List of Advertisers Who Have Dropped Glenn Beck Balloons to 46

Ten more companies have joined the Color of Change boycott against Glenn Beck’s Fox News program. The additions to the list include Applebee’s, DirecTV, Travelers Insurance, Kraft, and Vonage. This now brings the total number of advertisers who have dropped Beck to 46 since he called President Obama a racist.

James Rucker, Executive Director of, said, “All 46 companies that have distanced themselves from Glenn Beck should be applauded for their stance. We are still reaching out to companies whose ads we see during Beck’s nightly program,” Rucker continued. “Based on the fact that many of the recent ads on Beck’s program are for gold coins and News Corp properties, it looks like Fox News Channel is struggling to place advertisements on Beck’s show.”

A quick look at the recent advertisers on Beck’s show illustrates Mr. Rucker’s point. According to Media Matters, here is the list of advertisers on Beck’s show for August 27, National Republican Trust PAC —, EasyWater ,Rosland Capital, 1-800-PetMeds, Bank of America, Wall Street Journal, Lear Capital, Liberty Medical, Our Country Deserves Better PAC —, Pulaski & Middleman, Merit Financial, The Dannon Company, Inc. (Activia), Goldline International Inc., Sandals, Ad Council, Fox Fantasy Football, Binder & Binder.

Beck and FNC have gone from garnering ad revenue from the Fortune 500 to advertising that involves tea baggers and fantasy football. Judging by the above list and the push back that the network is allowing Beck and O’Reilly to do, this boycott is starting to hurt. The network still has no clue how to combat this.

What FNC and Glenn Beck should have done is very simple. They should have apologized. It didn’t even have to be a full apology. Beck could have claimed that his words have been misinterpreted. If he would have done this, advertisers would not have gotten nervous, and the boycott would not have been effective.

Beck started this whole thing with his idiotic statement about Obama being a racist, and he had the power to end it, but instead he chose to stand by his statements, and now he and Fox News are paying the price. The network tried to ignore the boycott. They tried to send Beck on vacation, but nothing has worked. With their advertisers fleeing, Beck and FNC are left with nothing but clueless bluster.

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23 Replies to “List of Advertisers Who Have Dropped Glenn Beck Balloons to 46”

  1. Fox isn’t losing money here. Last I checked, that was kind of the idea of a boycott. Hurt them in their wallet, right? These companies are just moving to less controversial shows, opening space for other companies to benefit from Beck’s viewership.

    The best part: Beck’s ratings only continue to go up. We can collectively say “Backfire.”

  2. (stubborn closed minded older), jackass geographic that were too ignorant to realize that they’d ultimately get screwed over by the GOP.

    I’m not a genius, but I’m inclined to Guess that the Beck supporters don’t have a fraction of the money to spend compared to the opposing geographic who follow the Jon Stewart Daily Show.

    P.S. I love people of all ages, just not ignorant, stubborn, racists, with closed minds.

    BTW-I’m a white female, just cultured enough to observe the quality of a persons character, intelligence, etc., without a second thought to color/background.

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  4. The boycotters are about to get boycotted. Glenn’s numbers continue to grow. These advertisers will see where the money really is and no longer kow-tow to the REAL racists!

  5. this guy should just be kicked out. I feel sorry for the people that actually believe his stupid stories… everyone knows he is an idiot, someone didn’t receive the memo-LOOSERS

  6. That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

    I suppose you think Glenn Beck speaks “the truth” too.

    Excuse me while I roll on the floor, laughing my ass off.

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  8. Simple solution, boycott the 46.
    20 years glue to a pew inhaling the racist vitriol of the likes of Rev. Wright alone would clearly suggest a tolerance to whitey hatred. That being said it would be easy to ” call em how you see em.”

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  10. Mr. Beck is exposing many otherwise unexplored problems in our federal government. He doesn’t fail to echo accusations of racism that are daily flung from the left side of opinion. His muckraking is effective and truthful. Last time I checked the left does not own a copyright on accusations of racism. free speech is not subject to approval in a free nation. Mr. Obama claims 17 years listening to
    hateful theology never influenced him. Who is being insincere here folks?
    Check out todays B.S. racial rant by Bertha Lewis who appers to be the Acorn Racist extraordinair. Defund these criminals who hide behind their racist rhetoric.

  11. We applaude the companies who no longer advertise on the Glenn Beck Show or the FOX Network. We will not patronize companies who do advertise on the Fox Network. The pocketbook still speaks in the long run.

  12. Being so well educated and cultured, I am surprised that you don’t know the difference between Demographic and Geographic.

    Just as the Jon Daily Show is entertainment so to, is the Glen Beck show. I imagine that Mr. Beck was trying to pointing out the irony involved with the recent phenomena, when anyone who disagreed with Mr. Obama was called a racist and the reaction to him calling Mr. Obama a racist,

    I disagree with many things for which Mr. Obama stands. I also disagreed with many things for which other Presidents have stood did that make anyone a racist?

    A black loving, gay, republican

  13. I’d advertise on Beck. After all, if people will believe the B.S. that Beck spouts daily, they will buy ANYTHING. .

  14. @, the glenn beck show is seen five days a week at 5pm….it is the second most watched show in all of cable news….second only to bill oreilly who has the 8pm slot….if you could ad the millions of people like myself who tivo beck…i am sure it would be number one….so it these 46 companies continue there boycott…it will not hurt the number one cable news network or the number two cable news broadcast…..who is leading these boycotts? do you know, do you care? what if beck is right? do any of these questions bother you…..does it bother you that we are fundamentally changing into a socialist country like greece and will in the near future have our unions, gov employees, seniors, teachers rioting because there will no longer be enuf in the till to pay out the benefits they were promised….the unemployment rate in greece is over twenty percent and growing…welcome to the fundamental change……

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