The Moral Imperative of Full Coverage for All Americans


Rev. Jim Wallis was on the Ed Show tonight. He came right out and supported healthcare for ALL:

“The Faith Community wants full, accessible coverage for all of god’s children. We have to make sure everyone is covered. And we have to start telling the truth.”

I hope the good reverend doesn’t get the kind of hate mail we get here for supporting “socialism”. He may not realize how many angry right wingers call themselves Christians, and use the name of Christ to demonize others. You know, those folks who pray for the death of our President and call themselves a Christian. Or those who carry a picture of President Obama as Hitler, and call themselves Christians. And their leaders, like Palin, who lie about the President and indeed endangered his life with her lies. It’s hard out there for a Christian right now.


Rev. Wallis also said we need to stop the hate at the Town Halls, and pointedly mentioned that lying about the plan is not right either. He quoted the bible, “I am my brother’s keeper”, and translated that to mean that we have a moral imperative to do the right thing, which is to take care of our fellow Americans, otherwise known as “all God’s Children”. Gee, this is the first I’ve heard that all of us count as God’s Children. This is news. Good news. Even the cities? I suppose so, because the Reverend didn’t try to divide American by region the way Republican haters like Palin and Bachmann have done.

Reverend Wallis, say it ain’t so! You can’t go around speaking love and kindness for us all and expect to get away with that.

Let’s not forget that the Republicans/Third Wave Talivangelicals were twisting the bible until they had justified killing anyone who isn’t rich. Lying about others was OK, so long as you win. “Obama’s Death Panels” was the most shameful example of this so far—a lie birthed by Palin and then repeated by her fellow Republicans with virtually NO embarrassment when busted for blatantly lying to the public.

Republicans have even made it evil to dare suggest the Public Option would provide competition for the insurance companies, because big corporations have a right to make oodles of money off the death of the American people. No one has questioned the morality of this position.

Until tonight.

It’s this kind of talk that should shame the Republicans, and should shame those Christians like Palin who lie without compunction. This is the kind of talk that could actually draw people to the church. A church of compassion, not judgment. A church of love, not hate.

This is the kind of talk that might just save this country. This is the kind of talk that could lead to civil Town Hall debates about issues. This is the kind of talk that could lead to a civilized country.

We may, one day, even dare to value giving back.

While I am no longer a member of the Christian faith, due to the hate espoused in the church after 911 toward Muslims, I salute Rev Wallis for walking his talk.

With talk like that, Rev Wallis, you just might manage to salvage this debate from the hate and lies of the Republican party. And anytime we focus on doing the right thing, on evolving, there’s hope.

Healthcare for ALL of God’s Children. Now.

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  1. Liars and mis-informers are terrorists not christians.
    Republicans will never enter into the kingdom of god.They are the blind leading the blind.They continually cut their nose off to spite their face.They always bite the hand that feeds them and they have no idea where they came from or where they are going.That is why the people of the USA voted them out in 06 and hopefully we will never see them in power again.

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