Glenn Beck: Palin is Telling the Truth About Healthcare Death Panels

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck gave his full throated support to Sarah Palin’s claim that the Democratic healthcare reform plan creates death panels. He said, “That’s quite a statement. I believe it to be true.” Beck asked, “What would make her say there will be a death panel?” The answer is that Sarah Palin wants to be president in 2012.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Beck said, “So, why is there no more discussion than there is on Sarah Palin and what she said over the weekend that there would be death, what did she call it, a death squad? Or a death, a death panel for her son Trig. That’s quite a statement. I believe it to be true, but that’s quite a statement. She also called health care this, Obama health care, evil, that’s quite a statement. But, again, I believe, I believe she at least should be listened to and you should question, is it evil? Would there be what would make her say that there would be a death panel?”

Contrary to Beck’s perception, there has been plenty of discussion about Palin’s Facebook claims. It was all over the Sunday news shows yesterday, where with the exception of Newt Gingrich, her statement has been roundly condemned. No one is discussing her comments because they are so obviously not true.

Palin is saying these kinds of things because she wants to be president. She is trying to appeal to the Republican base. Is providing better quality healthcare at a lower price evil? If you work for the health insurance industry, it probably is. The idea that providing better and cheaper healthcare to people is evil is itself insane.

However we all know that there are few conspiracy theories that Glenn Beck won’t embrace, so the idea of death panels was certain to strike his fancy. We all should expect Beck to completely run with this, and use it to whip up as much fear as possible. To Beck facts are secondary, to the pursuit of good radio and television.

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  1. Beck tried to dismiss the idea that he is a fear-monger yesterday with one of his “2-minute fact checks”, but of course failed overall. Yes, he found multiple instances of his amorphous belief in America / Americans, but what he failed to address was the fact that he peppers such vague comments in as CYA material.

    If he stands by his beliefs, including the belief that death panels are an immanent, destructive force, then he should be afraid. And he’s using those words to stir up fear of course.

    So, nice try Mr. Beck, but for those of us who don’t regurgitate your rhetoric, we see through you.

  2. Read the article – ‘WHAT SOVIET MEDICINE TEACHES US’ by Yuri N. Maltsev – before you judge Beck and Palin anymore. If you could see the future and you saw the conditions described in it, then you wouldn’t be so eager to jump on the government run healthcare bandwagon. Because if that is what this proposal will do to our own country, then we better fall on our hands and knees right now and pray our holyest against such a thing.
    When people from other countries are warning us now to not do this because they already know from experience that this is not a good thing, then we should really pay attention to them.
    Because obama is president does not mean he’s doing right by us. Come on people! Wake up! obama is scary. He’s frightening in an evil sort of way. (Oops, I said the word ‘evil’ without even meaning to refer to Sarah Palin’s comment. Coincidence that that particular word equates well with obama???)
    satan wants to rule over every aspect of our lives and hey, what do you know, another coincidence, so does obama. obama and a one world government. That’s what he strikes me as – someone who wants to rule the world. And with all of his racist, terrorist, communist friends, well, looks like worse days are yet to come. Remember, whenever someone chooses to accept something offered by the devil, it never has a happy ending.
    Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe obama is just like the Miss America contestants who only want ‘Peace for all mankind”. You know, when all people everywhere will agree with him on every issue, when they all walk around in a daze with glazed over eyes chanting “Yes master.”, (or was that “change, we want change!”?), when everybody is submissive and has the mentality of a ‘Stepford Wife’, unable to think for oneself, unable to choose what is best for oneself, you know because the government will do it all for us. That is what will make obama happiest.
    It’s kind of ironic how in the past few decades we’ve found out how much smarter little kids are and that they can learn much more at a younger age than thought before. Apparently, obama realized this and wants to put a stop to people becoming too intelligent before we all understand and see through his charade. He wants to keep us all dumbed up. Belittle us. Treat us as if we were still dumb little children. Well, if obamaville ever gets going we won’t have to worry about doing much decision making for ourselves. – The government will tell us where we have to work, where we have to live, what car we can drive, how much schooling we can have, how many kids we can have, what we can eat, what clothes we can wear, what God I must believe in, and finally, when I can live….. and when I MUST die…………

    obummercare dares people to ask the prophetic question: ……….”WILL YOU STILL NEED ME, WILL YOU STILL FEED ME WHEN I’M 64?”………………

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