Olbermann Pays Tribute to the Crazy that is Michele Bachmann

With the news that Rep. Michele Bachmann’s main Democratic challenger Elwyn Tinklenberg would not be taking her on again in 2010, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann thought that it was time to pay tribute to his favorite wing nut. Consider this video a best of Bachmann.

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Olbermann brought up the point that with a highlight reel like this one, Bachmann should be self defeating, but for some strange reason she isn’t. The people in her district should be embarrassed. She is making them all look completely insane anytime she opens her mouth in front of a microphone. However, being that these people have seen fit to reelect Bachmann, I shudder at what they would consider an adequate replacement.

At a time when the Republican Party is full of crazies, Bachmann may be their queen. She possesses a combination of stupidity and paranoia that is hard to beat. This is woman who manages to mangle her own Republican talking points.

It makes me wonder what she spends her days doing, because she obviously isn’t studying policy. Bachmann should have been an easy target for the Democrats, but there must be something in the water up in the sixth district of Minnesota that makes her seem like a wise choice.

7 Replies to “Olbermann Pays Tribute to the Crazy that is Michele Bachmann”

  1. Olberman and you are the reason this woman is still in. You are such a bunch of Rabid Leftists, Indoctrinated at liberal colleges. You have about as much common sense as Jacko and Liz Taylor rolled togethe. Too much money not enough common sense. You have lost touch with regular people who work hard and get beat up for it. This healthcare plan has 2 to one against it and you are still in the presidents marxist pocket trying to steal our Freedom and promoting this healthcare agenda that will steal my right to choose. Any one that knows any Canadians and English people know their health care system sucks canal water. That is why people don’t watch oberman and his ratings are in the toilet. Same with you if you don’t stop with all the manufactured BS

  2. “Olberman and you are the reason this woman is still in.” Really, how is that???

    “Indoctrinated at liberal colleges.” I bet you are NOT educated at any college.

    “have lost touch with regular people” Well, I hate to keep singing the same old song, but just who lost touch with the “regular people?” How did the south fare under their fuhrer, bush, especially say, the gulf coast around the Louisiana Mississippi line?

    “Liz and Jacko” And Bachmann has it together? Hell, I’d lump her right in there with Liz and Jacko. A weirdo is a weirdo, no matter their politics. However, Bachmann is stupid, weird and mean, Liz and Jacko were just weird, so Bachmann wins. But a victory is a victory to republican right wing nut jobs.

    “the presidents marxist pocket trying to steal our Freedom ” Oh really, just who tried to steal our freedom? How about the Patriot Act, FISA wiretapping, 4 and 5 tours of duty?

    “Marxist” you MUST work for the healthcare industry, but you had better get used to 67 percent of Americans who are fed up with the HMOs, big pharma, etc. It will take time, but the tide is turning my friend. Oh, and the “2 to 1” figures you quote are bass-ackwards.

    “Canadians and English people know their health care system sucks canal water.” Oh really? Is that why the healthcare lobbists had to fake that ad they’re splashing across the TV screens of America? Don’t take my word for it, research it and you’ll see that the woman and her story are lies, fabrications and half-truths. How about the multiple stories of Canadians with major healthcare problems who would be on the streets LITERALLYwithout the lifesaving, inexpensive Canadian Healthcare system? I publicly CHALLENGE you on this.

    And one last (but not least) thing; you are right about ONE thing; Oberman is not that influential or that inflammatory; in fact, he is a miilketoast compared to Rush and Coulter, the snarling pitbulls of right-wing faux propaganda.

  3. Actually, the Canadians and Englishmen that I know absolutely love their health care system. Did you know that visitors take out extra health care insurance when they travel to the US, because they are terrified of becoming sick here and dealing with our for profit medical system ?

    As for the right to choose: What medical insurance do you currently carry, that you have a right to choose where you will seek treatment, or if you will seek treatment at all ? You might think you do… but just wait until you try…

  4. We live in a beach town that has many Canadiens and you are right. They do love there healthcare systeml

  5. That sounds like the line right out of the Michael Moore movie ‘Sicko’. Do you have facts to back that up?
    And, this is an honest question. I am in the middle on the health care debate. We have too many people on the right and left espousing their emotional views. It’s really time that we, the American people deal with facts, instead of rhetoric.

  6. You make idiotic posts, wait for someone to disagree with you and then post the equivalent of 10 pages bashing the person with the dissenting opinion. Right out of the moonbat playbook.

    How long did it take you to write that load of crap, or are you just one of those boneheads who simply cut and paste the same drivel over and over?

    Bachmann is powerful, smart, and popular, and we know how you obama-philes treat those on the right with those qualities. Nobody listens to the rantings of the left anymore, the silent majority is becoming increasingly louder, and you will not win. Keep busy with your rants, though, because we can always use some humor.

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