The Palin Plunge

The Thrilla from Wasilla who just a year ago was touted as the country’s most beloved Governor (a statistic that had NOTHING to do with her socialistic program of sending thousands of dollars from the oil companies to each Alaskan citizen) is no longer a contender…..

According to Hays Research Group, Palinistas! Don’t shoot, I’m not a moose! It’s a scary job reporting facts on Mrs. Palin; checks behind self for lurking 21%er. Whew, no one there. Yet. Wouldn’t want to suffer the “backlash” Palin calls for against all political operatives, er, citizens who speak without paying deference to the Queen’s Alternate Reality. You did know this was all a Reality TV show, right? Along the lines of Punk’d? Well, it’s not just Alaska who got Punk’d by the Thrilla!

According to Palin’s Facebook Page (which she may later renounce), she pulled out of the Simi Valley Republican Women’s meeting at the Reagan Library. Or she never committed. Perhaps she’s merely applying “Abstinence Only” to her speaking engagements? A wise move from a “not-so wise white woman” – i.e., the only kinda leaders we need! Thank you very much! But no, a rumor suggests that she’s busy figuring out who she can sue! This rumor comes courtesy of a conservative group of Palin lovers, who relish the thought of their Warrior for God Princess firing off a few rounds of legal revenge. Go get ’em, girl!

Just a rumor, yada yada, yada. I, for one, hope she sues someone somewhere for these plunging poll numbers – because it certainly is not her fault that people don’t like her. We KNOW who is to blame for that. Say it with me! “Evil Liberal Media Elite Trailer Trash Godless Sinners East Coast West Coast Tiny Celebrities and Moose!” Whew. I feel better now.

Jimminy Crickets, but there’s more!

Oh, numbers. The work of the devil, I know. They mean nothing except that Russia is apparently where we are housing the Anti-Christ, according to Palin’s Dominionist religion. See, you learn something new every day! Now you know why it was so important for Palin to keep her eye on Putin. I hope you feel duly scolded for doubting the Queen.

According to AKM at The Mudflats, the Approval Index (Very Positive minus Very Negative) is now -1.2. Ouch! So, it would be safe to say that more Alaskans disapprove of her than approve of her (ducking).

Okay. Back to those lawsuits.

Did you know that if you sue someone they are entitled to your deposition under oath?

Happy Friday.

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