Beck Moans That Democrats Are Exploiting Ted Kennedy’s Death

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck echoed the fear of the right wing that Ted Kennedy’s death will lead to passage of heathcare bill. Beck said, “To honor Ted Kennedy, they are going to pass healthcare reform, not to exploit, not to capitalize on his death.” No Glenn, exploitation is something like using 9/11 to invade Iraq. This is a tribute.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Beck said, “Thank goodness Barack Obama is here because to honor Ted Kennedy they are going to pass healthcare reform. Yes, to honor, not to exploit not to capitalize on his death. No, that would be crazy. Do you remember the somber moment of Paul Wellstone?…You know all of this could have been avoided if the savior of the universe would have healed Ted Kennedy.”

Comparing Ted Kennedy’s passing to one of the biggest blunders in the history of American electoral politics is a huge stretch. First of all the situation in Minnesota took place at the end of a campaign. Kennedy was not up for reelection. Secondly, I don’t think these folks understand what political exploitation really is.

Political exploitation would involve something like invading Iraq after 9/11, or maybe raising the terror alert level in the days before a presidential election, or even secretly spying on American citizens and violating their constitutional right in the name of fighting terrorism. It is not exploitation for Democrats to want pass the bill related to the cause that Kennedy championed for decades.

By tomorrow Beck and everybody else on talk radio will be accusing Obama of killing Kennedy to get healthcare passed. I know Glenn Beck doesn’t have much in common with reality, but the truth is even if Sen. Kennedy would have lived longer, the healthcare bill was going to pass. The battle isn’t over passage of the legislation, but what the legislation that is passed will contain. Beck is spinning more fantasies for his listeners.

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3 Replies to “Beck Moans That Democrats Are Exploiting Ted Kennedy’s Death”

  1. You should listen just for a week. You might just learn something more than a juvenile comment like “Glen Beck is an ass.”

  2. Much like Republicans using Ronald Reagan in campaign commercials a week after his death. Only to have Mrs. Reagan call for their removal. That type of exploitation?

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