Palin’s Farewell Speech; Logorrhea Alert, Level Red

Now she’s gone. You, evil media and pajama bloggers, won’t have Palin to kick around anymore! In her official capacity as first governor ever to quit for no reason (“the reasons are “obvious” ya’ know), Palin delivered an aborted-term speech dangerously full of verbal diarrhea. Did ya’ miss her “Farewell Alaska, I’m leavin’ Ya Because I love ya’ Speech”?

Southern Poverty Law Center Calls for CNN’s Lou Dobbs to be taken off the Air

The president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, J. Richard Cohen wrote a letter to CNN president Jonathon Klein calling for Lou Dobbs to be taken of the air for spreading racist conspiracy theories about Barack Obama's birth certificate. Cohen wrote, "Respectable news organizations should not employ reporters willing to peddle racist conspiracy theories and false propaganda."

Beck: Healthcare Reform Would Allow People to Sue Doritos

On his FNC show yesterday, Glenn Beck made the claim that Obama's goal is to create a new America to settle old racial scores. Beck focused on the Office of Minority Health. He said, "Let's say minorities eat more Doritos, so it there's more heart disease. Wouldn't this lead to more lawsuits and litigation against Doritos?" Beck is worried about Doritos instead of healthcare, enough said.

Beware! Glenn Beck is Armed at the Movies

On his Fox News Channel program today, Glenn Beck lamented the defeat of an amendment that would have allowed people with concealed carry gun permits to carry their guns across state lines. Beck went into his love of guns and said, "I went to the movie this weekend with a gun. And surprise, surprise, I didn't kill anybody!"