Fox News and the Destruction of American Political Discourse

While nothing stops this quite so well as shedding the light of day on the ugly attitudes of the far right, it seems increasingly that outlets like Fox News would prefer to sugar-coat this conduct (including ignoring the conduct of head cheerleader Glenn Beck) - and instead refer to this as simply 'angry citizens' protesting the President's plans. What can be done to finally cause organizations like Fox News to finally expose these people as both ignorant, and dangerous?

Glenn Beck Encourages His Listeners Not to Get Swine Flu Vaccinations

Glenn Beck unveiled his latest cause for paranoia and fear today, and it is the fact that some state and local governments are mandating that some workers get vaccinated for the swine flu. Beck claims that eventually the government is going to force everyone to get the shot, or be rounded up by the government. Beck is using fear to discourage his listeners from getting the shot.

Sarah Palin Makes Whining Profitable by Going Rogue

Sarah Palin’s ghost-written book, “Going Rogue; An American Life” is set to come out early, on Nov 17, in time for the holiday season, and I’m really impressed that she has now managed to complete, albeit with the help of 4 writers and who knows how many editors, one speech and one book! Looks like she may not quit everything she starts….just those things icky, hard like being governor of a state facing financial difficulties after years of being flush. When the going gets tough, the pitbull gets quittin’!

Democrat and Reform Killer Ben Nelson Wants 65 Votes in Order to Pass Healthcare

It appears that Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) will stop at nothing to kill healthcare reform. Nelson made his latest proposals while speaking to constituents yesterday. He wants to split the bill in half to pass a cost saving bill before the 2010 election, and pass expanded coverage, "at a later date." Nelson also claims that any bill that passes without 65 votes isn't legitimate.

Glenn Beck’s Private Healthcare Solution is to send the Uninsured to Walmart and Walgreens for Care

Glenn Beck keeps talking about his free market solution to rising healthcare costs, and in his book Arguing with Idiots, he outlines his solution. He wants to send the uninsured to Walmart and Walgreens for healthcare. Beck touts the fact that these stores are cheaper than a trip to the emergency room, without acknowledging that they don't provide serious care.

CBS’ Corporate Backlash against Michael Moore

Michael Moore has been making the TV rounds promoting his new film Capitalism: A Love Story, but he claims that CBS canceled an appearance on The Early Show today after he went on ABC's Good Morning America last week and blasted Disney which owns ABC. Moore thinks CBS was worried that he would do the same to them. CBS said he was never booked for the show.

Obama’s Appearance Delivers a Huge Audience for Letterman

President Obama's critics often complain that he is overexposed and on television too much, but the ratings disagree. The latest example of this was the president's Monday night appearance on David Letterman's The Late Show. Obama delivered Letterman his highest ratings in four years and over 7 million total viewers. It seems that Americans still like to watch this president.

Glenn Beck Compares Himself to Jon Stewart

Glenn Beck sat down for an interview with Katie Couric for her CBS series @katiecouric. Couric asked Beck if his joke about poisoning Pelosi was part of his show business side. Beck responded, "Have you asked Jon Stewart this question?" The implication being that the man followed by millions of conservatives considers his program to be a comedy, just like The Daily Show.