The Republicans are Coming, and They Want Your Medicare

Knowing what we do right now about Republicans, are they the people that you want making decisions about your healthcare?

Apparently, the Republican Clown Show is making decisions for us right now, even though we are in the majority. Sarah Palin’s infamous “death panel” lie has infected the dialogue and Newt grabbed her torch of cynical dishonesty. Newt, as you know, needs no help doing or saying whatever is most politically expedient for him. From there it spread to Grassley and then invaded the majority of the Republican representatives. They now won’t commit to whether or not they think Obama wants to kill grandma.

They’re just not sure, you see?

Well, my fellow reasonable Americans, I am sure. I am absolutely positive that the Republicans want to kill Grandma, or rather, healthcare for all. See, first Newt got caught in the corner of his “big government can’t do anything right” argument as he was defending Palin’s Death Panel Projection, which left him with no out but to suggest that Medicaid and the VA medical benefits should be given up, since they are also “socialism”. Newt is sure we can all “make other arrangements”. Hmmm…..Since he said this at the same time as he was accusing Obama of wanting to kill Grandma, I can only conclude that reality and Newt are long-time strangers.

Let’s remember that these are the folks are cohorts with the Third Wave Assemblies of God, like The Family. Palin is essentially the poster child for these folks, who praise Hitler as someone who could really rile people up, and believe that it’s Christian to pray for the demise of those who don’t believe what they believe. In order to assure this demise, they take to talking in tongues, witchcraft, and violence. Yeah, sure doesn’t sound like the Christian church I know. Nor the one Grandma knows. It doesn’t sound like mainstream Christianity! That’s because it’s not.

These “Holy Armies” actually want to take over the US government, to break down the wall between church and state for good. This is not secret; their mission statement is Horror-movie creepy: “they’re working to bring about a Christian theocratic government which, writes head of Morningstar Ministries Rick Joyner, “may seem totalitarian at first.””, but it’s not because…well, when they do it, it’s cool? After all, they have to “expel demons and transform cities.”

So, these Warriors for God, who are not above using physical force and war to get rid of those of us who are evil by virtue of not believing in their version of Christianity (other Christians, Catholics, Jews, etc are all the enemy; aka, the “ungodly”), these are the people who are currently influencing the health care debate.

They’d very much like you and I not to have health care. The suspicious side of me can’t help but wonder if this is an ingenious plan to avoid having to kill us all with their bare hands, but of course, I overestimate their desire for gentility and underestimate their lust for blood – so I doubt that’s the goal. They’re a big bag of crazy, frankly. I can’t tell what in the hell these people stand for. Small government? But they want to legislate our sex lives and our reproductive systems. Fiscal conservatism? Please. Anti-Socialism? Now we’re getting warm. Anti-Democracy? “It seems Totalitarian….”, because it is?

At the risk of going off on a tangent, I could make the argument here that social democracies are systems that strive to take care of their people equally. Something Jesus might have really dug. Whereas, totalitarian rule, where only the rich and privileged survived, strikes me as sort of…well, anti-Christ like.

Not that I’m into that stuff, but I’m trying to get into the minds of these holy-rolling narcissists. So, doing good is evil. Caring for your neighbor is evil. Selfishness and entitlement are the values, ala Sanford, Ensign and Palin, et al (Geeze, don’t they sound like a Circus Act?). Got it.

So here they are, driving our healthcare debate. Where are the sane people? The people who don’t tell starving constituents to “pray” while they reject stimulus money and then use tax payers money to jet off to their lover? The Democrats have, as usual, over-estimated the awareness of the American people and failed to come up with a jingle to sell us on something that will benefit most of us. No bumper stickers for us. We’re stuck trying to debate facts about “death panels” with people who defend Sarah’s lie by saying, “at least she read the bill!”

Yes, we’re stuck talking to the Bush voters. The far right rage mongers. The misinformed Fox viewers. And the nice, confused people who got caught up in this mess and turned against themselves unwittingly.

Which is why I am urging you all to stand up and take action. For the love of Dog, do not let Sarah, Newt and the gang of Clowns be in charge of our healthcare debate.

Here’s our bumper sticker: We are asking for Medicare for all.

Medicare — which operates as a third party, negotiating with insurance companies and keeping costs down for the user (that would be us). Medicare, which seniors love because it works so well, is a very effective system. This is not government run healthcare. It’s managed by a third-party (government), instead of being managed by insurance companies, who have a fiduciary responsibility to make a profit off denying you healthcare. Medicare also works to keep the health insurance companies competitive.!!!!

Let the Republicans argue against Medicare. Make them come out and say that they want to get rid of “socialist programs” like Medicare. Warn your friends and family that the Republicans are coming! And they want your Medicare and your VA benefits! Apparently, they don’t even think our troops and vets deserve affordable healthcare, let alone the rest of us tax-paying plebes.

I know many of us think there’s no point in calling or emailing or writing our representatives. Defeatism brought on by an irrational belief in reason and fairness is often the drug of choice of the progressive movement. The antidote to this is to put Palin’s face on your insurance card or your emergency room visit. Ask yourself if this is the person you trust with your healthcare. Does her God belong in your healthcare? Does she seem like a fair and reasonable person? Does she seem remotely competent, after 250 people died in Alaska waiting for health care under her? Why is her voice drowning out reasonable debate?

Putting our faith in Palin for our healthcare debate is like calling FEMA under Bush. They aren’t coming to help. They are never coming to help. Not because they can’t, but because they don’t care.

Rise up and be heard. Every single one of you. And get five friends to do the same. Refuse to be Palinized! We will not be silenced by louder, vitriolic and insincere voices! Call and write your representatives. Write letters to the editor. Write the President. Whatever you do, be heard RIGHT NOW. Stand up for your country, for your neighbor, for democracy, and for yourselves.

Sarah Palin and her gang of Holy Warrior Clowns are coming for Grandma, so you’d better get a rush on. Do it for the troops. You betcha.

Contact Info: (also allows you to write one letter and send it to five media sources near your zip code)

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  1. One of the arguments for representative gov’t is that you elect people smarter than yourself (at least inre to politics) so that they represent the majorityof the voters, and thereby represent what is BEST for the majority of the voters, the idea being that the uninformed voter cannot make well informed decisions. Well, I always thought that was BS, but it’s obvious that at the very least, a large minorityof U.S. citizens are exactly that. Affordable healthcare for every American while cutting out exhoribitant profit is bad?

  2. hats off to sarah jones
    profound and succinct analysis
    pithy details
    information at its best
    thank you ms. jones

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