Lou Dobbs Goes to War with MSNBC

On his radio show today Lou Dobbs declared MSNBC the attack dogs for the White House. He claimed that MSNBC has manufactured a story against him. Dobbs said, “These people over at MSNBC have moved so far to the left they will do almost anything to hold in the good graces of the Obama White House.” So, the White House and MSNBC are out to get Lou Dobbs?

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Dobbs said, “I’m going to talk a little bit about MSNBC and how they’ve manufactured a story, and when you hear the details. These people over at MSNBC have moved so far to the left that they will do almost anything seemingly, to hold in the good graces of the Obama White House, and their ideological thuggery allies. I mean these guys are something. Would be a thuggery, an assemblage of thuggers, thugs? I don’t know, help me out on that. What would it be just a group of thugs? I want a name, thuggery.”

He continued, “What would it be, a coven of thugs. Anyway, they’re attack dogs for this White House, and we’re going to be talking about them and the extraordinary lengths to which they will go without any sort of remorse or principle what so ever. I mean they’re shameless, that’s all there is to it.”

Let’s guess what Dobbs is referring to here. Could it be the birther nonsense that he has been spewing for weeks? I am not sure if you picked up on this, but Lou Dobbs is now calling MSNBC an agent of the White House. Dobbs is making the claim that silencing him would make Obama happy, so that is why MSNBC is going after him.

Dobbs is already on thin ice on CNN, and they can’t be happy with him starting a feud with another network, as they are trying to market themselves as the middle, and they to avoid the cross network bickering that MSNBC and FNC engage in. I would say that it is not wise for Dobbs to anger a potential future employer, but who am I kidding? MSNBC would never hire Lou Dobbs.

If Dobbs would ever leave CNN, he would end up on Fox News. The truth is that with each passing day, Dobbs is looking like an even bigger crackpot than Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly. MSNBC is not doing the bidding of, or trying to curry favor from Barack Obama. They are going after Dobbs because he is the most mainstream personality on the birther bandwagon. If Dobbs keeps this up, CNN might be forced to let him go, whether they want to or not.

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  1. Obama never has been and never will be a “natural born citizen” . He is an illegal unconstitutional “de facto” president.

    It has NOTHING to do with his birth certificate. Here is a link to the 1790 Congressional law defining a “natural born citizen” which has never been altered or repealed. Also there is a table listing the various kinds of citizenship and requiremnents of each. Although Obama is a citizen he is NOT a “natural born citizen” and likely neither was John McCain. Hence, the reason McCain never brought it up in his campaign because he wasn’t the son of “diplomats.”


  2. Lou Dobbs is the only person in media fighting for the American Middle Class. Guest workers under H1-b and L-1 are taking our jobs and Lou is the only media person that is vocal about the it.

    He is a true Patriot. God Bless America.

  3. What a bunch of fools the birthers are! Rather than learning they simply regurgitate the talking points of the radical right.

    NOBODY has their ORIGINAL birth certificate….including the birthers! No state will give you the original. It is held at the state in case you may need a copy someday to prove who YOU are! YOU have a certified copy with a raised seal on it. That is precisely what Obama has provided. The entire argument is absolutely despicable!

    The birthers are a scary bunch. They are egged on by the nazi agitators on the radical right and since they have no brain cells, they follow like simple minded, no, MINDLESS rats following the piper into the river.

    I cheer on the birthers. I cheer on the Sarah Palins. I cheer on the thugs at the town meetings because their actions are showing all thinking intelligent Americans that we don’t want this type of behavior in this country and we KNOW it is the Republican party creating and cheering on these despicable actions. So just keep it up you idiots. You are destroying your party. Your party will lose even more power in 2010. I look forward to the day that your party is so marginalized that we can simply tell you to F-OFF!

  4. Obama is a citizen, automatically at birth, because his mother and maternal grandparents are citizens. Doesn’t matter where he was born; that doesn’t make any difference (although he WAS born in Hawaii).

    Didn’t you go to school? You should know this….but since you clearly don’t, I suggest you check out the adjoining article that spells it out for you. The applicable article of the constitution; the naturalization act of 1790, subsequent acts, particularly the pertinent part of the legislation from 1952. Jus sol vs jus sanguinous.

    It’s all there for you in black and white. Guess it is the black part you must be having trouble with, and the re(a)d part too..

  5. Looks like you’re glue, Dobbs. Those meanies are throwin’ words at ya….at they’re stickin’.

    Don’t cry.

  6. Pathetically weak and corrupt to contend that asking if Obama was born in the United States is not a legitimate question. HE HAS NOT PRODUCED AN AUTHENTIC BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Apologists can scream and threaten all they want, it does not change that fact. They have no explanation for why he would spend about a million dollars on lawyers , when all he would have to do is produce the certificate. If HELL is a place where REASON does’nt prevail, we are in for bad times.

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