah, these liberal comedy show hosts REALLY hate the military- so much so that Stephen Colbert went on a USO tour, visited/ performed for the troops- because he HATES THEM SOOO MUCH

  80. In the present medical system a surgeon is paid $5000- for a heart surgery and the hospital charges are $60000. Where as in a third world country a open heart surgery costs between $3000- to $10000- dollars.

    So something has to be done to curb the costs and make it affordable.

  81. I rely on the public education system to educate my children as I’m sure your parents did as well. Imagine a nation that left education up to the free market, where would we be? How can anyone think that health care is not equally as, if not more, important than basic education?

    Anyone who claims they don’t believe in these “socialist” programs better remove themselves from ALL public programs…don’t go to public school, don’t accept Pell grants for college, don’t apply for unemployment, talk your parents and grandparents out of using medicare or their social security. Do all of these programs work 100%? No, but I can’t imagine life without them.

    And resorting to comments like “Screw you, get a job or start a business” does NOTHING to persuade people to your viewpoint. You only end up sounding ignorant and lacking any compassion or moral center. Act like a grown-up, find a logical argument that doesn’t resort to name-calling and you may actually change someone’s mind…just a suggestion

  82. Tucker Carlson thought he could pick a fight with John Stewart and he became a joke.
    Jim Cramer thought he could pick a fight with John Stewart and he became a joke.
    Rush Limbaugh thinks he can pick a fight with John Stewart, and well he’s already a joke, but I’m sure John can destroy him anyway.

  83. […] Jon Stewart earns the wrath of Rush Limbaugh. Looks like a win-win for Stewart. […]

  84. THATS EXACTLY WHAT IT IS!~ Jon Stewart was recently voted “The Most Trusted Man In News” or some such BS but in the defense of the morons his competition consisted of Katie Kurick

  85. You can’t even buy a large bottle of Tylenol for $15. And we all sure could use the extra strength after listening to the repukes.

  86. Anyone who would threaten a person with cancer needs a lobotomy…FAST!!!
    Who cares how or why the person has cancer? Just remember Mr. Get a job when you send out negative feelings like that they will come back to you 3 times worse. So, when you get diagnosed with cancer or something just as bad, if there is anything worse than cancer, let’s see what a smart mouth you have then.
    I also have serious health problems and no insurance. I need 2 knee replacements and can’t afford or get insurance anywhere. I HAVE worked 20 years and that job helped me get these knee problems. My husband worked over 30 years and got laid off, where is a 57 year old gonna find a job that can even half pay for health insurance. I suppose if we don’t pay our utility bills, eat or pay our rent we can afford it.
    I don’t care if people think health care is socialist or what, I do know that there are too many fat-cats that should be forced to carry the weight. Anyone who pays a football player or whatever sport millions of dollars is just obscene when you think of the millions of people suffering in this country.
    It’s just morally wrong.
    Sorry this had nothing to do with the topic but that post just upset me so much.

  87. this notion that the people voting for Stewart as ‘the most trusted man in news’ didn’t get it that he is not a news person is crazy. They voted for him as a joke; he knew it, said so on his program; the people voting knew it.

    On the other hand there is some credible evidence that the conservtives watching Colbert really seriously believe he IS a conservative. So….who is it that are morons?

  88. I don’t know what “dente” is as far as policy goes… do you mean, “al dente”, as in some how related to pasta? According to Wikipedia, “Détente is a French term, meaning a relaxing or easing; the term has been used in international politics since the early 1970s” and it was a little more complicated than, Democrats vs. Republicans…

  89. Dear Anonymous. Your claim that we hate America is not true. We love America. Its just that we hate you and people like you.

    And we liberals love our men and women in our military, its just that we don’t like our military being used by blowhards and chicken hawks. We don’t like their benefits and health care being put on hold by republicans in the Senate and their showers being death chambers care of Halliburton.

  90. here’s a thought – young idealistic whitge men tend to become angry old conservative white men over the course of time.

    it’s called growing up and realising death is real ;)

  91. Its not that you don’t deserve healthcare…its that the rest of us shouldn’t have to PAY for YOUR healthcare

  92. as opposed to your comment, which only makes you look like an a-hole.

    Do some research on the state of Texas before you spout off about those who governing it absolutely suck.

    I agree Rick Perry has to go… and GW wasn’t a shining star for Texas…

    FISCALLY, Texas is in the BLACK… AND we don’t have state income tax.

    Say what you want about the social issues in Texas but damn we know how to balance a budget.

    California would SUCK OUR ******S if we taught them how to do the same.

  93. If I had a nickel for every time Rush Limpbaugh opened his halitosis infested pill hole I’d be a billionaire. Limpbaugh couldn’t swallow the facts, truth, or logic if you hid in a Oxycontin.

  94. Katie Couric was only one name in the poll. I guess the other morons that Stewart overwhelmly surpassed like Charlie Gibson and Brian Williams were weak competition as well. Face it, Jon Stewart easily owns Rush Limbaugh. P.S. you may want to check the spelling of a person’s name before you put their name in a reference smart guy.

  95. Seems to me that Rush should have went after Krystol

    After all Stewart didnt put his hand up Krystols back and force him to answer

  96. Um, Texas balanced its budget with the stimulus funds that were railed against by your governor. Did you get that? He preached about how stimulus funds for the states were irresponsible, “socialist”, etc., but the Rick Perry balanced the budget with them. I’d say Barack Obama/Congress knows how to balance a state’s budget, sir.

  97. did you hear his fake a@@ ask “what’s the daily show?” fat boy rush knows full well who jon stewart is. more people listen and watch stewart than the pill popper limpballs. listening to this junkie is like listening to a beached seal. rof

  98. Who cares about Rush Limbaugh being mad, except those GOP politicians like Michael Steele who caved in and apologized to this knucklehead when what they said about him in the first place was right?

    Limbaugh is a hateful, bigoted blowhard who projects his hatred and negativity onto others, especially onto
    President Obama. He offers nothing of value to national discourse, and only appeals to those who share his
    ignorance, divisiveness, insularity, obnoxiousness, and general tediousness. The day he loses clout or even popularity will be a good day for America.

  99. Yes, he is but he criticizes the left, too and with the same no-holds barred bite.
    You can’t deny that. Don’t really see that with Rush and his fellow locksteppers.

  100. Rick Perry was also one of the first to whine about needing Federal Disaster funds after Rita. (This was shortly after he had made a comment to the effect that “Texas can take care of itself and doesn’t want the Federal Government interferin’ in our bizness!”) What a maroon!

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  102. Anyone who knows the issues could hand Limbaugh his ass. There’s a reason why the man hides behind his call screener.

  103. Conservatives love big government too, but they love the kind that kills brown people in far away countries and hauls you out of your bedroom at 2:30 because you were growing the wrong plants. Remember the war on drugs? That’s just one example. Who passed the Patriot Act? Who created the Office of Homeland Security?

    We liberals want good government, government that’s accountable to the people and provides necessary goods and services sans profit to make people’s lives better. You on the other hand, support wars and welfare for the rich.

  104. fuck u, u pussy. aint nothing but steers and queers in texas. u got no horns. quit fuckin beaners in the ass and u won’t get aids..

  105. I am sorry to do it, but I have to defend Limbaugh on this one. He is not a sellout. I see no reason to think he is not a genuinely insane advocate for the Republican Party who suspended disbelief in his own fiction long ago.

    To sell out, you have to have principles and then violate them for some ignoble gain. He has principles, sick ones, and I doubt that he would abandon them, as they have served him well and continue to do so. Also, can an insane man sell out? I am not even sure that’s possible.

    I think he is an example of the phenomenon another site used to describe Boehner:

    “The thoroughly modern Boehner embraces this latest fashion. Like the most successful snake oil peddlers of darker ages, he makes the sale because he goes beyond cynicism. Having stilled the inner voices that once whispered caution, he has sold himself on his 22 secret ingredients. His reassuring smile is genuine. Just take another 60 drops. Don’t you feel better already?”

    Lest I be accused of stealing another man’s Boehner attack:

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