Ron Paul Praises Obama for the Handling of the Gun Toting Town Hall Protester

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) was on MSNBC’s The Ed Show tonight reacting to the fact that one of his supporters, William Kostric, brought a loaded gun to the venue where President Obama held his healthcare town hall yesterday. Paul praised Obama and the Secret Service for their understanding of the state law and letting Kostric peacefully protest.

Here is the video:

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When asked for his reaction to one of his supporters actions Rep. Paul said, “I think it proves a couple of points. One thing I think it shows a remarkable restraint by the president and his Secret Service because they didn’t overreact. They recognize what the state law was, and that this man didn’t break any laws in that he was just practicing a right that he has, so I think this is very good, and Obama deserves credit for this.”

He also said that this proves that the person is more dangerous than the gun, “I also think what this demonstrates is that it’s the old conservative argument that it not the gun that the danger, it’s the person that’s dangerous. He’s a peaceful person. He obeyed the law. He was not a man of violence and it went quite well, so I think it is a remarkable demonstration when you compare it to what 19 individuals could do with razor blades versus one man with a pistol that happens to be a law abiding citizen.”

Paul pointed out that a lot of people in New Hampshire carry, and he likely wasn’t doing it for attention. He said he campaigned in New Hampshire and he was a little surprised by the number of people who carry guns. Can you imagine what would have happened to Mr. Kostric if he would have done this while George W. Bush was president? That is assuming that he could get close enough to the venue where the president was to actually protest.

Obama and his Secret Service to do deserve credit for the way they handled this. They determined that Kostric was peaceful and obeying the law, so they let him protest. This is a complete change from the way the Bush administration used to deal with protesters. Kostric probably would have been arrested, labeled a terrorist, and thrown in jail under Bush.

Frankly, I don’t understand what the big deal is, or why some people are upset with this story. Bringing a gun to a presidential event, may defy common sense, but if it isn’t against the law in your state, and behave peacefully, I don’t see a problem. I am sure if the Secret Service thought Kostric was dangerous they would have acted, but the shift from Bush to Obama has been night and day in terms of respecting the rights of citizens.

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  1. I think it was very gracious of Ron Paul to acknowldege that Obama behaved correctly. No one says Obama HAS to be praised, nor did Obama appear to seek any such recognition.

    I do think that kind of acknowledgment promotes more of the same kind of behavior. With more of the correct behavior AND more of the recognition when it does occur, we might just see it happening as the rule after all.

  2. His point is that we live in a world where Obama has to be praised because he DIDN’T violate his rights. We live in a world where so many in power would have done the opposite of what they should, and thus when someone does the thing they should have done in the first place and should be second nature, we have to give them praise because doing the right thing IS the exception, and not the rule.

  3. … that the fact that a politician “allowed” a citizen to exercise a fundamental right is seen as occasion to heap great praise on the politician. It makes me sick, actually.


  4. Given that the previosu administration DIDN’T allow people to exercise a fundamental right – lots of them actually – how can you fault someone for complying with laws and the constitution?

    Obama acted correctly. You are senselessly quibbling with someone else’s description of what Obama did, not with Obama’s action.

    What is it Obama did? Nothing. What should Obama have done about the guy carrying the gun? Nothing. So, you decide to object because…..Obama did nothing about the guy carrying the gun.

    Even though, given that there are some people who don’t like Obama and that there have been shootings for political reasons, other people have been uncomfortable in that situation and would have perhaps objected, even if they didn’t actually interfere with the guy’s right to carry. Even though there are people who think there is nothing wrong with using the ‘n’ word, or making statements like “all n-word should die”? Even though Obama couldn’t KNOW what this man thought about race, Obama didn’t object, didn’t interfere. He made the assumption that this man wasn’t like that; or more precisely, his security detail did, and Obama ALLOWED them to do their job as he should. INSTEAD of over reacting, Obama did HIS own job, he went ahead and had a town hall meeting.

    What more could Obama have done or not done to make you happy with how he reacted to a guy packing a loaded gun under the circumstances? Or were you hoping he would invite the guy to the White House for a beer because he owned and carried a firearm? Yeah, I’m thinking that might not be enough of a reason….ooooh there goes Obama again over reacting by not inviting a guy with a gun to the White House, as if the guy with a gun were just a normal human being exercising his rights instead of … what?

    There is just no making some people happy. And when you can’t make someone else happy, there is a limit to how much you should worry about it. Sometimes it’s a good idea to ALLOW people to just be as unhappy as they are determined to be.

  5. Despite the best efforts of the newsie to drum up drama, Ron Paul simply handled him.

    Absolutely beautiful.

    By the time the interview is over, you can almost hear the newsie thinking, “There’s nothing here. Why did they give me this boring story to follow up on?”

    And then getting bitten by his own example of a gun being wrested from a guard…

    Ron Paul owned this interview. Bravo!

  6. Good for the guy that did this. I bet there are a lot of people that carry concealed that no one ever knows about. This was GREAT!!!! Good for you.

  7. The reporter is the idiot here. Who in their right mind would try to take a mans gun? and even if someone did I think the guy might know enough to stop it from happening. No one who carries a firearm is an easy target. we know when we have them and pay more attention to others around us just because it’s there. What pisses me off is when the media tries to make one thing out of another. I would hate to run into the reporter out hunting he don’t sound to smart!!!!

  8. no one except for someone trying to make himself look like a man would go to this kind of event with a gun He was just hoping someone would do or say something.If you saw his smirk when interviewed you know what I mean.There is a time and a place to carry a gun and long with his t-shirt showing he is part of an KKK type site.

  9. — “no one except for someone trying to make himself look like a man would go to this kind of event with a gun”

    Citizens regularly carry guns legally in their states. Maybe you live in a state in which this right has been infringed and you are not accustomed to that. i will give you the benefit of the doubt.

    — “He was just hoping someone would do or say something.If you saw his smirk when interviewed you know what I mean.”

    Well, we do know what he meant. He was asserting a right. His assertion of this right did not infringe upon anyone else’s rights, yet you vilify him for it. Who’s the bigot / infringer in this equation?

    — “There is a time and a place to carry a gun and long with his t-shirt showing he is part of an KKK type site.”

    You are right, there is a time and place to carry a gun. For the lawful, that would be everywhere that it is not prohibited, anywhere they like, at their discretion. I legally carry a gun every day, it’s really no big deal. If we had more lawful carry, we would have less crime. This has been documented in scholarly work. Type “John Lott” into if you care to know the truth of this issue, you may be surprised.

    As to his T-shirt, unless it was a “KKK” shirt, it’s not a “KKK type organization.” Only the KKK is “the KKK.” One again, your display of bigotry prevents others from taking your interest in this issue seriously.


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