Beck Claims that Obama is Indoctrinating America’s Kids

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck labeled President Obama’s back to school speech for children next week indoctrination. Beck said, “They are capturing your kids. As Van Jones himself has said, the earlier we get the kids, the earlier we make this adjustment with the youth, the easier this transition is going to be.” Of course, Beck took Jones out of context.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

In response to a caller who was freaked about Obama speaking to her kids while she wasn’t present, Beck said, “On Tuesday the president is going to speaking to classrooms, and your children, if they go to school, K through sixth grade I believe. Hey, get’em while they’re young. He is going to be speaking to them, and then also in schools they are going to be talking about the new green environment and the census too. The White House is working on something for the census to make sure that mom and dad fill out the census. You got to go home kids and tell them how to fill out the census and it is important to send it in.

He continued, “All those things are coming plus so much more. We have been working for a couple of weeks on a special one hour broadcast, next Tuesday on television on the indoctrination of your children and we put it on that Tuesday because of Barack Obama speaking on that Tuesday. Gang, you have a system that is wildly, wildly out of control, and they are capturing your kids. As Van Jones himself has said, the earlier we get the kids, the earlier we make this adjustment with the youth, the easier this transition is going to be. Stand guard America, your republic is under attack.”

First of all Beck took a quote by Van Jones about the green economy, and applied to his theory youth indoctrination. Jones wasn’t talking about youth indoctrination. Secondly, since when is it a threat for a president to speak to students? Was Beck worried when Ronald Reagan spoke to students? Would Beck and that concerned called have let George W. Bush speak to students? I don’t think so.

Presidents have been speaking to students all through the television age. This is nothing new. What Beck and his caller are really afraid of is that their kids will start asking questions, like why is it bad to protect the environment? They are terrified that their kids might actually learn something. These people act like Obama is the devil, and he should not be trusted to speak to their kids alone. Beck and his followers have no idea how crazy they sound to the rest of us.

6 Replies to “Beck Claims that Obama is Indoctrinating America’s Kids”

  1. Even when I was a kid, we listened to presidential addresses at school. Presidential addresses are also taught in social studies and history class.

    What is wrong with you people? If it was McCain making a presidential address, you wouldn’t even hiccup.

  2. Do you know anything about Hitler? I’m guessing NOT.

    Do you know anything about Obama – anything factual?

    I’m guessing, NO, probably even LESS.

    Do your homework, get good grades, be involved in your education?

    Yeah, right, that’s scary —- IF YOU DON’T DO IT. If you don’t do those things we end up with a nation of bone-ignorant dummies like people who equate Obama with Hitler because they know NOTHING about history.

  3. ‘W ‘ had problems tracking the words in the “my pet goat” book
    then again ‘W’ had a lot of worries that morning, before the jets hit on 9/11.

    after that
    It was all gravy!

    isnt that right ‘W’ ?

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