Palin’s Lawyer Threatens Kindergarten Teacher

It was a rough weekend for Sarah Palin. After quitting the Simi Valley Republicans via Facebook on Friday – a move roundly condemned as a wee bit Wasilla Hillbilly, on Saturday Palin released another “press release” via her Facebook Page. This one announced that she and Todd are not about to get a divorce (yes, I’m leaving out all of the usual denouncements of evil media which accompanied said “press release”—I figure you can just fill in the blanks: Republican speaking =Whine about media.). Silence as we struggle to determine what in the heck she’s talking about…

Aside from the very middle-school vibe of updating one’s relationship status via Facebook, calling it a press release while simultaneously claiming you are now a private citizen is just bizarre. This becomes relevant when being spewed upon by her followers, who assure you that now that she is a private citizen, she can sue all of us at any time and we’d better watch out!

Why so angry, Sarah? It seems Alaskan blogs The Immoral Minority and the Alaska Report (which first reported on both Palin running for Gov and Palin chosen as the Republican VP candidate) broke a story Saturday morning that the Palins’ marriage was in “spitsville” due to affairs on “both sides”. The Alaska Report story referenced the National Enquirer’s story on Palin’s alleged affair with her husband’s business partner.

Sure, National Enquirer. The rag. Tabloid, almost as bad as Fox News, though I’m not sure that NE has ever sued for the right to lie and call it news, whereas Fox News has. And the NE did break the Edward’s affair, and they have sworn affidavits regarding the Palin affair. Affidavits! More evil liberal elites! Didn’t Sarah warn you: “in the name of the troops, to stop makin’ things up!” And doesn’t that now seem now like an wily preemptive strike, since at that time, no one could point out one thing that the media had ever made up about her?

Of course, no one had heard the “story” about her impending divorce unless they were in Alaska because…no one reported it in MSM. Indeed, the first the majority of the Lower 48 got whiff of it was…on Sarah Palin’s FB page, leaving most of scratching our heads in dismay. “Sarah Palin, what now?” We wondered queasily as the first signs of Palin Over Exposure set in.

Lest you think this zest for threats is new, Palin’s love for using the law as a weapon was evident even on the trail! The McCain Palin campaign threatened to sue the NE for the aforementioned story of Sarah Palin’s affair with her husband’s business partner. Remember when Hannity accused the media of covering-up for Edwards because they weren’t covering the National Enquirer story and taking it seriously? Whoa, Nelly. I am seriously choking on a hypocrisy hairball. Excuse me…

At any rate, no lawsuit was ever forthcoming. Cough cough. Maybe ‘cuz it’s not slander if it’s true? Look away! Where’s Obama’s birth certificate?

Her love for the threat didn’t end after she lost the election! Oh, no, it grew, and that’s how you know it’s true love. For example, just weeks ago, Alaskan blogger and radio host Shannyn Moore mentioned that there was a rumor that Palin was being investigated by the “feds”. It seems Alaskan officials are constantly being investigated by the feds, so this rumor has some credence just by Palin’s own associations; e.g., Palin’s mentor, Ted Stevens, whose own corruption trial involved the very same builder as in Palin’s Housegate rumor (pallin’ around indeed). The Feds are all over Alaska and Palin’s crowd…but nothin’ to see here! Cough cough.

In a fit of pourage, the Palin camp slammed back that the Alaska office of the “FBI” denied they are investigating her and Palin is going to SUE Shannyn for suggesting such a thing! Lietters are drafted. Etc. Seemed a bit Rovian the way they denied the “FBI” part and defamed Shannyn by claiming she had said this was “fact” when indeed, the interwebs proved Shannyn used the word “Rumor”. Wait, is it Rovian, or do you suppose that Sarah Palin is unaware that there are more federal agencies than just the FBI? I hadn’t considered that until just now.

We should always strive to be fair, and this is the woman who said she wanted to be President so the “Department of Law” would protect her (and dole out Palin’s now legendary “backlash; aka, her drug of choice). Also, too, there are Palin’s constant warnings to her cult about the evil “Feds” ; you know, those folks she took money from at the rate of 1.80 for every 1.00 Alaska puts in? Ah, well. When it comes to determining what Palin knows and doesn’t know, I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she knows nothing.

So, she is unaware that there are many other federal agencies, which may or may not be investigating her. Though surely she understands, given the many problems with her general griftiness (the car, the per diem, the family travel, the unreported gifts, the clothes, the ATF, etc) – that it’s reasonable to consider that the IRS (a federal agency!) might be checking her returns. I mean, she had all of those “amendments” to her returns last year. Or as the conservatives like to call it, “fraud” (Oh, that’s only when it’s Daschle. Cough cough). Of course, she may let out a few well-placed winks and avoid any serious inquiry, but one should never rely upon winks alone.

What to do in a democracy when you are a “star” (as her followers refer to her) and people say things about you that you don’t like? Pull a Britney and cut off all of your hair? Call the Dept of Law and demand “backlash”? Cut off their heads and hang them in the town square for all to see and learn what happens to those who cross the Snow Queen? Yes! Er, well, except she’s no longer the Queen.

And in her cult’s mind, this means she can now sue anyone she wants! No more pesky restraints for the Queen. Take that, evil blogger one and two! So, indeed, her attorney drafted two threatening tomes and delivered them to the offenders yesterday via email (not even real service? This is sort of like a Facebook Press Release. What is it with conservatives and technology?):

Her lawyer shakes his fist at Gryphen of The Immoral Minority blog, threatening that if Gryphen does not take down his blog report by 3 PM, he will be served papers at the kindergarten where he works! Yes, because there are no innocent children in this story! The needs of the Bitter Quitter Queen must be served first. Children last, said the Mama Bear, rising up on her…Oh, god. I’m being haunted by Palin’s bwitters (bitter twitters). Cougity cough cough.

I’m sure you’re picturing the scared blogger quickly deleting his post and scampering to hide from Sarah’s lawyer…Certainly the Palin Cult were salivating, posting all over the internet about the wrath of God coming down upon those who dared write anything about the Queen, visions of lawsuits dancing in their heads. And they didn’t stop there! No, aided by the fellow (coincidentally named McCain) who co-wrote a book with the woman who is ghost-writing Palin’s upcoming Money Maker, Palin’s cult outted the anonymous blogger, posed all of his private info on the internet and organized (sorta like Community Organizing, only it’s for the bad and not for the good, which makes it OK) an email campaign against him to get him fired, because evil people like him can’t be trusted around “our kids”.

I can only hope they expressed themselves better than they did in that horrid Fire David Letterman Rally. Reading their angry, vitriolic, incoherent emails is a chore I don’t wish upon my worst enemy. Of course, Sarah never renounced these activities, but then, she never renounced the “kill him!” terrorists in her crowds, either, so don’t hold your breath. After all, Sarah Palin considers threats, intimidation and getting the blogger fired an appropriate response to a blogger expressing his first Amendment rights…Those same rights she says the troops are fighting for – -oh, those are HER First amendment rights, to not be criticized by anyone. I keep forgetting. Oh, heck, this cough is really gettin’ me down.

Neither AR nor IM were served Saturday. 3 PM came and went. And Sunday. And the bloggers stood by their sources and left their stories posted. Sure, maybe Palin’s lawyer is waiting for kindergarten to commence so he can really inflict some psychological damage (fear your leaders!), but tick tock, guys. Tick tock.

If she sues, she will be deposed. Just sayin’.

So now bloggers in Alaska are “journalists” and also the “media”! Good news for them. By having Meg Stapleton (“The world is literally (sic) her (Sarah Palin’s) oyster” ) repeat the bloggers’ charges on Facebook, Palin effectively guaranteed coverage from the mainstream media that otherwise would not report claims attributed to unnamed sources on an anonymous blog. But, we all know that Sarah needs to raise money and her base loves it when she fights the “elites”, so give her a break.

It’s pure Rove 2001, and you gotta give the girl credit. She only raised 1 million dollars over the past year, whereas corrupt Newt Gingrich (he’s still around?? OMG, this Clown Show has gone on long enough) has raised millions more than her. It’s just not fair, and it kinda burns a girl up, especially after she “borrowed” his speech and forgot to give him credit for it. Revenge is called for, so donate to Sarah’s Trust Fund NOW! cough. cough. cough.

Well, Sarah’s problems didn’t stop on Saturday! On Sunday –God’s Day and also,now, the day of the NRA — Juan Cole compared Sarah Palin to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in his article. Juan is an expert on Middle Eastern affairs, so he ought to know, but I’m sure this didn’t sit well with Real American’s Sweetheart. I shudder to think of the bitter twitters Juan will be subjected to now. Take cover, Juan! Also, too, your name is kinda scary. Just sayin’.

She did end her weekend on a high note, attending some sort of NRA function, where she could mingle with her own and we all know how much Sarah loves her guns and killin’ moose. Her “We eat, therefore we hunt!” is going down as one of the most inspiring bits of a speech ever given by an American politician. Sigh.

What’s the difference between a kindergarten teacher and a governor who quits mid-term?

One has actual responsibilities!

Finally cleared that hairball, thank goodness.

Edited Monday 2:53: I enjoy all of your comments, but please note that comments which include personal information of someone other than yourself will be deleted.

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  1. Sarah even a grizzly mother bear crawls in a hole and hibernates for months each year. Can’t wait for you to hibernate!

  2. Palin supporters need to be rounded up and checked for mental disease. is she going to sue the whole internet?

  3. “What to do in a democracy when you are a “star”…”

    Umm, this isn’t a democracy. You might want to correct that.

  4. Every single anti-Palin site I read, including this one, is filled with insults, slanders and slurs with nothing fact-based, linked or otherwise authenticated.

    I am beginning to think liberalism is not so much a political philosophy as it is an attitude — a bad attitude.



  5. i know you are, but what am I?

    Naw, just kiddin’!! What’s with the name calling? Why don’t you engage in debate, post some facts to rebut the statements you don’t agree with?

    Take care now.

  6. Sarah Palin is unquestionably one of the least patriotic defenders of the Constitution of the United States.

    She essentially has no idea what it means. She is breathtakingly ignorant..

  7. Alas, the Twitter Quitter, has also too, quit Twitter, for what 10 days now, leaving her Twitter Followers, well, much a-Twitter as to why the Twitter Quitter has not Twitted to her peeps.

  8. as our Governor and most certainly as any high ranking elected official in the US Gov’t. Otherwise, she can do as she pleases, just keep her away from any role which requires her to make decisions for others. She’s not capable, and she’s not educated and she’s not well-spoken and she’s embarrassed my State and I hope that she never is in a position to embarrass the entire country.

  9. While Sarah has her lawyer threaten Gryphen, the marital breakup is hardly the issue. Gryphen also reported that during a disagreement in 2008, Todd Palin pulled a gun on Levi Johnston… and that now that Sarah, while Governor, was learning on the prosecuting attorney to press charges for everything he could think of regarding Sherry Johnston- even though it is a first offense.

    Sarah already got into trouble for using her office to go after former brother-in-law Trooper Wooten, and apparently learned nothing from the experience. By screeching about her marriage, she is trying to distract people from noticing that both she and her husband have committed illegal acts… and it’s working.

  10. “The attacks provoked a near lynch mob atmosphere at her rallies, with supporters yelling “terrorist” and “kill him” until the McCain campaign ordered her to tone down the rhetoric.

    But it has now emerged that her demagogic tone may have unintentionally encouraged white supremacists to go even further.

    “The Secret Service warned the Obama family in mid October that they had seen a dramatic increase in the number of threats against the Democratic candidate, coinciding with Mrs Palin’s attacks.”

    Of course, your typical Palin fan will tell you that the Secret Service lied. They hate the “Feds” you know. Don your tin foil hat!! Also, too, our own ears lied to us when we watched the rallies and the interviews before and after! Yup. Quit makin’ stuff up!

  11. Hey Stogie, coming from you I take it as a compliment. I’d rather be a “silly liberal” than a “looney-tune wing-nut” like you. As for being “losers,” I beg to differ, the
    Democrats won the election. Looks to me like you’re the “loser.”

  12. I think that is my favorite phrase du jour.

    It so eloquently describes that cognitive dissonance, but with sound effects suggested.

    Well done! So… it will be interesting to see if there IS going to be a split between the (former) first dude and the former first bimbo…

    But the National Enquirer? This wasn’t on the same page as an Elvis sighting, at a Burger King in Detroit was it? Or next to a feature story about another image of Jesus on a grilled cheese sandwich?

    Just kidding! Sort of; because it IS the Enquirer, and heck, they have broken the occasional news story along with the made up mondo bizarro stuff.

  13. When someone in the crowd yelled “terrorist” after she accused Obama of “palling around with a terrorist”, she totally ignored it. However, when she thought someone was heckling her, she sure was quick to respond. Hey Sarah dufus – How about you quit making things up?

  14. Don’t worry, reasonable, intelligent people are on to her. It’s her base she is playing to. We’re not all that stupid. Remember George Harrison’s song – Karma’s gonna get you.

  15. I’m here for Gryphen and stand by him 100%!! To the person who said the author gave no evidence, visit the Immoral Minority Blog & Conservatives for Palin, and read for yourself what some of Palin supporters are saying to him (he screens each comment and allows negative comments through, which is more than I can say for Sarah’s sites.)

    One brilliant poster made me laugh so hard I almost cried. They sure told him! Since Gryphen’s not a “real” journalist, he can’t hide behind the *2nd* amendment!!! Hee hee!

    For any trolls who don’t get it, he doesn’t have to be a *journalist* to speak his mind freely! And if he were hiding behind the 2nd amendment, well, it’d have to be a pretty large gun to hide a grown man behind it! Maybe they make guns that big in Alaska, I don’t know :)

    Thanks for getting the story out. Sarah has always been a bully, but has used her power as Gov to silence critics. Now as a private citizen all she can do is stomp her foot & threaten to sue bloggers when they accuse her of not wiping her butt sufficiently. It’s quite true though she may be yelling about this b/c of the other things about to come out, like Todd pulling a gun on Levi in 2008 before she was picked for VP.

    Ultimately I think what it comes down to is that Sarah’s losing it, and I really wish someone would get her help. As a mommy of 2 myself I really feel for those kids. Bristol, though technically an adult, needs her mom now desperately. And despite affairs, marriages still can be worked through. I would hate to see Willow or sweet, adorable little Piper follow in big sister’s footsteps b/c of the lack of time/love they got at home. (This is coming from a former latchkey kid whose mom was mentally ill and emotionally abusive. I had my son a week after I turned 20 and it was HARD though I ADORE my now 10 yr old.) Palin is not fit for any office and really seems mentally ill. It makes me think of Michael Jackson, who surrounded himself with yes men. She needs “tough love” and less sycophants like Meg Stapletongue and Van Flea. I fully believe a woman can have a career and a family. But IMHO when your family is as broken as hers is, and esp. as a Christian woman as she has professed to be w/Christian values, I think man or woman should make career sacrifices for their family.

  16. enabled her fanny right outta office. This Alaskan wants to send a big THANKS VERY MUCH to each and every one of them. Without the enablers, she would still be acting as our Governor In Name Only (GINO) instead of EX-GINO. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Alaskan’s new bumper stickers – “Sue, Sarah, Sue.”

    Alaskan Sisu

  17. I agree, Palin is being rather ridiculous. If she hadn’t made a big deal out of all of this, then hardly anyone would’ve made much of it themselves. Now, it almost seems like her gigantic overreaction is giving merit to what she’s trying to discredit.

    And I can’t understand why anyone would think it is a good career move or a good social move to threaten a person at their work when that work place when that work place is a kindergarten….Ridiculous.

    I love the snark in this article, btw. And all of it so true, too.

  18. You really nailed it in quite an eloquent and enjoyable way. Here from Gryphen’s blog and I’ll be fav-ing yours. KTF!

  19. Does the Public Option include mental health care? Because if it does, they’ll need to build more hospitals and manufacture more Thorazine for the Palin Cult.

  20. Does the Public Option include mental health care? If so, they’ll need to build more hospitals and manufacture more Thorazine. (for the Palin Cult).

  21. Thank you Sarah (not that Sarah) I liked your piece. Gryphen has worked hard and put in a lot time doing his thing. Sarah(that Sarah) et all are scary to deal with because they do seem to be unbalanced and full of rage.

  22. Whilst I do not condone salivating over a story about the Palins’ impending anti-nuptials (it really screws up your keyboard), I do find it amusing that she is treating FaceBook as the AP of Wasilla. She is truly the gift that keeps on giving…smiles that is!

  23. “Her lawyer shakes his fist at Gryphen of The Immoral Minority blog, threatening that if Gryphen does not take down his blog report by 3 PM, he will be served papers at the kindergarten where he works!”

    Do you have reading comprehension problems? The letter does not say that.

  24. SJones,

    Refute what statements? You haven’t stated anything factual nor has anyone on this blog. It’s just a loose batch of innuendo, Palin slurs, Palin-supporter slurs and general insults. You can’t refute what is merely a bad attitude.

  25. You don’t like my opinion, but the facts you can’t rebut.

    That’s cool. You’re entitled not to like my opinion! This is America, after all. But if you claim something isn’t true, you need to back that up with specific examples so we can get to the bottom of it.

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